The Top 3 Things We Love About the Fall Writing Contest

The best part? This isnt simply a dream. This is how we create every writing contest here at The Write Practice.
We wish to pack one of the most enjoyable possible into our composing contests, so you end up with a short story you enjoy, a composing community that inspires you, a publication credit, and a renewed enthusiasm for your writing.
And were about to do it all again this fall. Thats right: the Fall Writing Contest is now open!
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The Top 3 Things We Love About the Fall Writing Contest.
Lets face it: theres a lot to like about our writing contests. I could note out lots of awesome parts– the camraderie, the theme, the 6 weeks in our workshopping neighborhood, the way youll grow as an author. I challenged myself to select just 3.
Here are three of the very best aspects of the Fall Writing Contest:
1. The Judges
Weve assembled an amazing panel of judges for this contest, story experts who knoow what it requires to compose, edit, teach, and judge. Take an appearance:
The Editor: Renee Decker got her storytelling start in thrilling her household with performances of “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Now, shes a Story Grid accredited editor who enjoys assisting writers master storytelling strategies to compose their finest story yet. Searching for editing? Contact us to work with Renee here.
The Author: Carole Wolfe began informing stories in the 3rd grade and hasnt stopped because. Caroles story “Should Have Waited” won an Honorable Mention in our Summer Writing Contest.
Together, these judges form a writing contest all-star team. Theyll check out each story, select the 8 prize winners, and compose feedback for every single premium entry.
Want personalized feedback on your story from Renee or Carole? Register for the contest, and be sure to choose premium entry for judges feedback!
2. The Theme
Every fantastic story starts with an excellent concept. Dont have an idea? Dont stress; weve got a theme to get you started.
This contests theme is amazing due to the fact that the storytelling possibilities are endless– actually. Check it out:
Boundless. When your characters are limitless, what will they do?
When all the restraints are off, the judges cant wait to find where youll take them.
3. The Prizes
No contest is complete without prizes, and the Fall Writing Contest is no exception. Weve created an interesting set of rewards for everyone who enters this contest.
Were using money prizes to the top stories, as well as a year of membership in our neighborhood and even a chance to become a routine factor to Short Fiction Break literary magazine.
You do not have to win the grand reward in order to take home amazing rewards from this contest. Every story entered in this contest will get released on Short Fiction Break, ensured!
This is your possibility if youve ever wanted to get released and share your writing with the world. What are you waiting on? Sign up with the contest here!
The Best Part About This Contest.
Okay, so I cant stop at just three things. Theres so much more to love about this contest, but I wish to share one more thing.
This contest has to do with a lot more than selecting not-winners and winners. Weve created it from the ground up to assist you end up being a better author.
Youll start with a prompt, the contest style, and youll compose a brand-new story.
Youll workshop your story in The Write Practice Pro, our encouraging composing community, getting feedback to help you make your story the very best it can be. Every contest, writers tell us just how much they like the camraderie, interest, and encouragement they discover amongst their fellow authors and contest entrants in our community. This may simply become your preferred part!
Youll send your story to the judges, and possibly even win a reward.
And then, if you register with a premium entry, youll get back at more feedback, expert guidance from the judges on how to make your story even much better.
In simply six weeks, youll have composed a story youre genuinely happy of, and it will be published where you can share it with all your readers, good friends, and family.
By the end, youll absolutely be a better author.
This Is For You.
This contest is for you if you have a concept for a story right now that you simply cant wait to compose.
Its for you if youve been puzzled with writers block for weeks, or even months, and youre wondering if youll ever choose up your pen again.
Its for you if you believe you compose some quite enjoyable things, however youve never fulfilled any writers who might tell you what they believe and offer you helpful feedback.
Its for you if youre finishing up your MFA and understand review groups and writers workshops like the back of your hand.
If youve composed 5 books and you require a break before you tackle your sixth, its for you.
If the idea of composing a book terrifies you and writing a paragraph feels like a significant win, its for you.
This contest is for you. Its going to be a great deal of enjoyable. I hope youll join us.

Whats the many fun you can have with writing? It begins with brilliant inspiration for a story you like. If youre surrounded by other authors providing tips and cheering you on, even better. Top it off with guaranteed publication just a couple of weeks after you pick up your pen, and youre generally living the authors dream.

Have you went into a writing contest prior to? What was your experience like?

Alice Sudlow.

This is how we design every writing contest here at The Write Practice.
Lets face it: theres a lot to enjoy about our composing contests. Now, shes a Story Grid accredited editor who loves assisting authors master storytelling techniques to compose their best story. Caroles story “Should Have Waited” won an Honorable Mention in our Summer Writing Contest. Youll workshop your story in The Write Practice Pro, our helpful composing community, getting feedback to help you make your story the best it can be.

Alice Sudlow has a keen eye for comma splices, lost hyphens, and well-turned sentences, which she puts to good use as the content editor of The Write Practice and.
Short Fiction Break literary magazine. She loves to help authors develop their craft and take their writing from great to exceptional.

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