Publish An E-Book: 6 Strong-Arm Secrets to Get It Done

Wish to publish an e-book?

Maybe youve got something important to state or understanding to share that can help other people.

When I was a personal trainer and fitness coach based in Australia, I desired to release an e-book, however I kept making excuses.

Heres the important things … If youve got a great concept for an e-book, it doesnt have to take you years to compose and release it.

Perhaps youve thought of it, however it appears too difficult to get it to the finish line. Yes?

Its a smart way to assist you construct authority and stick out in your specific niche.

Or you might provide “release an e-book” as a service and compose for clients to help them construct their brand.

If youre currently thinking …” Sounds excellent, but I do not know how to publish an e-book,” youre not alone.

Type of paradoxical for a coach pressing people outside their convenience level every day, right?

Well, I lastly got fed up with not doing something about it and determined a method to publish an e-book and write in 3 months.

Heres the 6 strong-arm tricks I used to get it done:

1. Dont let Imposter Syndrome hold you back

Kristy Theissling

Its simple to put released authors on a pedestal

I somehow didnt think I might publish an e-book even thought I:.


Begun writing for papers when I was 16.
Composed numerous articles during an internship as a journalist.
Published a column for a state-wide paper.
Landed magazine assigments for a significant media company in Australia.
Won a long list of writing competitions and awards.
And even had a post go viral … gettting 7.5 million views in 6 months.

It still didnt feel enough for me. I still questioned my abilities and abilities to release an e-book.

Believe me … I spent 35 years telling myself, regardless of a lot of proof, I wasnt good enough.

Ever seemed like youre not an excellent sufficient freelance author to release an e-book, charge higher rates, go after your dream customers?

It was the second day of the national yearly Writers Festival in Australia.

That was me, up until I had among those “aha minutes …”.

And I recognized I already understood what they were talking about. Their suggestions recognized … comparable.

Thats when I heard this little voice inside my head …

SUGGESTION: If Imposter Syndrome has actually been holding you back from trying to release an ebook, you require to understand something. All those published authors are simply individuals. Are you holding yourself back?

” Kristy … Your writing is simply as excellent as this, even, better? You just might be enough …?”.

Have you always wished to release an e-book but never ever been able to get it throughout the line?
Do you know you have something important to say, or understanding to share that can alter anothers method to a topic you feel enthusiastic about?
Do you understand that you are a fantastic author with concepts that will offer and motivate, but havent been able to master the discipline to obtain there?

I had actually been following my favorite authors from camping tent to tent at the festival.

I listened to their talks, bought their books, read everything.

2. Decide.

You wish to release an e-book, however you keep dwelling on all the unknowns … the things youre not exactly sure about.

How do you receive from where you are to where you desire to be?

The surprise I had at the authors conference was a turning point for me. I thought:.

I checked out something in The Success Principles, a book by Jack Canfield, that offered me a wake-up call. The question:.

” What would the woman I wish to be, (the Author), do next?”.

Essentially, absolutely nothing really serious.

Perhaps no one purchases the book, or I miss out on glaring typos. Or lose a little cash (FYI … the cost to release an e-book can be very low).

” Come on … whats the worst that can happen?”.

Choose if you desire to publish an e-book. Get and create a strategy to work.

When you think of it like that, the next action is pretty clear.

3. Surround yourself with accountability partners.

These individuals became my responsibility partners. I revealed my dream and felt accountable to them.

You choose its time to write and publish an e-book. Thats fantastic. Now what?

An audience or possible consumers who would buy and read my book.

If you want to release an e-book, build your freelance writing profession, and even raise your rates, accountability partners can help you accomplish your objective.

Heres what I did next …

And it can motivate you to keep moving forward rather of concealing when it seems like youve struck a wall.

I reached out to my networks, telling them about my book idea. And I asked to support me.

Responsibility changes the way we think and act.

I understood that in order to be a successful author, what I actually required wasnt beautiful, articulate, engaging, world-changing writing.

