Remote Writing Jobs Forecast: 14 Experts’ Predictions for 2021

Whats the future hold for remote composing tasks and freelance operate in 2021?

Theres the obvious … 2020 changed the game for freelancers, remote composing jobs, and life as we understand it. Thanks a lot COVID-19!

But as soon as we surpass the little aspect of an international pandemic, whats in store for freelancers in 2021?

This year, we chose to take our annual forecast in a little bit of a various instructions.

Theres some confident things in here thats a direct outcome of shifts in the global economy, digital marketing, demand for remote writing jobs, and freelance work to grow and adapt.

Instead of just tapping composing coach types, we likewise asked some routine, longtime, hard-working freelance writers what theyre seeing out there in the trenches.

If youre looking for ways to move up and make more with remote writing jobs and freelance operate in 2021, NOW is the best time to chart your course and begin.

We got reactions from all over the world. And if youre believing its more gloom and doom, reconsider..

How quickly will demand for remote composing tasks grow, and where are the chances, as the economy rebounds?

High-end services or products for the wealthy.
Copy-editing and proofreading.

C. Hope Clark.

Chief Learning Officer at

As I read just recently in Fast Company, we have actually jumped five to 10 years in making changes in how we operate thanks to the pandemic.

Lighting for Zoom meetings.
Online company tools.

Its as much about the ease of working online with a freelancer as it is the quality of the work.

Remote work.
Digital products.

Have a look at what these 14 professionals had to say about freelancing in 2021.

The chances for Freelance writers will be substantial in 2021 especially in the area of Content Marketing. The usage of digital content was at an all-time high in 2020 provided this time of social isolation. This pattern will continue in 2021 with brand-new opportunities in blogging, article writing, newsletter production, video scripts, podcast program notes, digital books, and far more.

The world has learned that workplaces arent needed which the smart people are working effectively from a home desk and inviting those who can make it look expert.

These are things that can help you end up being the expert, not a hobbyist, (And utilize it for that tax write-off.).

Brené Brown as soon as stated, “Vulnerability is the birth place to modification, creativity, and innovation.” While 2020 may have presented considerable obstacles personally and expertly, it likewise obliged numerous Freelance authors to get imaginative and make needed pivots to grow in this unpredictable economy.

Demand for digital material will keep growing.

The world is finally accepting that online controls supply and need, and conference online is becoming the standard and the preferred. Sites are formal addresses anymore.

For those with drive, who are querying frequently and owning the homebound mentality of work, the work will be stable if not more regular.

Freelance writing rates will be stable and may even grow in specific areas as writers niche down and focus on particular locations.

eCommerce business.
Software application and tech services supporting:.

A couple of to target in 2021 will be:.

Author & & Editor at Funds for Writers.

The pandemic is opening doors to more remote composing jobs.

For example: I recently encountered a writer who specialized in ghostwriting dishes and cookbooks. Her rates werent cheap given her specialist positioning in this market.

There has actually never ever been a better time to be a Freelancer than right now. The concept of working from another location with a team went mainstream in 2020, which will inevitably direct companies (that usually operated in-house) to move towards dealing with talented Freelancers.

With lots of markets suffering from travel to hospitality, it will be very important to recognize those markets that are stable (and even growing) during this Global Pandemic.

Freelancers will require to market “outside the box” in order to discover excellent new clients.
LinkedIn will continue to be an ideal platform for making meaningful connections with a target audience.
Niche online neighborhoods such as Facebook groups will continue to be a fantastic place to add worth, make connections, and identify new chances.
Niche markets such as, Contently, and Constant Content will deserve an appearance for decent-paying writing gigs.

Excellent freelancers will accept every tool and method to function from an effective office, not simply a desk in a bedroom.

Craig Canning.

A few more things to expect in 2021.

Where are the chances, as the economy rebounds?

With the wide-open mentality of change comes opportunity. Rather of pitching a department short article in a publication, pitch a series. Rather of an article, pitch ten. Ive been approached about composing:.

Publication short articles.
Since of my online presence as merely an author, and campaign speeches without even marketing.

Niche-building has actually constantly been clever and savvy. People across the board are now open to working with authors. I even expect ghostwriters to see an increased demand.

Your opportunities are as excellent as your networking and your site, both of which require to be polished and frequently handled. Anything and whatever is open to freelance.

What will happen to self-employed rates?

