Social Media for Writers: Practical Tips and Tricks

How to Post.

For instance, a remark can be published as from “Joe Smith– Author,” rather of “Joe Smith.” This will help you construct brand awareness and get your recognize as author in front of more individuals.

How to Connect.

Hashtags are very important on Instagram. Tag your images with tags that are linked to trends appropriate to your content.

Tools for Genuine Connection.

Do not be greedy and overuse tags. Look at the accounts you like and wish to imitate and see what kind of tags theyre utilizing for referral.

Best Approach.

This is a difficult one with Facebook, but very useful if you get the hang of it. Your company page can act like an alter ego for you as you connect throughout Facebook. You can “Like as Page” or “Post as Page.” This will let individuals see you comment or like pages as your page rather of your name.

Facebook pages need to publish 2 to four times a week. Try to keep posts basic and brief, and include a relevant image or link, such as to your blog or a pertinent article, or a relatable image. Posts with images are most likely to be noticed, however make sure its pertinent to your topic.

Pinterest likewise emphasizes images, however unlike Instagram, which does not permit links in posts, every Pinterest post is a link. Its a method to arrange bookmarked pages visually.

How to Connect.

How to Post.

The crucial thing about Instagram is to be visually consistent in color and material. Ensure your pictures are of a comparable color pattern and structure, and consider purchasing good cam devices and discovering Photoshop for image modifying..

Rather than text, Instagram emphasizes images. Each post concentrates on several pictures or videos. Theres likewise space for expansive text, but the images take center phase.

Finest Approach.

So if you have a piece of composing you d like to get pushed to individuals with comparable interests, produce a board, pin your piece in addition to a couple of dozen other similar pieces, and your pin will be pressed to people interested in your kind of writing.

The finest method to utilize Facebook as an author is by creating a Page. Make an author page (likewise called a business page), not an individual page, which rests on individuals becoming “pals” with you to link, and not a group, which puts a lot of pressure on other people to contribute to conversation.

An organization page is what allows people to simply Like and forget about. Theyll see your news and updates cross their feed often, without needing to put a great deal of work into it. Individuals like it easy.

Social media can be really complicated when you enter into it blind, however in reality, its much simpler than it looks. Much like your writing, if you stay constant, stay real, and prevent fluff and spam, you will gain its rewards in time.

Twitter centers on short text posts. You can share a range of media on Twitter also, however the central constraint of Twitter is the 280 character limitation per post.

How to Post.


How to Post.

Fortunately, its actually a lot easier than you may believe. Lets have a look at the very best methods for an author to utilize 4 of the biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Create a dedicated Twitter account for you as an author. If you have a default photo you utilize as your “author picture,” its best to use it as your profile picture.

How to Connect.

How to Connect.


Pinterest is a distinct one and theres a technique to it. Did you understand that the site classifies pins based on other pins theyre gathered with? A pin thats constantly gathered on boards loaded with recipes is most likely a recipe. A pin usually gathered on boards with oil paintings is most likely associated with oil painting.

Best Approach.

Attempt to keep posts succinct and appropriate. Individuals who follow Twitter want to know whats going on in your head, so a little stream of awareness as you believe about your tasks would produce intriguing tweets.


Prevent sharing generic “feel-good” posts that make your viewers seem like youre a spammer.

Facebook is a space with a variety of ways to engage. People post all kinds of media: long and brief form text, links, images, videos, and more. You can sign up with groups or follow pages, along with friend people directly.

Due to the short nature of tweets, they must be published more frequently, as soon as or twice a day. As soon as in the morning and as soon as at night is an excellent way to begin.

Social network is widespread these days. Whether you love it or hate it, it has actually ended up being an important marketing tool– not simply for companies and organizations, however for authors and artists. Being a creator indicates getting your content out there, and one of the finest ways is through social networks if you wish to reach your readers directly..

Social media can be overwhelming. Which one is best? Whats the best way to use them? Why does what work on one does not work on the others?.

Theres no fast and difficult guideline for Pinterest, however staying active and updating your board regularly is an excellent concept.

Talk if somebody engages you through a tweet chain, but constantly, remain on subject.


Follow others with similar interest and actively create new pins. Growing a Pinterest following takes some time and is a more passive activity than the others.

Unlike Facebook, re-tweeting is OK on twitter. Re-tweet from fellow authors you desire and follow to link with.

Instagram is really visually based. While its generally the preferred website for artists instead of authors, it still has its benefits.

The lower right corner of each of your tweets has a button shaped like a bar chart. It will reveal you the number of individuals saw your tweet and how many connected with it.

Its best to post day-to-day or at least five times a week on Instagram. Considering that the feed is linear, this will optimize your possibilities of being seen by your followers.

Finest Approach.

Do you have other ideas or other preferred social media platforms? Share them in the comments!

Social media is an useful method to promote your stories. What if it were a storytelling tool?


Individuals publish all kinds of media: brief and long type text, links, images, videos, and more. Facebook pages must post 2 to 4 times a week. Attempt to keep posts simple and brief, and consist of an appropriate image or link, such as to your blog or a pertinent article, or a relatable image. Each post focuses on one or more pictures or videos. If youre brave, post them on Twitter!

J. D. Edwin.

For todays practice, narrate in Twitter type. Write a series of tweets (remember, optimum 280 characters) with a story arc. It could be a true story of something that took place to you, or a fictional tale.

Take fifteen minutes to write. Share your series of tweets in the remarks below when youre done. If youre brave, publish them on Twitter!

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