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In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway looks at Audiblegate and the united action of writers companies that ACX/Audibles response was not acceptable.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

Do listen to Howards and my first dedicated self-publishing news session on the ALLi podcast. We spoke about bookstores and the launch of, along with AI. Do not forget that tonight at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) we have #indieauthorchat over on Twitter, where Tim will be debunking self-publishing myths!

Audible Response Not Good Enough

Writers Organizations Respond

Recentlys column went to press just as breaking news came in that Audible/ACX had moved their position on returns. And just as, at the exact same time, authors groups– including ALLi– started making their position clear. The response wasnt enough. There is a detailed and very clear summary of the extent of the outcry from authors groups over at Publishing Perspectives. They include the Society of Authors and Authors Guild of America in addition to ALLi.

Susan was the person who initially blew the whistle in a huge way on this. ALLi still advises all concerned authors and storytellers to sign up with that group.

Our own Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors puts the crucial problems extremely succinctly:

Our own information is indie authors lifeline, and Audible are rejecting us gain access to.

Over to You.

Let us learn about online occasions of interest to indies in the remarks below.

When I see talk about the “Big 5″ it always makes me smile a little. That while we talk about the $2.2 bn takeover of one huge publisher by another we are talking more than an order of magnitude smaller sized than the $44bn market capitalisation of RELX, previously understood as Reed Elsevier, whose operating revenue last year alone was more than one and a quarter times the entire rate paid for Simon and Schuster.

A similarly memorable story that has actually simply broken sees what seems to be the end of BookExpo and its associated occasion Bookcon. BookExpo has actually struggled in the last few years. There has actually been rebranding from BookExpo America. There was uncertainty over how to react to Covid this year. And you will keep in mind that last year, ALLi no longer targeted it as our primary United States fair to work with, transferring to the revamped DigitalBookWorld. In this altering climate it will be intriguing to see what if anything takes its location.

Changing the Old Guard: Big 5 Merger and Book Expos Demise. Puts Print as needed Titles Back on Its Shelves.

Writers organizations unify in condemning ACX/Audibles reaction over returns and top #selfpub news stories for #indieauthors, in one quick read, by #ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway @agnieszkasshoes #digitaleconomy #publishingopenup Click To Tweet.

Upcoming Conferences and Events.


Cove Park Winter & & Spring Writing Residencies, 30 Nov application deadline.

Do listen to Howards and my very first devoted self-publishing news session on the ALLi podcast. Last weeks column went to push simply as breaking news came in that Audible/ACX had moved their position on returns. Last week, we reported that print on need books had actually been vanishing from, something that mainly impacted indie authors. The Storytel news is more eyebrow raising. If you werent part of the indie world, you would be forgiven for thinking another story was the huge news of the week.

All of these stories lead me to duplicate what I have been saying for over a year now: please keep up with advancements in audio subscription. As the marketplace grows and what consumers expect changes, the ramifications are possibly big.

More Subscription Audio Updates.

” Cease the practice of clawing back payments from authors accounts when a return is gotten. This ought to never ever come from the authors (currently extremely low) percentage.
” Make transparent the overall variety of purchases/returns on author payment control panels (not net sales quietly adjusted for returns).”.

As John Doppler, ALLis watchdog puts it, “Transparent and accurate accounting is the most essential responsibility of any publisher, supplier or self-publishing platform” and the minimum requirement in a service partner.

While the previous is an essential concept, the latter is truly stressing. And its what Susan May doubles down on in her blog. Author control panels do not provide enough granularity for us to make a judgment on the extent of the problem we deal with. And openness and control of information is among the primary reasons much of us selected the indie route. It is essential to many decisions we make. Without it, not just can we not assess how much Audibles actions might be costing us. We can not make an educated decision about which platform to utilize for this, or subsequent, books. Which books most should have any marketing money we may invest. And so far more.

Last week, we reported that print on demand books had been vanishing from, something that mostly affected indie authors. Bookshop have actually also made it clear that Gardners have been exceptionally handy in fixing this issue.

Two of this weeks other stories supply some context for Audiblegate. They involve two of the other prominent gamers in the audio membership market, Storytel and Bookbeat. That acts as a pointer just how much subscription is ending up being the dominant method which individuals consume an ever growing number of audiobooks. Bookbeat have struck their 2020 target of 400,000 subscribers with a month to spare.

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)– Zoom meetings the 2nd Saturday of monthly.

A more stressing issue has emerged over the past week. Many indie authors have actually reported receiving emails from Audible declaring that there is suspicious activity on their accounts. These authors have actually had their accounts frozen as an outcome. There is no proof that these, as far as anyone can tell entirely unjustified, emails are associated to grievances about returns. This is something else everyone would truly like to hear from Audible about.

If you werent part of the indie world, you would be forgiven for thinking another story was the huge news of the week. And if that were true it certainly would matter to us. Because this week has actually reminded us just how much Amazon matters in our world.

Assist us fill this with fantastic online occasions in the coming months and weeks.

The Storytel news is more eyebrow raising. Keep in mind, Norway is the nation where authors have actually taken to the courts to demand their publishers make their books readily available on as lots of platforms as possible.

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