Writer: Don’t Lose Your Head In the Autumn Publishing Rush!

Send Your Narrative, Poetry, or Reserve Today!DEADLINE: Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Headless Horseman: Woah! What are you doing roaming around out here in the dark? Also, should not you be frightened and yelling right now? I have a big sword and a jack o lantern for a head.

Author: Oh sorry, Headless Horseman. Im so distracted– Ive spent hours and hours trying to research study and find markets for my writing. There are so lots of to consider! Plus all the different guidelines, checking out dates, genres … I finally had to get a breath of fresh air; my head was spinning.

On a chilly October night, a writer out strolling encounters the Headless Horseman riding his swift-footed horse.

Headless Horseman: I know the feeling!

Headless Horseman: You know, right now is a good time to send your writing– the autumn publishing rush is in full blast! Literary editors and representatives are sending acceptances quicker than Ichabod Crane performing at complete sprint.

But you do not have to lose your head attempting to do all of it alone.

Author: I simply actually desire to get my composing released! However its so hard to discover the best markets and stick to a constant submission schedule. In the past Ive invested night after night working like a dog for the couple of submissions I did make, and all I got for my efforts were some rejection letters … or I was entirely ghosted!

For over twenty-six years, the research study professionals at Writers Relief have actually successfully connected authors with the ideal literary representatives and editors to increase their odds of getting released. Theyve got good heads on their shoulders, and I ought to understand.

Writer: Wow, thats some scary-good advice! How do you understand so much about getting published?

Headless Horseman: Writers Relief helped me get a representative for my memoir, From Pumpkin Seed To Pumpkin Skull, throughout the last fall publishing rush. They targeted my deal with pinpoint precision, proofread and formatted my submissions, and even helped me get released in literary journals– like magic!

I was on my way to offering a reading at my regional haunt, the library, when I met you.

Writer: Ill send my writing samples to Writers Relief tonight! Thanks for letting me pick your brain, Headless Horseman! Now, excuse me as I run screaming.

Headless Horseman: (waving sword) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

DUE DATE: Thursday, October 22.

Books (novels, memoirs).
Short stories and individual essays.

For a limited time, the Writers Relief Review Board is thinking about writing samples from authors who want to join our customer list:.


Life might be various today, however this remains the exact same: Whats on the minds of writers deserves sharing– and that includes you!

Headless Horseman: Woah! Author: Oh sorry, Headless Horseman. Author: I just really desire to get my writing published! Author: Ill send my composing samples to Writers Relief tonight! Thanks for letting me pick your brain, Headless Horseman!

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