Use the Cow-Farts Method to Find a Lucrative Writing Niche

Ever wonder how to discover a rewarding writing niche?

Perhaps even manages you time to chew your cud, rather of chasing low-paying one-off composing tasks all the time.

You know … the kind of composing niche that pays pro rates and enables you to consume well.

Sounds respectable, best? Now what?

You keep an eye out across the lush, green pasture of potential customers and question where to plant your flag.

What if youre simply too indecisive to pick one spot of grass?

When a farmer-turned author felt the churn of fear and anxiety in her gut about making money to compose, she chose to find a writing niche that would serve better eats than the material mills.

After some screening, a couple of blow outs, and greener-pasture detours, this freelancer figured it out.

The reality … youre a lot more most likely to go starving roaming from one writing niche to the next.

And it doesnt have to be that way.

Ready to discover a financially rewarding writing specific niche? Utilize the Cow Farts Method (plugging your nose optional). Heres what you require to understand.

Satisfy the freelancer who discusses cow farts & & farm robotics

Even though everybody informed me farming was a tough specific niche for a freelance author.

My light-bulb moment was when I recognized that what I understood inside and out– farming– would be my ticket to launching an effective (and lucrative) career blogging about subjects I enjoy.

Georgie Smith

When I decided to shutter my 20-year farming company in the spring of 2019, I had just one other, very rusty ability to turn to– composing.

Most farming sales generally take place person-to-person at conventions or, actually, on the farm. What marketing does happen was normally done internal and did not create written content.

I had a journalism degree and a number of years of newspaper reporting experience. From 20 years earlier. I had no concept what to blog about, how to find good customers or what SEO meant.

Well, it turned out there are oodles of great-paying clients that needed my specific competence. I required to expand my vision of prospective clients and develop a marketing strategy that played to my strengths.

Wondering how to find your composing niche to go up and earn more?

Follow the cash to discover the ideal freelance clients

I attempted to work for farmers running small farm businesses, sort of like my farm. Simply like I couldnt have actually paid for to work with a material creator for my own farm organization, neither might they afford me. As much as I like those farmers, they werent my customers.

My very first big lesson was, follow the cash.

I had to get outdoors my comfort zone if I wished to make freelancing work.

I started looking into beyond what was comfy and rapidly determined two more focused writing niches:

Smart farm companies with agtech solutions (like robotics, drones or utilizing information analytics).
The sustainable farming movement concentrated on much better farming practices to improve the environment.

The wise farm movement was a no-brainer

Its projected to nearly double in size in five years and worth $22 billion by 2025, that makes it a terrific composing niche. There are tons of agtech startups with financial investment cash they require to invest and leads theyre desperate to record. They all need authors that can translate their “techy, data science geek-speak” into “farm vernacular” (as I like to call it). Perfect.

Discovering great clients in the sustainable farming motion was more difficult

I was a little farmer that utilized sustainable practices and I currently knew the former farmer me couldnt manage the current writer me! Then I saw a sponsored material piece published in the Guardian about regenerative farming, a sustainable farming approach I understood within and out. Perhaps Im zeroing in on a composing specific niche!

Thats right, the worlds sixth-largest food brand, creator of Cocoa Puffs cereal, for goodness sakes, is developing extensive content about sustainable farming practices. It was something I might have composed, virtually, in my sleep.

I looked closer. Almost every big company with a toe in:

Typically as validation of their sustainability efforts and to encourage their customers their products are Earth-friendly. And they all require authors who comprehend sustainable farming.

Fun reality: It ends up I can write for, well, nearly any sector (I simply composed a piece for a wireless telephone company about farm tech using wireless networks). The freelance writing world is my (sustainably-farmed) oyster.

Eureka, terrific clients in a profitable composing specific niche! The sustainable farmers werent my clients. The business discussing sustainable farmers were.

Agricultural production
Land management, or
An environmental aspect to their company is developing content around sustainable farming practices.

Where or where might the good clients be?

I didnt fret about precisely who I was targeting, and I didnt pressure them with follow-up emails– simply a simple:.

LinkedIn: The golden goose for freelance marketing.

How to stand out when you fulfill potential customers for the very first time.

Um, obviously not. (And yes, Ive given that gotten in touch with that marketing director. Advertisement Im on their shortlist for their next content jobs!).

I had a LinkedIn account when I began Carols Den2x class in the summer season of 2019, however I had actually never posted to it and had just 200 connections.

Side note: I tried LOIs a couple of times, but rapidly provided them up for taking method too long for little return.

Where could I potentially find and link with executive and marketing directors throughout numerous different sectors but all with a common focus of “farming?”.