We arent simply composing articles any longer. We are working from house … like everybody else. Funny how our way of living is legitimized by a pandemic.

They will go up. Possibly not dramatically in the beginning, however they will increase since freelancing has actually become seriously legitimate. Having been a freelancer for 20 years, I can honestly state this is the very first time I dare visualize rates to rise.

What marketing methods will be most effective?

While we are all globally linked online, my regional connections have blown up thanks to being grounded due to the pandemic. :.

You wish to assist them and they want to help you. The pandemic has taught us that word of mouth is intensely efficient.

I gave local services, politics, and service more attention because I was basically sequestered to a restricted area, and in turn they offered me more attention.
My charity work composing speeches for prospects for school board rebounded in book sales and demands to compose anything and whatever anyone needed.
While weve constantly understood it to be smart to fill locally, the effort really matters more now as we become more attuned to where we live given that weve been so restricted.
We appear to desire to see our hometowns prosper more now. Sure, Ive seen coffeehouse and small companies drop dead, however Ive seen the smart ones blow up with company due to the fact that they accepted their neighborhood.

A lot of more services understand me locally now than before COVID. Communities are gleaning their own prior to going outside that circle. Profit from it. Utilize those community networks.

Writers are and can do the very same thing. Why not utilize the networks of everyone you know in your area and let your name recognition grow through them?

Anything else you think is coming in 2021?

Freelance writer & & professional editor.

Were entering a period when the marketplace will– a minimum of for while– worth compound over style.

More employers will work with freelancers for remote writing jobs.

Writers who can support their content, either by employing an editor or truth checker, or by providing/retaining documentation of their sources, will be most esteemed.

Ed Gandia.

And there are some things you can do to remain in the video game:.

This is a vital backlash against the “Fake News” era– at least in the US. I hope we are welcoming an era of intellectual discipline, development, and obligation.

Founder of High Income Business Writing.

Its time to become a business-savvy freelancer.

Nobody understands the length of time this economic and pandemic slump will last. But I forecast that as soon as this is over, companies wont return to their previous work levels for a while.

Speaking of obligation, note this post relating to the creation of a “little claims court” for copyright theft.

You do not get to run the content if you do not submit written approval in a format that passes muster with their legal department.
Focus on expert liability stipulations in your contracts, and understand your legal exposure.
Speak with a professional.
Get mistakes and omissions insurance coverage.
Create an LLC.

Colleen Diamond.

More paper will go under in terms of publications, in my viewpoint. Weve greatly become online reading.

I anticipate that publishers will tighten their authorizations requirements of authors.

What makes me state this?

Material requires for software, audio & & video keep growing.

In 2020, I saw a modification in attitude. When filling skills gaps within their workforces, numerous of the organizations that didnt desire anything to do with freelancers began realizing the advantages of tapping into our on-demand proficiency.

Demand for food & & dish content is rising.

Before the virus hit, unemployment was at record lows– lows we hadnt seen in over 50 years.

I believe the occasions of 2020 have actually led to the growth of freelancing in basic, as well as the need for good freelance authors.

Have a sleek site, portfolio or LinkedIn profile that shows you take note of detail. Follow through on what you said you d do as soon as you land a gig.

I think that a lot of these companies were overstaffed. They d forgotten the lessons of the 2008 monetary crisis.

Freelance rates for research-driven projects will rise.

For the 2008 crisis, it took till about 2016 for that to alter. And I forecast its going to be the same now. It might even take longer this time.

More forecasts: There are chances for growth in virtual technology in both B2C & & B2B. Traditional markets going “green” will present chances for freelance writers.

I focus on travel and food writing. Many budget plans have been cut at publications I had written for pre-pandemic, and story angles have actually moved significantly.

As freelancers we need to be more critical with where we choose to write.
Acknowledge when you have a valuable story and hold it for greater paying publications.

And the need for audio and video (podcasts are still succeeding) will just go up every year. Think about script writing, talking to and research study.

Your online existence is necessary to landing freelance work.

I believe demand will see an uptick due to COVID and continued slashing of full-time works with.

I forecast that this shift in employing practices will surpass full-time staff member recruitment next year as companies attempt to continue to combat marketplace uncertainty.

Alexis Grant.

As soon as worldwide borders resume, travel writing will come back however as there is pent up demand from tourists and more requirement than ever for travel advice from specialists.

Author of The Money Guide for Freelancers.

