Self-publishing News: Audible/ACX Have Questions to Answer over Returns

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway looks at the continuous debate over Audibles questionable returns policy.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

Im actually thrilled that last week for the first time Howard and I had a whole half hour to speak about the self-publishing news on the ALLi podcast. We discussed book shops and the launch of, as well as AI. Im guessing next month Audible may feature a little!

Audible Returns: Campaign for ACX/Audible Rights Holders

Recently ALLi used up the baton on the concern of Audible Plus utilizing “return anything” as a method of enticing subscribers, rejecting lots of authors their royalties. ALLi requested full transparency, and while waiting on a response our service Watchdog reverted the ranking for ACX, the platform through which we reach Audible, to a pending status.

ALLi is best behind this and would encourage all rights holders to join the group. Membership for audio content is just going to grow. One irony is that less than 2 months ago I reported that Audibles adoption of an all you can eat model in Spain provided a significant threat.

Futurebook and the Future of Frankfurt Book Fair

I cant think its been a year because I beinged in the audience of Futurebook listening to James Daunt and Data Guy provide their keynotes. Its fascinating that in the year since, Daunt has been ever-present. Information Guy, on the other hand, already seemed like part of a past not a future world last year. And now he is just part of our collective memory. Though this week we are reminded of the need for somebody to keep the statisticians sincere. James Patterson was exposed, to nobodys surprise, to be the bestselling author of the 2010s. Figures, as always, thanks to Nielsen Bookscan. Which was always the problem. Not that anybody would seriously expect any indies– or anyone else– to challenge Pattersons dominance (80 million titles plus). It would be fantastic to have trusted information to locate us.

Amazons New Author Portal.

, if youre anything like me (heaven assistance you) you may have found Amazons Author Central difficult over the years.. The promise of a brand-new author portal (thanks for the tip off to The Digital Reader) is welcome. On a technical note, it assures mobile optimization. Thats terrific for acknowledging that the method people work is altering. More beguilingly it guarantees all-in-one-place use. That would certainly resolve the issues numerous of us have actually dealt with in keeping all our information across all Amazon shops up to date.

It is no surprise that a great deal of the talk at Futurebook is about Covid. There have likewise been urgent require greater variety in publishing. And obviously there has been talk about audio. The headline figure there is that audiobooks are headed for their 6th successive year of double digit development. I question, though, if numerous months of going over R and P (recreation rate and prevalence) has informed the basic reader of such stats to understand that low double digit growth from a small base tends still to leave you with a small figure. While were on the topic of storytelling and the future theres one item I cant not mention. We saw it this week as NASAs most current objective took Baby Yoda/The Child into area if ever we needed proof of the creative power of storytelling.

And talking of conferences and an industry adjusting to a post-Covid world, Frankfurt have actually specified the desire to continue digital, at least in part, into the future..

Where is Audio Heading?

Audibles very apparent concerns are clearly a concern for authors. Possibly they are likewise a chance for people to take a look at the larger landscape. Of course, theres been a lot of chance to do that currently, however our resistance to using anything other than Amazon can be substantial. And, as we have actually seen with Kindle Unlimited and the arguments about per page earnings, the window of opportunity to leave can be small.

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)– Zoom meetings the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Nielsen Metadata Webinar, 24 NovCove Park Winter & & Spring Writing Residencies, 30 Nov application due date.

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Sweden, naturally, seems like it might be an outlier. Its difficult to envision claims that audio will account for 50% of a countrys reading, as made by Storytels Jonas Tellender, being produced anywhere else. But in the UK, audio is likewise continuing to attract brand-new readers at a fast speed, as a new Nielsen survey shows.

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Its maybe apt that at this minute we have a week of widespread news about audio. Nextory is one of Swedens handful of highly effective audio platforms. Whats interesting this week, as Williams points out, is the injection of new investment.

Its possibly apt that at this minute we have a week of widespread news about audio. Whats fascinating this week, as Williams points out, is the injection of new investment.

Im really happy that last week for the very first time Howard and I had an entire half hour to talk about the self-publishing news on the ALLi podcast. One irony is that less than 2 months ago I reported that Audibles adoption of an all you can eat model in Spain presented a significant hazard. If ever we needed evidence of the imaginative power of storytelling, we saw it this week as NASAs most current mission took Baby Yoda/The Child into space.

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