Self-publishing News: Amazon faces ebook Price Fixing Suit

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway takes a close take a look at the cost repairing claim against Amazon and the Huge 5.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

Tonights #indieauthorchat on Twitter is on among the essential concerns dealing with indies: to go with KDP Select or to go broad. In our current self-publishing news podcast, Howard and I recall at last years greatest story, Audiblegate. Which is likewise still present news.

Breaking: Wattpad Sold to Naver

More next week, however it has actually simply been announced that Wattpad will be offered to Naver. Naver is the owner of online Comic publisher Webtoon, and this seems like a really interesting match. More to follow!

Ebook Price Fixing: Reckoning time for Amazon?

Ive written about Medium various times over the years. Theyre one of those platforms thats still there, and that still keeps doing things, though Im not quite sure how they keep going.


And it allows individuals to purchase ebooks straight. That recommends a quickly to arrive way of making money through Medium for those of us who compose long form non-fiction. And with the long read making a resurgence at a moment when individuals are ending up being cautious of the snap judgments brief kind social media pushes on us this may simply be the right thing at the best time.

Tech business are dealing with increased scrutiny. Its not simply over concerns of phony news and complimentary speech. Those, however, have actually highlighted a perennial issue. That of monopolies. Antitrust lawsuits is significantly on the horizon for the worlds most significant business. Many prominent has actually been the debate around Facebook and Whatsapp, and accusations over required data sharing.

Ebook rate fixing rows are not a brand-new thing, of course. Now Amazon is in court dealing with rate fixing charges. The suit points to Amazons market supremacy, with 90% of ebook sales and 50% of print.

The case follows one day behind Connecticuts announcement that it is examining Amazon for anticompetitive behaviour.

Publishers Weekly Offers Indies a Way Into Libraries

I cant think of any librarian I understand looking through it for high quality indie books since thats what theyve chosen they require. Whats intriguing is this is the 2nd relocation from Publishers Weekly in as many weeks. And like their venture into the world of book fairs, it has actually a component intended at indies.

Thats generally in the context of how progressively simple it is for us to get our ebooks into libraries thanks to Overdrive. Overdrive is the avenue through which libraries tend to get their ebooks. And thanks to deals with platforms like Draft2Digital, its really easy for us to get our books into the Overdrive brochure.

Now, there is a new method for us to get our books into libraries. You will maybe have collected from the preceding paragraph that Im luke warm as to whether this is what the world was waiting on. Publishers Weekly are releasing a program to enable indies to get ebooks into libraries. It will be connected in with their Booklife Elite program. Yes, I had likewise sort of forgotten that was a thing! The requirement for entering the programme will be a starred Booklife review. In theory that offers libraries the warranty of curation. And it offers indies the guarantee of remaining in, well, being in a curated catalogue. I am careful of a service that is accessed overwhelmingly through a paid route. Yes, you can send (or “subnit” as the Publishers Weekly website rather embarrassingly puts it) for a free review. However paying guarantees you one.

Overdrives Record Year

As if to reinforce the point, Mark Williams has news of Overdrives record year in 2020. Downloads through the platform jumped by a 3rd to 430 million. And as Williams points out, that consists of more than 100 library systems each of which logged more than a million downloads.

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In our present self-publishing news podcast, Howard and I look back at last years greatest story, Audiblegate. Which is likewise still existing news.

Its not just over issues of fake news and complimentary speech. Now Amazon is in court facing rate fixing charges. As if to strengthen the point, Mark Williams has news of Overdrives record year in 2020.

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