Self-publishing News: Record Year for Comics on Kickstarter

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Special, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway looks at a record year for comics on Kickstarter and a plea on behalf of libraries.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

Danny Gillan, author of Scratch, and the award-winning Will You Love Me Tomorrow, was one of the very first wave of indies to carve out an existence on Kindle and assist convince a sceptical world of the quality of self-published work. He was just 50 and will be missed desperately by many of us.

Kickstarters Record Year for Comics

There was a time when writers talked a lot about Kickstarter. Kickstarter has had a hard year with the pandemic. 2020 has seen $23m raised for comics projects, up from a then-record $16.9 m in 2019.

Its the biggest story of this year. And lots of other years. So it would be remiss not to offer an update on Audiblegate. On the other hand, ALLis scrupulously reasonable and ever-vigilant watchdog, John Doppler, has given a complete rundown already this week. So I will link you to that and ask you check out and go in complete. His title “How Audible and ACX Betrayed Authors” offers a flavour of what he needs to say. One sub heading, “burying the evidence”, is likewise informing. The absence of openness over returns has been among the very worst parts of all of this. As Ive stated in the past, for indies when it comes to any publishers, info is our lifeline. We cant operate an effective service without it. And ACX/Audible are not letting us have it. Numerous of us will go to locations that do if they do not come round soon.

Audiblegate newest

Do Not Leave Libraries Behind

We began the year with libraries in the news. Howard and I invested numerous of our podcasts previously in the year talking about the disagreement over ebook financing.

A campaign in the United States highlights the danger of libraries being left behind as Covid relief plans are put in location. We have seen in the UK the way the arts, and literature have missed out on a lot of Covid funding. The American Libraries Association have made an impassioned plea for funding targeted straight to libraries.

UKs Online Harms Bill: What Does it Mean for You?

And you probably do not have access to an entire team of individuals who can do due diligence. This is simply a part of the general net neutrality nexus of issues. Its simple to think its part of another world. However its also our world. And we require to keep a very watchful eye on what developments like this mean. Especially as the fines are potentially the higher of 10% of earnings or ₤ 18m. On the other hand, the European Union is presenting its own tech regulation rules. The Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act appear to have more security for small companies. But more on this in the coming weeks.

I have not discussed web policy for a while. But it stays a concern that has implications for us. In general, the issues Ive reported on tend to surround duties placed on platforms to inspect the content on their websites. Its something that has actually ended up being an increasing concern in relation to social media, specifically given that lockdown as individuals have been locked away with just their screens for business, immersing themselves in goodness understands what. This new seriousness has actually fed into the re-emergence of the Online Harms Bill in the UK, which now looks set to enter law next year. The Bill looks for to make platforms accountable for harmful content that appears on their platforms. This is a source of significant concern, as documentaries like The Social Dilemma have actually highlighted.

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At a time when free speech is also at the centre of political debate, this feels like a ratcheting of stress. Spotify, YouTube and TikTok are one thing. Your blog site, the guest posts and the links and the podcasts and asides from your co-contributors are all part of the very same parcel.

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Over to You

Kickstarter has actually had a difficult year with the pandemic. Its the most significant story of this year. And many other years. We started the year with libraries in the news. Howard and I invested several of our podcasts earlier in the year talking about the disagreement over ebook loaning.

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