Self-publishing News: Audible Offers Unlimited Subscription

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway looks at Audibles entry into the endless subscription market and what it means.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway


It is pulling all its digital products together into a single subscription platform– DC Universe Infinite. At $7.99 per month or $74.99 for a year, its $1 a month more pricey than Disney Plus.

When I first began being active in the indie world, there was one huge event on the block. DigitalBookWorld was a weird monster. It should have been the book worlds equivalent of the Tools of Change conference. Yet somehow it never ever was. Its a problem that cutting edge book world conferences have often had. And Im not completely sure why we have that problem aside from as a mirror of our larger industry conservatism. Something the early conferences did have going for them was Guy Gonzalez. Guy is now lead at the Panorama Project, offering crucial data insights on town libraries. But today he has a look back at the history of DigitalBookWorld, the week after its relaunched 2020 event. And its absolutely stuffed complete of important insights for anybody who wants to understand how we can be more positive.

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And the company is now looking to provide us more tools to help with our campaigns. Specifically, the new artificial intelligence tools will assist us make our campaigns more visually reliable. Mailchimp may soon provide us an entire raft of methods to communicate with each person on our list in the way that works best for them.

Reflections on DigitalBookWorld.

Mailchimp Adds Artificial Intelligence.

Audible Offers Eat As Much As You Like Subscription in Spain.

I would recommend you do not need to be a soothsayer to see the connection in between these stories. Ive been warning indies for numerous months to prepare for the spotification of audiobooks, and the possible terrible results on income. The window to make those preparations feels like it may be closing quick.

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Surprisingly, at the exact same time as this is taking place, Audible is withdrawing Audible Escape. This was its membership love service. It was hugely popular with readers, however from November 1st it will be no more. Which prompts the question, “why?”.

Sometimes with Amazon, you feel like they have weeks where they get stuff out of their system simultaneously. And today is one of those. They are making a concerted play for the audio market. And step 2 is the launch of podcasting on Amazon Music. This will include its own “originals” series. Exactly what chances this will bring remains to be seen, but the doors are quite opening for everyone using podcasts to grow their audience.

Ive reflected a number of times on what might take place if Audible began taking on digital membership platforms on their favoured grass. As part of Amazon, Audible is the go-to platform for indies who want to sell audiobooks. The fastest growing platforms, the ones that have made headlines in the past couple of years, are not Audible. And unike Audible, they have completely accepted the subscription design, with all you can consume services for audiobooks. Surprisingly, at the same time as this is occurring, Audible is withdrawing Audible Escape.

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Podcasting on Amazon and DC Subscription.

Today, as Mark Williams put it, “the dam has actually been breached.” Audible has actually gone into the Spanish marketplace, where Storytel is strong. And the big change is that Audible has signed up with as an all you can eat service.

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Ive reflected a number of times on what might happen if Audible began handling digital membership platforms on their favoured grass. As part of Amazon, Audible is the go-to platform for indies who desire to offer audiobooks. And as we know, audiobooks are growing their sales and market share quickly. But the fastest growing platforms, the ones that have actually made headlines in the past few years, are not Audible. They are the similarity Storytel and Bookbeat. And unike Audible, they have fully accepted the membership model, with all you can eat services for audiobooks. Its been fascinating enjoying them get a more powerful foothold while Amazon skirts around them.

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