Working With a Designer? Here’s How to Structure Your Copy in Google Docs

And if you want to eliminate the black border, just: ideal click the table > > Table Properties > > Change the border color from black to white. The lines disappear but you still keep the structure.

You can follow that example … and even structure the ebook in Google Docs so that it looks similar to that ended up item prior to the designer sees it.

Your goal as a writer need to be to get your copy as close to an appearance of the completed site as possible. That suggests finding methods to showcase images. It indicates distinguishing headings from body copy utilizing different size fonts. Could you make your calls to action genuinely appear like buttons– even in Google Docs?

If you can make their life easier by incorporating basic design components into your copy, designers will remember your work permanently.

Google font styles.

Writing is not constantly a solo act. When you work in the sphere of digital marketing, authors frequently work carefully with designers to bring websites, ebooks, handouts and graphics to life..

How to structure your copy in Google Docs.

With the Drawing tool, you can produce bare-bones visuals as placeholders for future designs. I generally just go with a plain X. When seen within the context of my writing, the majority of designers will quickly understand that I anticipate some image or graphic to fill the area containing my drawing.

The Table feature is also powerful for organizing copy for a site. Given that the table specifications can be changed up, down, left and right, you can use the Table to position copy anywhere on the page. This makes it easy to include components like buttons or little images without anything pressing your copy out of the method.

Youre probably currently using numerous Google docs hacks for finishing freelance writing tasks– from Google docs add-ons to tracking changes in Google docs– now you can make designers fall for your work by following these pointers for structuring your copy in Google Docs.

If I require to reveal a section is ending, I usually use Google Docs horizontal line. You can find it by clicking: Insert > > Horizontal line.

Think about the simpleness of a site like Intercom.

During my career as a freelance copywriter, Ive received lots of compliments from designers about how easy my copy is to work with. Frequently designers are used to seeing walls of text and their task is to equate that text into a structure that appears like a typical site or ebook. If you can fill in a couple of design gaps as you compose, youll impress your customers — and get designers to absolutely love dealing with you due to the fact that you make their task easier.

Notice that HubSpots material isnt structured as a wall of text with long paragraphs in a single column. The copy is separated into little blocks of text.

Google Docs makes it simple to add images. The issue is, how you structure those images next to your copy isnt constantly perfect. Images can bump your text all over the place, making it hard to show designers what structure youre choosing. Thankfully, theres an easy workaround that offers you more control over images..

Writing copy for websites or ebooks implies first taking an action back. Choose in your mind that you will compose copy in such a way that the designer comprehends your visual choices the minute they open your Google Doc..

Heres an example from among my current ebook tasks. The Before image is how I structured the text in Google Docs. The After image reveals what my copy looked like once the designers had a possibility to work their magic..


Take a step back.

Additional structuring tools and design methods.

When writing site copy, whatever composed above the horizontal line is indicated to appear above the fold..

Finished sites and ebooks dont look like a Google Docs. For one thing, the spacing is totally different. As a writer, you require methods to interact with designers about how large or little a section of copy is suggested to be.

Editable overview (View > > Show document overview).

Utilize the Drawing feature.

In this short article, Ill break down a handful of basic design techniques you can do within Google Docs to structure your copy to impress. Lets dive in..

My most typical usage case for this line is to define whatever that needs to be included above the fold on a website. Above the fold is defined as whatever a site visitor sees on a site before they start scrolling..

Before dropping any images into my doc, Ill add a Table and after that change the dimensions of that table to fit the proportions Im choosing.

With the exception of writing blog posts, most things youll write for companies shouldnt look like a long wall of text by the time youre done. How you structure your copy impacts how you write, so its important to understand the general structure youre intending for before you get begun.

Another handy tool in Google Docs is the Drawing feature..

Or perhaps your customer has actually asked you to compose an ebook. Ask: How do the most innovative, properly designed ebooks look like a finished job?

Side note: In the example above, my other half included a screenshot from a site that inspired our copywriting and style choices. Thats why theres a screenshot above the copy. Including screenshots offers the designers even more insight into how you visualize your copy.

Show your spacing.

Header/ footer.

In the example below, the designer will quickly see that each X needs to be a headshot that lives above each professional bio.

Likely, your favorite websites arent a wall of text. Theyre structured with clear, brief headlines and minimal body copy..

Designers experience a number of the very same headaches as writers. Their skills are chronically undervalued. Every brand-new task is anticipated to be done yesterday. Designers frequently need to protect their rates and carefully handle scope.

This creates an automatic Table of Contents based upon your headings..

Picture by Studio Republic on Unsplash.

Remember: designers and authors frequently work hand in hand. When designers receive interesting brand-new tasks, you want to be the writer they recommend for that next gig. By using great design practices in your writing, you can end up being the # 1 referral of several competent designers..

Lets pretend for a moment that youve been designated a site copywriting task. Before you put a single word on the page, go click around your favorite websites. How do they utilize words on the page?

Hover your mouse over Insert > > Table > > Select the number of boxes you need. (I usually just require two: one side of the table is for copy, the other for my image.).

For this, I rely on one easy tool..

There are dozens of additional ways to utilize Google Docs to convey your design intentions. Not all of them need their own section. Here is a fast list of some additional tools I frequently use to structure my writing.

Before we dive into the specific methods, lets name one of the most typical problems starting authors face when discovering to compose for company..

The most knowledgeable authors within digital marketing need to go into every job with design in mind. That suggests carefully structuring your copy, thinking about how text will appear next to images and understanding the bigger objectives of the completed project..

A few examples.

During my career as a freelance copywriter, Ive received many compliments from designers about how easy my copy is to work with. Your objective as a writer ought to be to get your copy as close to an appearance of the ended up site as possible. Including screenshots provides the designers even more insight into how you picture your copy.

You can access the Drawing tool by clicking: Insert > > Drawing > > New.

Designers will remember your work forever if you can make their life simpler by integrating simple style components into your copy. Because copywriters and content writers seldom reconsider structure and design. Designers need to interpret a writers structure like its a new language. When you do the translating for them, you quickly increase to the top of their “favorite authors” list.

The Table tool in Google Docs will be your best buddy. You can also utilize it to organize copy nicely into columns or location graphics or emojis beside or above text.

Do not fret, the designer and your client will not anticipate you to prepare photos or graphics for them. I utilize this tool to quickly produce photo or graphic placeholders when I truly desire to communicate how a particular space on the page must be used, even when I dont have all the images I require.

As an author, you require methods to interact with designers about how big or small a section of copy is meant to be.

Make designers fall in love with your work.

A thin black line will divide the page and appear top from bottom. This assists you differentiate when one area ends and the next begins..

Ill frequently compose utilizing that typeface or a comparable one if I understand what font my customer will use on their website for headings and body copy. Google provides hundreds of free fonts that you can add to Google Docs..

When composing white documents, I typically insert my customers logo into the header so that it instantly appears on every page.

You can change the click and drag the sides of the table to alter its measurements when you select the box. Simply include your copy in one box and your image in the other.

Distinguish yourself from many of your competitors by writing for design. Its just one more method to include worth to every job– and differentiate yourself from many other writers..

Bullets & & numbering (Format > > Bullets & & numbering).
Columns (Format > > Columns).
Charts (Insert > > Charts).

Usage various typeface sizes to distinguish chapters and subchapters, headings and subheads.

Generate buttons and arrange website copy.

Make it clear where images belong.

Before delving into the writing, you may scroll numerous ebooks from HubSpot for motivation.

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