Recession Proof Writing: Double-Your-Income Tips by 10 Writers

Know that some writers are hectic, totally booked, and commanding top rates. Take heart, and comprehend there is still chance for freelance writers out there.

Have you despaired of making a good living as a freelance writer, in the existing difficult times? If so, take heart– I have actually collected suggestions from ten writers on how to recession-proof your freelance biz and earn well, even now.

Pulled this together, since I wanted to serve up some inspiration. You CAN recession-proof your freelance income.

Why did I choose these particular 10 authors?

Some lost anchor clients … and turned right around and rapidly changed them, keeping their earnings strong.

Did I discuss they live all over the world? In Nigeria, Thailand, in big cities and small towns all over.

Still others are seeing their marketing pay off towards completion of the year, and can already forecast their recession-proof 2021 earnings will be much greater than they saw in 2020.

Well, theyre all developed, working, mid-career freelance authors who earned well this year. A lot of them doubled their writing earnings, from 2019 to 2020. Thats recession-proof freelancing.

They grew their organization and made more this year– with Covid, whatever, isolation, and economic downturn else. Its possible to recession-proof your freelance earnings.

They do all have one thing in common:

Which is now readily available for the very first time in a super-affordable, self-study edition.
FYI, the beta-tester first class (limitation 100) is the just one that gets some group-coaching time with me, too. So inspect that out if 2021 is your year to double your earnings or recession-proof your earnings!

Theyre graduates of my Freelance Writers Den 2x Income Accelerator program …

What are the recession-proof secrets I taught these writers in Den 2X? How did they keep a positive outlook, and keep discovering great-paying writing tasks, even in the most challenging financial situation of our life times?

Here are their stories, and their ideas to recession-proof your earnings:

Tripled her earnings in 2020.

Propose new tasks. Oftentimes, clients do not have time to think of all of the various things they need. Its handy for you to believe for them and propose, propose, propose.

Marketing is something to be arranged in if not every day, then one full day a week, like a Marketing Monday. Set marketing activity objectives, tape-record them in your calendar or to-do list, or whatever you utilize to keep your work-life on track.

Youre cheating yourself out of cash if you skip marketing.
Lean on your accountability pals to keep yourself on track.
Do the exact same for them, and your whole group will flourish.
I consider taking Den 2X one of the very best financial investments I ever made in my career!

— Carol Alexander,

Her story.

Doubled rates to $500 per post.

Adebisi Adewusi.

Rank for crucial searches. My website and LinkedIn profile rank on the very first page of search engine result for my target keywords. And, as soon as a prospect finds me, I impress them with evidence that I have the chops to deal with $1 billion business by including a “evidence bar” of logos, testimonials from happy customers, and easy-to-navigate guidelines for how to work with me.

During 2020, the year of COVID, I tripled my gross income from 2019. How did I do it, in spite of the pandemic, recession, and all that chooses it? Incoming leads and state of mind.

What I learned in Den 2X helped me to increase my earnings 212% from 2019 to 2020. With each module, I might see improvement in traffic to my online presence, especially my LinkedIn profile.

Her story.

Changed 3 customers in 2 weeks flat– up 212%.

Her ideas.

— Adebisi Adewusi,

Request for assist with prices. When I required to price estimate, I asked members in the Slack channel for recommendations. This prevented me from undercharging and provided me the self-confidence to charge more.

Her story.

And, by the method, I changed 3 customers with 2 however have improved my monthly earnings by $3,000. Fewer customers, higher prices– great method to give myself a raise.

Carol Alexander.

Her pointers.

Not long after my retreat this September, I had the misfortune of losing 3 anchor customers who were “taking a break” from material marketing.

Be confident and charge your value. In the 1970s, LOreal started utilizing the tagline, “LOreal: Because Im worth it.” Because Ive learned that Im worth charging professional rates for my work, I communicate the worth of my services when fulfilling with those incoming leads.

— Diane Faulkner,

When I did my method retreat this year with my responsibility buddies, I discovered 71% of my work came from incoming, and 60% of that was from LinkedIn.

My objective since joining the 2018 Den2X class has actually been to double my earnings from one fiscal year to the next. This was my year! I write in home enhancement, sustainable living, and health/wellness.

Her suggestions.

Keep marketing. The most essential thing I discovered in Den 2X was that marketing isnt a downtime thing. We dont want downtime. Downtime suggests no cash.

I joined Carols Den 2x class in 2019 and doubled my rates this year. Prior to I joined Den 2x, I charged $250 for 1000-word short articles. Now, I charge $500 for blog posts, and in between $600 to $1000 for short articles. I compose in logistics and retail technology.

