Self-publishing News: Wattpad for sale?

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Special, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway takes a close take a look at the prospective sale of Wattpad to Tencent.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

In our existing self-publishing news podcast, Howard and I look back at last years most significant story, Audiblegate. Which is likewise still current news.

Wattpad for sale?

That makes the primary number in Williams report feel truly eye-opening. He speculates that Chinese media giant Tencent might be about to buy Wattpad for $500m. If theres any fact to this, it would be one of the steals of the years.

I talk about Wattpad a lot. They are one of the most ingenious companies in publishing. What they have done to develop a system that takes authors from first tentative sentence to studio picture and other subsidiary rights offers is fantastic. And they get insufficient credit for it. Not even Amazon has developed a community to match them. The other thing I talk about is their eye-watering numbers. And I truly do suggest eye watering. Mark Williams newest post highlights a few of them– 90 million month-to-month users. 23 billion minutes spent month-to-month on the platform.

Will the replacement for BookExpo be indie friendly?

The publishing market would appear, like nature, to abhor a vacuum. And the death of Book Expo left rather a vacuum. It appears that Publishers Weekly have entered to fill it like so much air (not sure this metaphor is lovely anyone). They have announced that they will be staging a brand-new Book Fair on the same dates that were originally pencilled for BookExpo– May 26-28. This year at least, they have devoted to making it an all digital occasion. Whatever else occurs, thats already more decisiveness than Reedpop managed for much of last year.

ALLi, naturally utilized to run a Self-publishing Advice conference to coincide with Book Expo. That changed as Book Expo turned its back on indies, and ALLi hooked up with the a lot more proactive revamped DigitalBookWorld. An encouraging sign is that there is a commitment to include indies in case. Well keep you posted.

Book sales are strong but publishing stocks are weak

Over the past year, share rates of the leading listed publishing business have fallen 4%. Given this weeks story about bookstores, that might be a trend.

Much that its difficult to think this is their first year of operation. In that first year, they have actually offered over $50m of books. On the other hand, provided how couple of books have been sold in shop this year and how numerous sales of paper books have gone through Amazon its too early to start seeing a long-term image of the paper book environment. and Storytel post remarkable figures.

Books sales have held company. Print sales have actually done better than expected. This is all really excellent news.

OK, so lets have an appearance at some more of those excellent newspaper article. Mark Williams puts it well when he says “Night follows day, Storytel beats projections …” The Swedish subscription streaming platform continues its unrelenting development, though Williams explains the difficulties that lie ahead if it desires to move into English language markets.

Goodreads Ransom Reviews

I want to close with some distressing news from a column reader. It seems that individuals are targeting books on Goodreads with phoney unfavorable reviews. This link takes you to a forum thread on the subject.

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In our present self-publishing news podcast, Howard and I look back at last years most significant story, Audiblegate. Which is also still existing news.

On the other hand, offered how few books have actually been offered in store this year and how lots of sales of paper books have actually gone through Amazon its too early to begin seeing a long-lasting image of the paper book community. I desire to close with some stressing news from a column reader.

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This is all truly good news.

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