As recent as 2019 there was a hesitancy among business of all sizes and across all markets to work with freelancers– specifically in remote working functions.

Do what you promised, and editors will shout to employ you once again.

Believe it or not, its uncommon to discover writers who fulfill deadlines and provide top quality work regularly.

Amanda Gibson.

Now, companies are spooked. They wont wish to employ full-time workers like they did in the past, a minimum of not for a while. And Im not the only one making this forecast.

As these services continue to increase again (which is already taking place) lots of will generate freelancers before they start adding full-time employees– a minimum of for numerous key functions, consisting of marketing.

Freelance writer.

Rates will decrease for cookie cutter pieces needing no research, while the need and pay will increase for unique, well-researched pieces.

As restaurants, stores, cinema and other service markets reopen in 2021, I think there will be a requirement for freelance writers in those industries.

Andrea Hubbert.

Likewise take a look at business that had remote work pre-COVID. There may be less overall interruption and better marketing spending plans.

Co-founder of The Solopreneur Society.

Freelance rates at some areas might remain low for a while as they struggle to recover ad profits but chances will be out there.

Freelance writer.

In a study of more than 20,000 participants, 61.5% of services said theyre going to increase their usage of freelancers rather of hiring full-time personnel after this is over.

In a manner, 2020 has been a bit vindicating for freelancers whove formerly had a difficult time persuading corporate purchasers that contracted work is practical … sustainable lucrative.

More organizations will hire freelancers to fill staffing spaces.

Opportunities: P2P messaging (believe text messages from causes and prospects) and internal messaging platdorms comparable to companies like Slack and Discord.

Williesha Morris.

This is good news for freelance authors who place themselves well, specifically those who demonstrate that theyre a lot more than order takers and can assist customers with some material marketing method and material planning efforts.

I began composing for a number of new outlets throughout the pandemic and am delighted to have actually diversified my portfolio and lineup of clients, developing brand-new relationships that will serve me well moving into 2021.

While competitors for freelance composing tasks might stiffen in 2021 as more people pick or are forced to end up being freelancers, the ways to stand out will not alter.

I believe there is higher demand for dish development and house cooking stories versus composing about dining establishments today.

Food & & travel reporter.

I believe freelance writing will be in increasing demand in 2021 as more industries acknowledge the value of utilizing freelancers.

Cindi Kerr.

There appears to be online task management software application for each industry, personality and spending plan you can possibly imagine! Check start-ups in those locations.

Freelancing rates: Rates will stay the same and (as always) based on how much you understand your worth and your talent!

Diversity, equity & & addition: Though a great deal of this may be performative, anticipate to see an ongoing concentrate on “inclusion, diversity and equity.” If they have not currently and there might be a requirement for content, every business is employing somebody for DEI.

Its a golden chance for authors and online marketers to use a wide variety of services.

And approximated 121 million jobs were affected in travel and tourist, and $ 5.5 trillion USD was lost throughout the pandemic. WTTC and other global leaders in travel and tourist are on a mission to push inexpensive tourist aggressively.

Then pitch your services and content concepts about prompt topics like:.

Affordable offers for tourists.
What you require to understand about travel insurance coverage.
Details for travelers relating to threat evaluation and awareness.

If youre looking for travel and tourist writing chances, have a look at “Accelerating the Global Recovery” and list of individuals that assisted establish this plan:.

Marketing techniques: Email and LinkedIn, likewise consider networking and the task listings in the Den and in industry Slack groups.

Expect material needs for travel & & tourism to take off.

The rebound chances lie in the travel and tourism industry. The World, Travel, and Tourism Council recently announced their own predictions for the coming year. This market can expect a lot of cash and clients. People are also desperate to head out. Whichs fantastic news for freelance writers and remote composing tasks.

The pandemic will not go away in 2021. Dont anticipate immediate impacts from vaccinations. The industries that are having a hard time now will still have a hard time next year.

Personal financiers.
Hotel chains.
Travel bureau.

Business in travel and tourist or ties to the industry will be desperate for reliable marketing that can attract clients, so they can reactivate the economy, and begin seeing some revenue, likewise.

Fermin Otañez.

How quick will freelance writing demand grow in 2021?

It will be substantial. In order to return to the routine “steady jobs” kind of economy, there is a requirement to reactivate the economy. Freelancers can expect more one-time projects, followed by long-term retainers, based on efficiency.