I began an Author Page on a social networks platform.

By this time in my profession and exposure to publishing and modifying, I understood I actually only required something.

” Huge breath in … its time to leap,” I believed to myself.

4. Recognize your goal & & evaluation it every day.

POINTER: Review your goal and action plan every day. And check in with your responsibility partners to assist you remain on track.

The Goal …

Distribute and release an e-book by March 30, 2020.

The Plan …

When you specify your goal, get clear about the e-book you desire to write, and develop an action plan, you cant simply submit it away.

When I initially started checking out in the individual advancement field, I came throughout Brian Tracys timeless book, Goals! How to Get Everything You Want– Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Month 1: Write all the material for my e-book.
Month 2: Edit, proofread, and style e-book.
Month 3: Publish e-book and disperse.

This is an excellent way to do it if youre looking for help to produce structure and results you can determine to release an e-book.

I check out the book. And in January 2020, gathered my goal and a plan to publish an e-book that appeared like this:.

5. Perform your strategy.

I d been stating, “Im going to compose a book this year,” permanently. Then I d get side-tracked and lost in procrastination.

Heres the nuts and bolts of how I released an e-book in 3 months.

Its a quite tall order to sit down with absolutely nothing and try to write an e-book.

Once youve found out your e-book topic, specified your objective, and produced a plan … its time to get to work.

Existed, done that? Most of us do not work in this manner.

Plan your content.

That ever occur to you?

When do you have time to deal with your e-book?
Early morning, afternoon, evening?
Prior to work or after work?
What time of day are you most creative, in an excellent mindset to compose?
Can you get assistance from your partner/spouse/family to offer you space to write?

Instead of trying to write and release an e-book at one time, plan your content.

Beta readers to offer me feedback on my e-book. If youre going to do this, be particular about the kind of feedback youre looking for.

Heres what I did. I pulled together a collection of stories I had. I recorded myself informing the stories. And I used a transcription service to type them out for me.

After recording, putting together and transcribing all the material for my e-book, I printed off all the pages.
Every weekend, while I had a two-hour kid-free block of time, I hung up the pages on the wall to modify the book.
I marked up the book with edits. I even utilized scissors and tape to cut, paste, and move things around. Its a visual technique that works for some individuals.

An editor with editing and design skills. I found an editor in my specific niche (fitness), who could modify my book, handle the layout, and publish it on Amazon. It took about three weeks of back-and-forth edits to get the book ready to release.

Heres where you truly need to get serious about your bandwidth.

Around week 6, I knew it was coming together. I wanted feedback from people. So I reached out to:.

Get feedback.

Write & & edit your e-book.

Develop the tabulation.
Develop chapter headings.
Compose a short outline for each chapter, and what youll includes.
Sculpt out time for writing and modifying.

As soon as youve described your book, create a schedule, and stay with it to get the writing and editing done.


Heres a photo of what my writing and editing process looked like:.

6. Release & & disperse.

It went live on the last day of the 3rd month. Go me.

Publish an e-book to go up and earn more.

Release an e-book from start to finish in three months.

Release an e-book.

Publish an e-book. Its a wise way to build authority, link with more individuals, and land more freelance writing work.

Based upon the old-school model of conventional publishing, that does sound a little insane.?

If you follow the procedure, its really the most convenient part. And theres lot of software and platforms you can use to get your book ready to sell and publish.

You decide its time to write and publish an e-book. Beta readers to provide me feedback on my e-book. I discovered an editor in my specific niche (fitness), who could modify my book, manage the design, and publish it on Amazon. It took about 3 weeks of back-and-forth edits to get the book prepared to release.

Enjoyable reality: I wished to invest more time on cover style. I was so focused on my goal to publish an e-book in 3 months, I ran the manuscript through the Amazon platform and auto-generated a cover for.

Kristy Theissling is a freelance author, physical fitness coach, and business expert based in Sydney, Australia..

Desire to release an e-book? Lets talk about in the comments below.

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