This Simple Process Reveals Your Best-Paid Writing Niches

A great deal of the concerns I receive from brand-new freelance writers have to do with writing specific niches. Those concerns consist of:

If youve been freelancing a while however arent making what youre like, bad niching may belong to the issue.

NOW is constantly a great time to see and review this problem what you may wish to fine-tune.

In this post, Im going to provide you a total plan to figuring out your best-opportunity writing niches. Its a simple procedure, when you comprehend how niching works in freelance writing, and why its essential.

This is a vital first step to constructing the lucrative service you want if youre new to independent writing. Avoiding this will squander a great deal of time.

Whats a composing niche?
The number of composing niches should I have?
What if I do not want to specific niche my writing biz, is that OKAY?
Whats the finest writing specific niche?

The look for the magical finest composing niche

However ultimately, I believe studying these lists is of minimal usage. Why?

When I Google writing niches, I see a great deal of short articles that purport to inform you what the very best ones are. Ive created a writing specific niche idea list like that myself.

Maybe youre here looking for a list of the best specific niches that you might just pick from at random.

This is a highly private process. You cant just toss a dart at a board, or pick what youve heard is a big-money writing specific niche, and expect success.

Let me walk you through the procedure of finding out where you best belong in todays freelance composing world.

There is no one best specific niche.

Heres a quick overview of the 5 basic steps Ill cover:

Prepared to break it down? Here we go:

1. Writing specific niches and why they matter

The first thing to get clearness on is what a writing niche is.

There are 2 possible methods to niche your service:

By industries you understand about– health care, marina management, etc

I see a great deal of lists out there that provide you a mix of these 2 types of niches and call it a leading niches list. Thats real confusing.

. Horizontals vs verticals, to put it simply.

. By kind of writing you want to do– short articles, white papers, emails, and so on

Which is better, industries or types of writing?

Survey data collected by the late, terrific coach Chris Marlow on this very topic revealed that individuals who specific niche by market reliably make more than people who niche by type of writing.

Lets look at why. It has to do with making it simpler for your ideal customers to find you. If you dont wish to have to do proactive freelance marketing every day for the rest of your life, you wish to build an online existence that draws in a few of your best potential customers.

While youre asleep. You want that, right?

To get that inbound marketing machine to work, you have to believe like a client.

Market niches rule.

How customers search for composing niches

Heres what takes place: they go on LinkedIn, or perhaps just utilize Google, and they do a search.

Heres the problem with having no specific niche, or utilizing types of composing for your specific niches.

It pertains to how our customers find authors.

Based on wins my 15,000 Freelance Writers Den community members have gotten over the years– its my understanding that search looks roughly like this:

Atlanta freelance health care writer


Short article writer

That client doesnt find you if you do not say you write about health care in your freelance marketing. If youre in Atlanta, even.

See the problem?

Problem niches.

The # 1 thing clients appreciate is that you understand something about their industry. (Note: I didnt say whatever. Just something.).

They do not have time to begin at fresh start, teaching you the patterns, issues, jargon, and upcoming difficulties of their industry.

What ranks for these is an advertisement for Upwork. Not your little ol bitty writer site or LinkedIn profile.

Numerous writers get delighted about selecting specific niches. They select ones that are way too broad to help them with marketing.

Its difficult to rank in a search for any high-level term for what we do: freelance author– or content online marketer, or digital marketer, or freelance copywriter. I can not rank for these, despite extremely high online presence through my blog.

They look for someone who learns about fintech.
Then, they browse your portfolio to see if perhaps you do white documents.
They might call you even if you dont, if you seem to understand their market well.

They think, “I want a writer who works with coaches (or accounting firms, or tech start-ups),” not “I want a B2B author.”.

Without the market hints in your online marketing, you get handed down by.

These specific niches are too broad to be beneficial for freelance marketing, due to the fact that they cut across many, numerous markets. They dont reflect how customers believe.

Small company.
Sustainable service.

Thats why niching by type of composing doesnt pan out. Your customer does not browse for somebody to write a white paper.

Why kind of composing niches dont win.

Specific niches like:.

The number of composing specific niches is perfect?

Not a lot of that its tough to explain who you help, on a phone call or at an in-person networking event.

Not simply one, because as were seeing today, every industry has cycles. You do not want to be all-in on one (state, take a trip copywriting) in case it tanks.

Hopefully, Ive convinced you that you need industry niches. If youre questioning, my experience is that the ideal variety of specific niches is TWO or THREE.

