Words in the News: tropism, coalface, logorrhea and parrhesia

By Maeve Maddox

… the logorrhea that afflicts many long time senators.
Characters never ever stop speechifying to one another, changing credible dialogue with that unmistakably Sorkinesque logorrhea of exemplary self-importance.
Londa gushes truths like a logorrheaic Wikipedia.

Such a spiritual orientation demands moral courage and sincerity from clergy. Some call it speaking reality to power and others call it parrhesia– honest, fearless speech that challenges the status quo.
The richer the heritage which you are contacted us to share with parrhesia, the more eloquent must be the humility with which you must provide it.
Foucault summarizes, “parrhesia is the nerve of reality in the individual who speaks and who, regardless of everything, takes the threat of informing the whole fact that he thinks, but it is also the interlocutors nerve in consenting to accept the hurtful truth that he hears.”.

Not because I read Laurence Sternes Tristram Shandy have I accumulated a lot of words in my reading that are brand-new to me.
These words are not coming from antique works of fiction. They appear practically daily in the news sources I check out.
Often the words are vaguely familiar, like something I may have found out in a classroom and have actually given that forgotten– tropism.
As a term in biology, tropism describes the movement of an organism or part of an organism in a direction toward or far from an external stimulus. The way a sunflower turns towards the sun throughout the day is an example of tropism.
Used in recommendation to people, it suggests, “being drawn to” or “inclination.”.

His legendary Oxford career as controversialist, actor, debater, director, dandy and libertine imbued him with his tropism towards fames warming light.
We are dealing here with primal matters, with a current in the nationwide mind far much deeper and more powerful than our tropism towards corn on the cob and Japanese cars and trucks.
How can people with an automated tropism towards democracy, human rights, womens rights and open society ally themselves so easily with corrupt despotisms?

Mr Yeo has two subordinates who will do much of the work at your home of Commons coalface.
Lord Lipsey, a Labour male to the core, has actually been at or near the political coalface since the early 1970s.
Some 1,200 thought about reactions were received, lots of from companies that operate at the coalface of the criminal justice system.

Often the actual significance of a word is clear to me, however I am puzzled by what is plainly a metaphorical usage– for instance, coalface. coalface (noun): an exposed surface area of coal at which mining is performed.
The very first time I recall seeing coalface used figuratively was in a New York Times article about mental health. The expression was “the coalface of delivering care during the Covid pandemic.”.
Come to find out, the metaphorical significance– a Briticism– is “a useful or active, rather than theoretical, level of work or experience in a specific field, normally indicating dedication and effort.

In the light of Orwells description of the hellish, gruelling labor of working the literal coalface in his essay “Down the Mine,” utilizing the idiom to describe the efforts of white-collar workers appears a bit overstated.
2 more words Ill consist of in this installation of “words in the news” both have to do with language: logorrhea and parrhesia.
logorrhea (noun): often incoherent and excessive talkativeness or wordiness. Modelled on the word diarrhea. Adjective: logorrheaic.

parrhesia (noun): (from a Greek word meaning “all speech.”) candor, frankness; outspokenness or boldness of speech.
In the context of politics, parrhesia is often utilized to mean, “speaking truth to power.”.

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