Had I not learned how to target customers, constantly market, and modify my online presence, I would have had to work a heck of a lot harder to change the work.

Diane Faulkner.

Having confidence and understanding that Im the finest person for the task, and sharing the worth I bring to the table, usually causes closing the offer.

Follow up with potential customers: Some potential customers who suggested an interest in working with me sort of disappeared after a while. My constant follow-ups with some of them landed me work. Thanks to Carol for producing a remarkable neighborhood and being a remarkable mentor!

Do not neglect LinkedIn: My high-value customers originated from LinkedIn. I connected to people in my specific niche and it has actually gotten me results.

Utilizing what I found out in Den 2X (and the LinkedIn Bootcamp), I didnt panic. I just doubled down on my marketing and changed my customers within two weeks.

4X in 2020 with print-magazine wins.

Leveraging whatever Ive done this year, Im preparing to hit over 60k next year. I have a number of quotes out to clients that are being settled that could put me well above that target, and the year hasnt even started!

A few months back, I had my most rewarding day ever, making $1,200. Given that I completed Den 2x, my earnings has grown 4 times over. And the very best part is that Den2x has provided me the knowledge and skills I need to keep growing my organization.

Neil Pope.

His story.

Belonging to Carols 2x group throughout the very first half of 2020 definitely contributed to my being able to double my income by October of this year. It didnt even take all year.

Stand strong on rates. I discovered to go into a client meeting and know what youre worth, and to be prepared to walk away, if they attempt to negotiate your rate down.

Since I was prepared to focus on structure my organization, I signed up for the 2X income accelerator. I discussed it with my husband, we signed my young child up for full-time daycare, and I started.

I only had one client when I signed up for Den2x. They were using up all my time, and paying me barely enough to scrape by. I was unpleasant and desperately needed assistance.

Double the income– by October 2020.

Ive had my first magazine feature short article and cover.
Had my work shared by TV presenters.
Attended (and reported on) a few of the largest exhibition in my industry.
I routinely get published in trade publications.

Being in the program offered me the self-confidence to go after larger clients and different projects than I would have otherwise.

Boldly go. Dont hesitate to handle projects youve never done before. Believe in your skills and bring that to your marketing efforts.

One year later on, Im thrilled to state Den2x has actually changed my life.

Her story.

This provides you a huge advantage. It keeps you concentrated on larger objectives and keeps you from losing time that you can much better spend marketing yourself to much better paying customers.

My goal for 2020 was to 2X in 2020. Little did we understand what 2020 had in store for us. So, I only wound up sustaining my income in 2020.

Turning points of the past 12 months include:.

Her story.

Zena Ryder.

Danyelle Overbo.

Be released in publications your potential customers read. Something else I found out over the past 12 months was to discover what websites and publications your dream clients read, and how to get published in those places. Approaching the head of marketing of a multi-billion-dollar company ends up being much easier when theyre familiar with your work.

I was shocked that the very first month was everything about entering the best mindset, but thats where the wheels actually started turning, even if I didnt recognize it at that time.

The access to coaching and advice made a big distinction for me. I quoted what I was worth and kept moving the needle forward. With the guidance of other 2Xers and Carol, I tackled assignments I d never ever taken on before.

His pointers.

— Danyelle Overbo,

— Neil Pope,

Bigger customers helped persevere.

Believe big. Pitch your dream clients. You never understand who needs aid!

Her tips.

I think the crucial thing was that I didnt closed down in panic when COVID struck the world!

I am glad to still be in touch with Carol Tice and be part of the 2X neighborhood. Ill know where to go to recharge my marketing again if my work ever starts to slow down!

Her tips.

Difficult times mean more marketing. Following Carols recommendations, I improved my LinkedIn profile– and quickly got a brand-new client through that channel.

Ben Gran.

Level-up on LinkedIn. By doing things differently with LinkedIn, getting more proactive and purposeful about posting links to my work.

Reposition as needed. Lastly I simply re-thought how I explain my services and how I position myself for opportunities.

Discovered over $60K in brand-new company: biggest year ever.

Even with all the burdens of 2020Problems I somehow managed to in some way that $Change per month of income with a variety of awesomeRange inspiring new clientsMotivating 2020 will be one of my most significant years of earnings ever.

You require a network. Being able to get guidance from Carol and the 2x group members when doing this for the very first time was invaluable. An author I fulfilled in the group had too much deal with his plate at one point, so he passed some on to me!

Having freelanced through a previous recession, shes been there, done that and her experience was assuring.

In January 2020, I lost a huge client. My greatest client. My longest-standing, most-reliable, anchor customer that had actually made my life as a freelancer rewarding and so solid and safe.

