Self-publishing News: The Changing Audiobooks Landscape

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Special, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway takes a close look at how Audiblegate has altered the audiobook landscape and what Facebooks Australian news restriction suggests.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

Look out for this weeks podcast, coming tomorrow, in which Howard and I talk all things indie and I recall at Jeff Bezos legacy. And I want to utilize the header space to say a very special farewell to among the imposing figures of the 20th century. In his 101 years Lawrence Ferlinghetti owned the renowned City Lights book shop, released Howl, the most controversial and influential poem of the century, and was himself among the finest poets and last Beatniks. One of those would be more than most of us could ever expect. RIP.

A New Landscape for Audiobooks

Findaway Voices have actually been fast to capitalise by charming disaffected ex Audible authors. Going into new markets and constructing a customer base there.

For several years now, weve been seeing routine stories about the development of audio. Its true that the increase of audio has actually gone together with the increase of subscription services. Possibly this shouldnt be surprising offered how popular membership is for listening to music. By and large, the story has actually been about how a market we were familiar with would get larger. Which, numerous assumed, simply indicated watching as Audible grew and grew.

Audiblegates Impact on Amazon

I speculated at the start of Audiblegate that Amazon had been making a play to utilize Audible Plus with its endless returns as a way of grabbing adequate market share to protect an undisputable position.

This tossed Amazon back on Audible Prime using all you can consume subscription as a method to get market share. This combination has left them seeming remarkably susceptible in a market it feels like they should be dominating.

Storytels Steady Growth

It stays, of course, to be seen whether Audible Primes model will actually work any much better for writers and publishers. Spotify pay rights holders under half a penny per stream, a scenario that gives authors the jitters about subscription. The business has actually told British politicians they can not raise their cost.

They keep opening shops in brand-new markets, and keep growing their subscription base. Now they have set their sights on getting 20% of the total audiobook market by 2030.

5 Billion Online

Mark Williams is a dazzling source of insights into the webs penetration throughout the world, and the opportunities that supplies. Recently, his reports on the blackouts across Ghana have actually brought home simply how vulnerable the web is to a physical facilities of cables. This week he brings news of a huge turning point.

Book shops Struggles

Into this environment comes a new interface for Pubeasy. This is an international buying platform for book shops, and the updates must incorporate it with more regional systems. The hope is that would make it much easier for our books to find racks the world over. And the hope is that it will also make it easier for book shops to offer readers the option that online merchants can supply.

Weve talked a lot about the effect of Covid on bookstores. This week, we have figures that show simply how bad things were. Book shop sales in the US fell 28.3% during 2020.

Australias Facebook News Outage

Journalism may look like its a step gotten rid of from us as writers. As your news editor, it doesnt feel all that far-off. However at the threat of sounding like a broken record, it matters to remain abreast of these things. Due to the fact that the internet is our work environment and its future matters. And no place do we feel that more than in the numerous disputes around copyright and freedom. And as this instance has actually shown us, fights between corporations can have enormous consequences for much smaller sized players. Down to the level of blog writers.

” The Internet” seems to be the huge topic in the news this week. And no story is larger news this week than the news itself. In response, Facebook undertook a massive restriction on Australian news.

Post 11 (which ended up being Article 13 and lastly Article 15) of the European Unions Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market triggered a comparable furore before it was introduced in 2019. Tech companies were so scared of it since they feared it would lead to the end of the web. Well, Google merely refused to pay anything.

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This week he brings news of an enormous turning point.” The Internet” appears to be the huge subject in the news this week. And no story is larger news this week than the news itself. In action, Facebook carried out a huge restriction on Australian news. As your news editor, it does not feel all that remote.

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