Wayne Santos: Five Things I Learned Writing The Chimera Code

If you require something done, Clokes one of the very best; a mercenary with some unusual talents and an attitude to match.But when shes hired by a virtual construct to destroy the other copies of himself, and the deposit is a new magical skill, she understands this task is going to be a league harder than anything shes ever done.



Min/Maxing & & Gaming Forums Work For Magic Too

Considering that then, like many individuals that like video games, Ive searched the Internet for ideas to get an edge in some of the games I play. In role-playing video game terms for video games, this refers to the practice reducing weak points while making the most of strengths.

In some cases, this also implies finding exploits, problems, or methods that the game designers had never initially intended, however exercise surprisingly well if youre willing to take the low road. I discovered I had the a lot of enjoyable with releasing magic into a cyberpunk world by thinking about it in those terms. Magic might have its intended functions, like tossing a fireball at an opponent, however when youve got it existing in a world with neural simulation and near-earth orbital spaceport station, theres a lot of other stuff you can do with it too.

In the same method that individuals utilized unorthodox methods to cheat in games, defeat copy protection on digital media, or just find methods to video game the system, I tried putting magic and technology in the very same space with some typical goals to see how the two would combat or collaborate to accomplish that goal.

I took the gamer technique to some of the magic applications, looking at particular combinations and applications. What takes place when innovation and magic interact, and now youve got new “rulesets” engaging with other rulesets?

I Think Im A Carbon Fanboy

Its not uncommon for authors to decrease the bunny hole of research study when it pertains to novels. People writing historic fiction need to get those details right, and unless youre currently a master of quantum physics, engineering, rocketry, cybernetics, or programs, youre doing to need to dig deep into a great deal of locations if for some kinds of sci-fi.

For me, that ended up being a lot of materials research study and getting embarrassingly thrilled about the future of carbon substances. Im still a little stunned that if I desired some of the best fight armor in the world, all I d require is a pocket knife, a couple of decades and a number of metric loads of pencils to get the raw material I d need to make it through a direct shot from gunfire.

Naïve Characters Dont Have To Be Average

Sometimes, the naïve character is also the protagonist, so theres a particular quantity of “averageness” thats integrated in to make sure this individual is relatable. Neo in The Matrix is a naïve character who continuously repeats, “I have SO lots of questions.” Ellen Page, as Ariadne in the film Inception, is another great example.

For The Chimera Code, I was already tossing readers neck first into an existing cyberpunk future, which would have been confusing enough on its own. But then magic had been incorporated into that world a few generations prior, so they were already mastering this, and it made for some odd intersections of culture and commerce. Thats a lot to take in, and so I understood that functionally, I d get a lot more space maneuver by having my naïve character to ask Cloke all the concerns that needed asking.

I didnt desire somebody average and relatable in a world already as unusual as this. Zee was no longer simply there to state stuff like, “Explain to me how this magic things works in todays global economy,” although that things gets asked. My naïve character ended up being anything however average, and in some cases, absolutely stole the show.

I think I initially heard the term “naïve character” while listening to an interview with William Gibson. The naïve character is a very helpful gadget in genre fiction. This is the person that is a stand-in rookie for the reader, and gets to ask all the questions the reader has like “Whats that? Whos that? That thing the Evil Queen simply said that made everyone gasp, what does that imply? How does your tech/magic/psychic eggplant work?”

The Abyss Is Liberating

I d had the idea for this book forever– or at least since the 1990s– however I kept putting off composing it. At the time, I was actually brought in to the concept of composing a cyberpunk book, however William Gibson, the author of Neuromancer and Godfather of the entire cyberpunk category, was my gold standard.

Does this mean I think I hit the bar I set for myself with regards to the harsh, gorgeous, dense prose of Gibsons Sprawl trilogy? I probably didnt. Today I wanted to a minimum of pursue it. I was prepared to finally make my own world from the ground up, rather of putting small bits and pieces of it in an established framework. And I wanted to take all the insane minutes I d seen in comics, games, movies, and even anime, in addition to books, and simply throw them all into this one book. It was going to be my last book. May also go out in style.

So after many years of unsuccessfully trying to get a book in print, I looked down the barrel of considering that it may be time to eliminate the dream. I figured if I was going to stop, I might as well make my last book the one I truly wished to write. With that idea of making a kamikaze dive off a cliff, I lastly committed The Chimera Code to the page. Believing that it was the last book I was ever going to compose made a pretty huge difference to how I approached it.

Over the years, I wrote a lot of other books instead, with fantastical aspects in familiar settings. Urban fantasy was my method of getting my feet wet with unusual shit, without needing to develop all of it from the ground up. I still enjoy those books, and my really first novel still holds a special location in my heart, however none of them got published. They all assisted me to discover my voice.

And now, naturally, its not my last book, a minimum of not for now. I think often when you set your sights on ending with a bang, thats really simply the precursor to even louder things.

There Is No Shame In Not Drawing From The Classics

And video games were like falling through the wardrobe into Narnia. I got the Babel Fish in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text experience! Its a much larger world now, and while I still adore the things, I discover in books today and will gladly lose myself in the worlds of Charlie Jane Anders, or N.K. Jemisin, or even go back to Asimov, Clarke, or Gibson, Im not letting them be the sole impacts on what ends up on my page.

As a Generation X geek, I did my time as a kid in the library looking at the giants of the SF category, so I read my Clarke, my Asimov, my Heinlein, and naturally, my Herbert. However I was also entirely blown away by things that, at the time, werent classics, like the upstart William Gibson, and Neuromancer book.


Throughout the years, Wayne Santos has actually written copy for ad agency, scripts for television, and short articles for magazines. Hes resided in Canada, Thailand and Singapore, taking a trip to many nations around South East Asia. His puppy love has always been science fiction and dream, and while he frequently engaged with it in books, comics, anime and computer game, it wasnt until 1996, with his very first short story in the Canadian speculative fiction publication On Spec that he intended towards becoming a novelist. He now lives in Canada, in Hamilton, ON with his better half. When hes not composing, he is most likely to be discovered reading, playing video games, enjoying anime, or attempting to soothe his feline down.

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Zee was no longer just there to state things like, “Explain to me how this magic stuff works in todays international economy,” although that things gets asked. I still enjoy those books, and my really first book still holds a special location in my heart, however none of them got published. After many years of unsuccessfully attempting to get a book in print, I gazed down the barrel of thinking about that it may be time to kill the dream.

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Considering that then, like lots of individuals that like video games, Ive scoured the Internet for tips to get an edge in some of the video games I play. Magic could have its designated functions, like hurling a fireball at an opponent, but when youve got it existing in a world with neural simulation and near-earth orbital area stations, theres a lot of other stuff you can do with it too.

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