— Ben Gran,

I unexpectedly had to figure out how to replace $5,000 per month of independent earnings. I quickly reached out to Carol Tice and signed up for Den 2X Accelerator.

His story.

Tap past and present clients. I connected to former and existing customers to ask for new tasks and referrals.

This is due to the fact that Carol kept reminding us that there are always companies that flourish, even when others have a hard time throughout an economic crisis (or any other crisis).

— Zena Ryder,

Transform one-off clients to retainers. I also turned a lead into my very first retainer customer.

His pointers.

2X with a much better retainer customer.

I only had one client at the start of the year, and that was for around $800 a month at a lot of.

Raise your rates with existing clients. I effectively doubled my earnings with simply that one relocation.

Her suggestions.

Her story.

I have a couple of different clients now. My best client is at $50 an hour for quite a bit of work monthly, around $2,000 dollars or two normally. I did intensify my Linkedin profile, which gave me some extra work.

A combination of things in Den 2X assisted me:.

Her suggestions.

This is a skill I had developed for another customer, so when the platform began offering to pay content developers to help out with their client backlog, I pitched in. The pay wasnt fantastic, but it allowed me to pitch my composing services to their clients and I got a customer that way.

Aid with my LinkedIn profile was part of it.
Part of it was just the products– they offered me something to describe. And when those were insufficient I might provide an issue to the group.

Enhance your LinkedIn profile. With my brand-new LinkedIn profile, I got a sales call from an ideal client. I wound up with an ongoing contract paying me my greater rate. Having their name on my resume puts me in a position to improve, more high-paying clients. It was a step up the ladder for my company!

Annie Keller.

Kathy Harris.

Discover writer pals. Your fellow writers are your pals and can provide you ideas and encourage you.

At the start of the year, I raised my rates for the very first time in three years. This indicated asking my present customer for a considerable raise, however I was in a position to do so.

— Kathie Harris,

Im on track to find a couple of more customers in the same vein next year, and will 2x my earnings again when I do!

— Annie Keller,

Her story.

From 1 client to 4.

Up 50%– 2X-ing in 2021.

Keep pitching. Put yourself out there. Even if you get a million rejections or no reactions, you will not be successful at all if you do not keep going!

Her story.

The 2 things that assisted me double my income this year were working with an existing customer and polishing my LinkedIn account to snag a brand-new one.

Certify potential customers. I upped my marketing video game, which I did by utilizing Carols methods in the Den 2x course. That included defining my perfect customer, discovering how to tell if a customer deserved my time or not, and cleaning up my LinkedIn profile.

I started the year with one client and ended up with four, effectively doubling my income through various methods.

Alyssa Goulet.

I compose in SaaS & & IT. I joined 2X in 2018, right after college, the year I decided to pursue freelancing full-time. At the time, I was just on track to make $20,000 that year, however ended up method more than 2Xing.

Regardless of the craziness that was 2020, Ive been able to grow my earnings by more than 50% this year, and am on track to 2X my income in 2021. Now, more than ever, retainer arrangements are the key. Im scheduled out into 2021, because I prioritized clients who have ongoing work.

2X was my first mastermind and the accountability was HUGE for me. I still regularly chat will my “responsibility buddy” from 2X. Im on track to do over $150,000 in 2020.

— Alyssa Goulet,

The world may be a little unpredictable right now, however one thing is not: customers still need writers. One pitch could lead to thousands of dollars in client work.

Whats your strategy to grow your writing income in 2021? Leave a comment and lets talk method.

Pretty uplifting, yes? You really can still do this, as a profession. And now, theres a light at the end of this Covid tunnel to recession-proof your freelance income.

Her pointers.

Prevent one-offs. Its alright to begin with a test job, however dont let customers with little budgets continue to suck up time in your schedule.

Recession proof your composing profession.

Hope these tips assist you earn more from your writing– and if you need assist with that, have a look at the new self-study variation of Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator.

And, once a possibility finds me, I impress them with proof that I have the chops to work with $1 billion companies by including a “proof bar” of logos, testimonials from happy clients, and easy-to-navigate directions for how to work with me.

One pitch could lead to thousands of dollars in customer work.

Even with all the burdens of 2020Concerns I somehow managed to replace that $5k per month of income with an earnings of awesomeRange inspiring remarkable clientsMotivating My best client is at $50 an hour for rather a bit of work per month, around $2,000 dollars or so usually. That included specifying my perfect client, finding out how to inform if a customer was worth my time or not, and cleaning up my LinkedIn profile.

In 2021, Im anticipating there to be a ton of marketing activity, as companies reopen, reposition, combine, get, and otherwise adjust to what comes next. And thats an opportunity to recession-proof your earnings.

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