Self-publishing News: Book Clubs Go Digital

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Special, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway looks at a new platform that wants to bring authors into readers digital book clubs.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

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Delighted Birthday TNPS.

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Amazon Prime Day.

The future of book shops is a seasonal subject, like the death of the novel. During the pandemic weve had limitless hot takes on the subject. Two of the most prominent things for me in this current time have actually been these. Book sales have actually not actually fallen during the pandemic. Sales have grown. However those sales have actually not come through book shops. Which is really distressing. Due to the fact that in many markets there are consumers waiting to go back to the stores. But when it comes to books, it appears those clients have actually found other locations to purchase. Getting them back is going to be a real obstacle. This piece in Publishers Weekly about the need for sales not hope is very timely.

Frankfurter Buchmesse, 14-18 Oct [Frankfurt/online]
Over to You.

Its odd how I can go months, even years, without discussing something then run a story twice in succession. Today is the second story about book clubs. Not just book clubs in lower case. A brand-new platform called BookClub. BookClub is among the very first of what is sure to be numerous book-related platforms to explore service models that flourished in lockdown. In this case, it follows the Masterclass template. Masterclass took the already-thriving online course market and added a touch of celeb. The idea is that groups of readers can get together to hold an online book club. And they can invite the author along to the conversation.

What reporting like this is essential for is making us realise simply how restricted or parochial our view of “the book company” can be. And once our horizons are broadened, endless new opportunities begin to suggest themselves. Talking of undermentioned parts of the indie universe, Passive Guy this week highlighted this truly great take a look at simply how comprehensive the indie love scene is. It asks the rather pertinent question why we do not here more about it.

One intriguing point is the method the creators of BookClub intentionally place themselves in relation to Goodreads. On the one hand this is obvious, and permits them to talk about interactivity and video and the things Goodreads is truly bad at. On the other hand, Goodreads is actually bad at whatever.

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The Future of Bookstores.

BookClub Brings Authors and Readers Together.

Ive shared great deals of this type of story from Mark over the previous three years. The other location The New publishing Standard has truly brought to light is the giant book market. Not the Frankfurter Buchmesse type of Fair. But rather the warehouse sized physical markets where numerous thousands of visitors can acquire millions of books at a time over a period of many days. Before TNPS, I still believed Big Bad Wolf was something that puffed and huffed. Or at the most a Dr Who referral.

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Its a fascinating concept. I understand numerous indie authors who have actually had a good time talking with book clubs. I likewise understand a couple of who have reported clubs shall we state taking liberties in anticipating freebies. One would hope that an official platform would cover those plans and avoid tough conversations.

Does not time fly? I make sure I remember Mark Williams releasing The New Publishing Standard just the other month. In the three years because that launch, Mark has made the website a must-visit for anybody thinking about a truly international point of view on the book world. Mark has been especially instrumental in narrating the increase of audio membership platforms like Storytel. And for those of us whove known Mark more than three years, its not a surprise that the site is a wealth of details for anyone really wanting to “go wide”.

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)– Zoom conferences the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Not just book clubs in lower case. The concept is that groups of readers can get together to hold an online book club. I know a number of indie authors who have had a fantastic time talking to book clubs. The other area The New publishing Standard has truly brought to light is the huge book market. Book sales have actually not actually fallen during the pandemic.

It feels like a no-brainer to put a story about Amazon Prime Day next to one about the future of book shops. Amazon Prime Day this year has actually moved to October 13-14 (its a 48 hour day). In terms of sales, Amazon Prime Day far overtakes Black Friday.

And while were on this subject, it is constantly important to get the newest from James Daunt. Mike Shatzkins piece which thoroughly takes apart and analyses what Daunt has to state about Barnes and Noble is vital.


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