Big takeaway: Choose 2-3 industry niches to focus your company and target your perfect clients.

A few, to hedge your bets and offer you some variety.

2. Conquer your worry of focusing.

( Notice: I didnt say restrict their company– youre always free to take any gig that comes along. This is a post about how specific niches assist you market your company).

Niche your company the way clients search, so you get found. Thats the simple way to make quick development.

Your quickest way to success is this: Believe the market.

The portfolio problem.

Heres the other factor you specific niche your service, besides good SEO marketing terms.

I get it. We become independent authors to be free. We wan na do whatever we want, whenever we want!

And sending out some clients away can feel frightening. Believe me, you still desire to. Your rates stay low when you take all comers. Its hard to get ahead. Dont get stuck on this gerbil-wheel of poverty.

Know how you earn well? Usually, its by building specific niche competence.

I dont comprehend why I cant just do a variety of things. I like range!
I cant pick the top three that are best for me. Too hard.
I actually just desire to write white papers– I can get those $5,000 gigs as a brand-newbie? (A: No.).
I just feel frightened that some clients will pass me by, if I specific niche.

Huge takeaway: To construct a strong portfolio, and for your freelance marketing, let go of worries that youre sending away customers, and choose specific niches.

You keep having to find the wheel for each brand-new market you take on, who are the experts, who has great research studies. Makes your per hour rates low. Next gig, you begin all over once again, rather of leveraging what youve learned.

Theyll state:.

Ever visit a clothes store thats for every single size, shape, age, gender, and financial strata of individual? Obviously you havent. Since that would be impossible to market.

Take a hint from the brick-and-mortar retail world, since self-employed writing is not so different from that.

A couple of weeks or months later on, theyre back. Because theyve rejected the concept of restricting their marketing to just a couple of specific niches.

If you take all comers, you do not develop niche competence.
Youre likewise really spread, as you rush about attempting to please everybody.
You have a smattering portfolio of this n that.
Does not impress, when clients examine it. Seems higgledy-piggledy.

Ive offered this specific niche speech to freelance authors most likely 1,000 times. Frequently, they enthusiastically nod their heads, and we go over the niche worksheet I have trainees carry out in my launch course. And they choose some niches.

Customers search the method they browse.
They employ for niche industry competence.
So you desire to build your company to fulfill that requirement.

You require to position your organization and choose who you wish to offer to, in order to make freelance marketing efficient and simple, and get some traction.

3. Examine your understanding and interests.

Big takeaway: Assess all your interests and experience. Thats your beginning point for discovering your specific niches.

Perhaps you operated in a bank in the past, and got thinking about financing and know a bit about it now.

Hopefully, Ive got you on board to focus your writing biz and choose 2-3 niches.

Work experience.
Life experience.
Individual interest.

Your interest and understanding is available in 3 basic pails:.

Or youre just a tech nerd who checks out Wired for fun and gets the most recent gadgets the day they come out.

This is the raw product well utilize to try to find specific niches that might pay well for you.

Any of these set you approximately make a case to potential customers that youre their writer. In my course Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs, we have authors do a worksheet that draws up their knowledge and interest.

How do you do that? Evaluate what you know and are interested in. That will provide us possible niches to explore.

Or you nursed a good friend through cancer and found out a lot about oncology.

4. Follow the cash (with a COVID screen).

Once youve got your experience/interest list, its time to compare that list with where there is cash in the market. Yes, its Show me the cash! time.

Where exists money for writers?

These are each huge niches with many subcategories and crossovers– healthcare IT and fintech, for instance.


If the answer is Nobody or Only 1-3 people, theres inadequate there for a great specific niche.

Legal representatives.
Dental practitioners.
Organization consultants.
Wealth supervisors.

Beyond there, we discover service professions that command high charges, such as:.

Anywhere there is something pricey, complicated, or both for sale, there is usually a big requirement for sophisticated marketing– and self-employed writers.

You get the picture. If your interest consists of things like DIY crafting, poetry writing, examining plays or restaurants … understand that theres not a lot of cash there.

Ask yourself, Who succeeds at this?.

Lets start with the 3 most significant, most reliable buckets of money in freelance writing:.

Fashion jewelry.
Legal marijuana.
Custom-made travel.

And luxury goods and services, like high-end:.

Exists still money, with COVID?

… thats the cross-reference Ive had students do for 12 years … until March 2020.

Now, you require to put your concepts of where your interests and knowledge intersect with cash in the market through the COVID screen too.

Ask: Is there money in this specific niche, today?

