Self-publishing News: London Book Fair Still on Pause

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway has a look at unpredictability over London Book Fair and more price-fixing claims against Amazon.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

In last months Self-publishing News podcast, Howard and I discussed Amazons fight with libraries. We also, inevitably, discuss whether non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a minefield or an opportunity, or both. On tonights #indieauthorchat with Tim Lewis, at 8pm GMT, well be talking a self-publishing 3.0 hot subject, offering direct rom an author website, with the one and only Nate Hoffelder.

London Book Fair Plans on Hold

And talking of courtroom fights, Amazon is under additional fire. Amazon is, as I reported recently, current under examination in several jurisdictions for cost fixing. Nina Barrett of the Evanston shop Bookends and Beginnings is pursuing Amazon.

Bookstore Adds to Price Fixing Legal Woes for Amazon.

It will be intriguing to see how each pans out but my guess is the antitrust suit is the one that keeps Amazon awake since of whats most likely to occur if its successful– a potential break-up of parts of business rather than a rap on the knuckles that might imply Jeff Bezos gets one less space flight.

The basic story remains the exact same as it has actually been throughout– smaller sized players allege Amazon and the Big Five publishers have an offer thats not reasonable. Whereas the present antitrust cases declare that the offer keeps prices high for customers, this case basically declares the offer indicates other sellers can never ever compete on cost. Amazon is being assaulted from both sides.

All of that stated, Reed– the company behind numerous of the highest profile occasions on the planet– seem to have struggled more than most. At the start of the pandemic, London Book Fairs “will they, wont they?” approach controlled the news. The failure to make a decision up until the eleventh hour on whether to go ahead cost a great deal of stall holders a great deal of cash. Not to discuss excellent will. This year, they decided to move London Book Fair to the end of June and hold it in a hybrid format. But as lockdowns in the UK arent due to come to an end up until June 21st at best, that still places it on the cusp. And like last year, there is still no decision anticipated till later this month about what will actually happen.

And organizers throughout the world have actually done an impressive job of attempting to keep the book world afloat. Only this week, organizers of the worlds most significant book occasion brand name, Big Bad Wolf, revealed a hybrid program. And Mark Williams has an extremely interesting account of a large event in Bangladesh that has actually paid a heavy rate for not adjusting.

I understand why things took so long last year. Insurance coverage deals indicated cancellation had to wait up until the government forced the organizers hand.

Blurring Fiction and Non-Fiction Platforms: Novels on Medium?

Maryland Libraries One Step Closer to Obtaining Compulsory Ebook Licenses.

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)– Zoom meetings the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Ive reported a reasonable bit in the past year approximately on membership reading services as an earnings stream for writers. And one of the things Ive discovered is that theres a real split. On the one hand there are platforms that are, basically, ebook and audiobook sellers– they just arent merchants, theyre subscription-based. And on the other hand there are platforms like Substack and Medium that are quite for non-fiction authors. That made this extremely interesting short article protrude. It concentrates on how it is possible to utilize Medium not just to publish however to make money from a full length book. Well worth a read!

A couple of weeks back, I reported that Maryland was seeking to present legislation to enable libraries the authority to be given the licence to any ebook. I described that publishers were worried that this was a dangerous escalation of the trade war they seem to have participated in with libraries. That concern, much like the war they are battling, originates from the belief, yet to be supported by strong sales-based proof, that library ebook lends eat into publishers sales. The legislation has actually now passed its very first major difficulty..

APRIL 2021.

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In last months Self-publishing News podcast, Howard and I talked about Amazons battle with libraries. And talking of courtroom battles, Amazon is under more fire. Amazon is, as I reported just recently, present under investigation in a number of jurisdictions for cost repairing. Nina Barrett of the Evanston shop Bookends and Beginnings is pursuing Amazon. The standard story remains the very same as it has actually been throughout– smaller sized gamers declare Amazon and the Big Five publishers have a deal thats not fair.

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