What will happen to freelance rates?

Particularly in travel and tourism, rates for freelance work may shoot through the roofing system. Why? We understand exactly what these companies need and what their clients want. If youre a professional in this niche, you can charge a lot.

What marketing techniques will be most effective?

And for travel and tourist writing, direct messages on Instagram pages receive a pretty fast reply. Since the travel niche relies greatly on visual marketing, this matters. Many times, the media manager reacts to these messages.

LinkedIn marketing is pretty strong. Sending out direct e-mails to marketing directors works. Networking through social networks is another technique that is not explored frequently enough by freelancers.

Anything else you think is can be found in 2021?

My forecast for 2021 is that health writing will become more holistic.

Freelance mental health author.

Why? Psychological health and physical health are connected– and together make up health.

If online learning continues, it likewise manages scheduling flexibility for families which may be useful.

Due to the pandemic, the world is lastly comprehending and accepting simply just how much psychological health matters and impacts physical health.

Health content wont just concentrate on physical health (which has actually typically been the default meaning of health up until now). Rather, health material will also deal with psychological health topics.

Holistic health material will become more traditional.

Copywriter and editor.

As the economy reactivates, other sectors will come to life once again. Which will be the time for freelancers to do as much prospecting as possible. Business will be starving for material to bring their clients back, and will pay a substantial rate to those who can help them.

Angelina Singer.

Mahevash Shaikh.

Freelancing is going to escalate due to the fact that everybody may still decide to work from home.

Freelance opportunities will skyrocket in 2021.

Furthermore, companies might not be able to employ new workers so freelancing enables writers to work for themselves.

Desire to land more remote writing jobs in 2021?

Steve Slaunwhite.

Theyll hold back on actively marketing, while continuing to believe rates must be low which there are couple of great writing tasks offered.

LinkedIn marketing wins. LinkedIn will become progressively important as a platform for marketing your services.

For instance, few authors write for medical gadget business; a high-demand, low competition specific niche.

Winners will target the markets that have actually thrived through 2020– such as tech, remote tools, and e-commerce– along with recovering industries where business require to pivot or reopen, such as travel and hospitality.

Copywriting fitness instructor.

If you cultivate that specialty, you can compose your own ticket to success. There are lots of other specific niches like that.

Customers want us to convey excitement for their tasks, and to approach their stories and ideas from new angles they never ever wouldve though of.

Niche-focused writers make more. Writers who concentrate on specific niches or specialties where there is high-demand and little competitors can do really well.

My experience from the 2008-9 recession is that lots of writers will be distressed for several years to come.

Writers who prosper will be the ones who arent overwhelmed or demoralized from the 2020 recession, and comprehend there is a lots of chance out there. And that it will only grow, as 2021 winds along.

Founder of Freelance Writers Den.

Youll never ever get anywhere if your schedule is filled with low-paying work. In fact, you will. Youll get miserable!

Carol Tice.

Freelance authors with a niche + LinkedIn profile will attract much better clients.

That wasnt true even in the worst of 2020– many writers who continued to market actively were completely scheduled and made effectively.

The essential to winning as a freelancer: Master your mentality.

Youre going to be undetectable to numerous customers if you dont have a decent platform on LinkedIn as a writer.

Lessons from the last economic downturn.

Low-paying work is still a time-suck. Those authors who make the brave decision to reject low-paying work to include better-paying clients will remain in a better position to grow and prosper.

The key to freelance success in 2021.

Process your trauma around all thats taken place and really get that were on the upswing! It will offer you an enormous advantage over most writers out there if you can.

Thats what makes you rise to the top of the slush pile, in my opinion.

Ingenuity and interest are what set you apart.

Changing times imply they require content writing that explains it all!

Freelance prediction for 2021: Its a year of chance.

Still wondering what freelance writing will appear like in 2021?

With some international insights from freelance authors, marketing specialists, and copywriters, its a year of chance.

Now is the perfect time to get and set goals to work to go up and make more.

What are your forecasts for remote composing jobs in 2021? Share your concepts in the comments below

The opportunities for Freelance authors will be considerable in 2021 especially in the location of Content Marketing. Individuals throughout the board are now open to hiring writers. We arent simply composing articles any longer. And thats terrific news for freelance writers and remote writing tasks.


Especially in travel and tourism, rates for freelance work may shoot through the roofing.

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