Finding the ideal individual to get in touch with in these organizations was another head-scratcher.

Understand farming.
How to speak to farmers and what motivates them.
The ability to equate complicated farming and food systems concerns into material for their audience.

Use your writing specific niche to merge skill + enthusiasm.

When you are first starting and I hadnt had actually a bylined clip in more than 20 years, pitching to publications is extremely aggravating.

Through the first half of 2020, I sent out ten or more pitches to different publications a week. A couple of little wins led to larger ones.

I needed to discover the smart-farm CEOs and marketing directors for large food and clothing companies.
Or simply any business with a sustainable ag-focused marketing project.

My customers do not pertain to me due to the fact that of my digital marketing chops, theyve got those (generally hired in-house). But a freelancer that gets “agriculture?” I guess you might say Im the proverbial “needle” in the haystack in this composing niche.

When I initially began freelancing, the most intimidating thing was the “imposter” syndrome and feeling like I didnt understand enough about marketing and material techniques.

Trade bars. I did target some ag trade publications, however I quickly realized many of those are (embarrassingly) low paying in farming.
Customer bars. I concentrated on consumer-facing publications covering sustainable food and farming topics associated with environment modification, the environment and fun, clever farming services (like farm robotics!)..

Heres how I kept going: I invested time that very first year working my method through the Writers Den library, getting a deal with on the essentials of SEO, great headlines and composing for an online audience..

So I got to deal with a premium account, spiffed up my profile per Carols suggestions, and did the following:.

Tip: Every time I have a bylined piece, I share it with my LinkedIn network and post it on my authors site portfolio.

Resist against Imposter Syndrome.

However, as my research had proven (unequivocally), farmers werent my customers.

Develop yourself in your composing niche.

” Thanks for linking, heres what I do. Let me know if I can be of any help to you!”.

Noise familiar?

Fun fact: I just recently discovered that when you Google “Ag Writer,” my LinkedIn profile is the first ag-writer profile to pop up (really, I am the just one in three pages of Google rankings). Several clients have actually told me they discovered me simply by Googling “ag author.”.

I quickly understood I got the best engagement when I had something provocative to say about food and farming systems. This developed my credibility as a “thought leader” in agriculture.

Heres an example …

What matters to them are things like:.

Just just recently, an executive from a business I would enjoy to work with messaged me and told me he appreciated my posts. He asked if I minded if he suggested more people in their business connect with me?

By showing I was prepared to talk knowledgeably about them, I attracted the attention (and respect) of the types of clients I desired.

I eventually recognized that, besides the essentials, my clients werent employing me for my deep understanding of digital marketing strategies.

The other strategy I took was developing a body of bylined work about farming subjects in reputable publications to make a name for myself in this writing niche.

Farmers satisfy other farmers at conventions.
Perhaps I d need to take field walks and farm tours

In less than a year, I developed my 200 connections to over 2,000 (Im nearly to 3,000 connections now). I get quality, incoming leads from my LinkedIn account a number of times a week (often almost every day). I havent sent an LOI in over a year.

Targeted potential businesses for connection requests.
Take various “sectors” at a time.
Find mid-size to large businesses (or well funded start-ups).
Sending mass connection requests to their executives.

Farming has lots of questionable, nuanced aspects (GMOs, pesticides, labor practices, and so on).

My big take-away for newbie freelance authors, even ones taking a look at those hard composing niches?

Dont just give-up since everyone else says that composing specific niche does not work for freelancers!

All set to discover a lucrative writing niche? Its forecasted to almost double in size in 5 years and worth $22 billion by 2025, which makes it a great composing niche. Maybe Im zeroing in on a writing niche!

Even with a worldwide pandemic, I made more writing in 2020 than my best year as a farmer. I composed about amusing and extremely fascinating subjects.

This year, one single contract has already eclipsed all of last years profits and I am well on my way to earning more in 2021. I cant tell you how astounding that is to me. For me, living the dream has actually turned out not to be farming itself however composing about farming. And the very best part? I get to live on my farm while doing it!

Georgie Smith is an independent farming and food writer. She writes content for agricultural businesses, farm-focused food brands and organizations.

Super daddy goat sires?
Farm robots?
Cow farts? (This one trended on Twitter for three days). Why, yes, that was me!

Have you found your composing niche? Lets go over in the comments listed below.

Look at the larger picture. You still need to discover the customers that can manage you, but maybe they remain in various locations than you at first thought.
Do not hesitate to be outspoken about what you understand and share that with your network (aka potential clients!). My passion for farming is what has actually developed up my LinkedIn following.

Eureka, terrific customers in a rewarding composing niche! I guess you might say Im the proverbial “needle” in the haystack in this writing niche.

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