Dont be fretted about what youre not marketing on. Youre specific niches arent sculpted in stone– this is a probably to be successful supposition that were going to use to market you, right now. We get a vaccine, and your answers might change.

Huge takeaway: Cross the cash opportunities with your interests (plus whats thriving throughout COVID) to discover your ideal specific niches.

Constantly feel complimentary to progress your niche focus as you go.

Think about industries that are doing well now– things like online learning tools, shipment services, e-commerce. Where theyre not shut down. Take an appearance at their websites and see if theyre still doing marketing.

For circumstances, travel copywriting is typically an excellent niche. But not right now.

5. Drill down to client types.

Let the freelance marketing experiments start.

There are constantly outliers who find success where 99% will not.

Thats the next essential step in determining your composing specific niches: Deciding who, precisely, your primary or very first kind of client within each specific niche will be.

As a beginner? You desire a lot of leads, and you want to do whatever kinds of composing they require done. This is your opportunity to learn new kinds of composing that may pay well.

You can use your market knowledge to move into writing types you like. For marketing– stick with the market. At least while you develop your earnings.

Think about doing your specific niche exercise with professional feedback, so youre sure youre on the best track.

” Im a healthcare writer– OK, fantastic! Im all set now …”.

From here, youre ready to start marketing your organization! View this as a science experiment.

Whichs just a sample within traditional health care. You get another entire list if you look at wellness or alternative health.

What are your writing specific niches? Still deciding? Lets go over in the remarks.

For example, I simply had a coaching trainee of mine who d only ever done post get offered a possibility to do print advertorials, from someone in her market niche. She leapt on it! Boom, shes got a brand-new kind of stronger writing clips.

Pick a preliminary target to focus your freelance marketing on, within each of your niches.

Examine whats working for you and do more of it. Boom– you ought to be well in progress to developing the independent self-employed lifestyle you desire.

If we take healthcare, customers might include:.

The secret to successful niching for writers.

Do cold calling.
Send out direct-mail pitch packages.
Write question letters.
Pitch popular blogs for visitor posts.

Close your eyes and think about. Who do you see yourself composing for? Choose an initial target to focus your freelance marketing on, within each of your niches.

Tip: If your target client is a 1-person organization, theyre most likely not a good customer. Simply not successful enough to be able to pay a writer well or an on an ongoing basis.

The response is: Get professional feedback on your understanding, interest, and markets youve selected for specific niches.

Do not desire you to feel unfortunate that you cant begin writing nothing but e-books for customers or something. You can work your method to niching by type of writing. Get marketing, develop your business up, and make it occur.

Throughout the years, Ive found a lot of writers do this in a vacuum, however dont truly know where the cash is in the marketplace. Next, they waste a great deal of time marketing places that dont have much opportunity for writers.

If youre a recognized, overbooked mid-career author with a deep network, you might well be able to specific niche by type of composing. I simply had a coaching trainee of mine who d just ever done blog posts get provided an opportunity to do print advertorials, from someone in her industry niche.

Health centers (fundraising letters, hospital publications, website work, etc.).
Customer or trade healthcare magazines.
Rehab clinics.
Memory-care chains.
Healthcare-IT companies.
Health care consulting firms.
Multi-doctor, profitable medical practices (oncology, fertility, surgery, etc.).
Schools of public health at universities.
Nonprofits in health care advocacy.

If youre a knowledgeable freelance author, and youre having excellent success and making 6 figures being a generalist, or niching by kind of writing, or by marketing 10 different niches … please disregard me. Keep doing what youre doing.

Next, absolutely nothing happens. Because theyve no concept who their actual customer is. Who are they expected to pitch?

Huge takeaway: Be sure to exceed your niche option to determine a particular client swimming pool to target.

Ive given this specific niche speech to freelance authors probably 1,000 times. And they select some niches.

Experiment with types of freelance marketing too …

You may be thinking: Whats the magic? How do I know if Ive found actually solid specific niches and customer types for my composing biz?

LinkedIn marketing is working exceptionally well these days, now that in-person networking is down.

Once youve developed your list of big-money prospects, do a search– see if you can find a list of a minimum of 100 of these. Youve got a good customer type if so.

The big-niche exception.

If youre a recognized, overbooked mid-career writer with a deep network, you may well have the ability to specific niche by type of writing. Its a way to winnow your leads to the ones you want many. Youve gotten to the career point where you can do this.

Do a lot of marketing to each of your selected client buckets:.

Heres where many authors fail in determining their specific niches. They stop too early.

See what pays off.

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