Scrivener Review: Is It For You?

These are one-time payments, but you do have to purchase different licenses if you want it on both your computer and tablet/phone.
Pros and Cons.

Mac OS: $49.

Windows: $45.

Composing a book can be an organizational problem.
You discover yourself scribbling concepts, scenes, research notes, you call it, on napkins, in notebooks, on sticky pads, or keyboarding stuff into files you cant discover later on your computer system.
What if you could keep ALL that stuff, even pictures and graphs and charts, all in one location?
Go into Scrivener.
This book writing software application calls itself the ultimate company tool for authors.
Is it? Could it be just the important things youve been searching for?
Let me cover its functions, pros, and advantages and cons so you can choose.
( Note: If you click on a link herein to purchase Scrivener, I get a little commission at no charge to you.).
What is Scrivener?
Scrivener is book writing software developed more than a lots years ago by an aspiring author annoyed with attempting to keep his notes organized.
The result was a word-processing tool comparable to Microsoft Word with the organization abilities of a tool like Evernote.
How Much Does Scrivener Cost?
It differs depending upon your system:.

iOS (iPad): $19.99.

30-day free trial: Before you buy Scrivener, a free 30-day trial offers you access to all its functions.

This is a new function in.
Scrivener 3, highlighting specific areas of your text. You can utilize this to.
home in on your dialogue or your use of adverbs, pronouns, and adjectives.
This typical feature in book composing software application resolves a writers worst nightmare– your computer system crashing prior to saving your work.
Scrivener auto-saves your work as you compose.
Release To Almost Any Format.

Requirement version provides limited features.
No built-in word processing program, so youll require other software application to accompany Campfire Pro.

Scrivener Review: Verdict.
Many of my widely-published associates swear by Scrivener, though they admit it features a high knowing curve. I personally utilize it mainly for managing my research study. I still use Word to in fact write my manuscripts.
It might well be worth its modest rate if youre prepared to invest the time to master this powerful tool.
Click on this link to have a look at Scrivener.

Scrivener Alternatives.

Personalized setup and user interfaces: Scrivener allows you to personalize much of its functions to fit your needs.
Key functions for all phases of the writing process.


Assistance: Scrivener includes tutorials to walk you through its features.

No tablet or mobile variation.
Limitations on exports (PDF and.doc just).
Some say the software application feels dated.


A nonfiction author will lay out their task differently from an author. Scrivener supplies totally free templates to pick from.
It likewise enables you to import third-party templates (hundreds offered online).
Task Goals and Targets.

Licenses for each platform: If you deal with both a Mac and a Windows computer system, you would need to buy a license for each.

COST: from $39.99.

In addition to the Binder Feature, you can likewise open a customizable inspector in the right-hand sidebar of your page where you can include notes, pictures, comments, and keywords.
Some Scrivener users discover this function sidetracking, however others discover it practical throughout the modification phase.
Linguistic Focus.

COST: Pay what you want.

As tracking word count, Scrivener permits you to also keep an eye on everything from character count, typical sentence length, and even how frequently you use a particular word.
When editing your work, you can analyze individual files or chapters.
The Inspector Tool.

Steep learning curve: Even its most enthusiastic fans confess takes time to master Scriveners numerous functions.

Key Features.


To assist keep you on track, Scrivener allows you to color code its various elements.
From chapters and scenes to research and notes, you can tailor labels to represent chapters still in outline type, in draft phase, or complete.
Distraction Free Mode.
Scrivener has so lots of functions that this can end up being disruptive. Their “Distraction Free Mode” enables the user to focus on only one thing at a time.
You can customize the page to feature images or notes or copy you wish to work with, while eliminating anything you do not require.

Importing previous drafts is time consuming.
Readily available Only for PC.
Some discover the software application less intuitive than Scrivener.

EXPENSE: from $49.99.

Some features are too complex.

Campfire Pro is created to help you strategy and research study your book. It isnt a word processor like Scrivener.


Scrivener enables you to set targets and goals for your job, triggering you with how youre doing. You can also set targets for individual writing sessions and track your development with the “Writing History” feature.
Color Coding.

Scriveners Cork Board takes what appears in your Binder and lays it out like sticky notes on a wall. You can move these around as you want.

Bibisco was developed with authors in mind, and its features help you investigate your book and remain organized.
The Novel Factory.

Finally, Scrivener allows self-publishing writers to export or print manuscripts into nearly any format. You can save your job for paperback, hardcover, and eBook without having to develop different documents for each.

Campfire Pro.

Easy to utilize.
The capability to import and export characters.
Worldbuilding features.

Free templates: Scrivener considers that not all authors need the same type of assistance. A screenwriter needs something various from a poet, etc., so you can pick from among dozens of design templates.

Autosaves your work.
Drag and drop function permits you to reorganize your chapters.
The capability to create character and settings lists.

This sidebar on the left side of your screen keeps chapters, notes, and research in one place.
You can produce as many folders as you like, even folders within folders, in addition to notes, documents, and images.
The Cork Board.

Personalized story design templates.
Tools to help create and research study characters.
Autosaves your work.

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