Writing Fears? 4 Tips to Obliterate Freelance-Introvert Shyness

Lots of freelancers tell me they have writing worries holding them back from starting into freelancing.

Many writers are introverts, and stress they will not be able to do enough marketing to get customers.

Some are too afraid to make cold calls, participate in networking meetings, request for pro rates …

They stress they write too slow.

Or they believe the composing worries and concerns that not having a journalism degree suggests theyre not qualified.

Sound familiar?

I was fascinated by this, so I made a study of what she did that allowed her to skate by without this usually-essential product of attire.

These stories always make me think about my high-school pal Kristy.

She didnt own any shoes.

Why? Its a recipe for wiping out conquering and writing fears shyness that every author should follow.

Kristys daddy was a professional gambler who was typically out of town, or out of money. Or both.

Since she was barefoot, Kristy was never asked to leave any of these places. She never even got called out at school because she went shoeless.

But this didnt stop Kristy from doing anything.

She left the small apartment or condo she showed her mother each morning
She went to school, and even sang in a vocal group with me.
The vocal group even wore an elegant skirt-and-blouse ensemble she designed.
We performed in swanky locations like banquet halls and expensive dining establishments. As soon as, we even played the Hollywood Bowl!

With the outcome that the majority of the time, Kristy and her mother were barely scraping by.

Kristys trick: Faking self-confidence

I can only envision how Kristy felt within, knowing that her hardship was on view for anyone who cared to see. She certainly wasnt going to provide students who may tease and humiliate her any hints on where to stick in the knife.

She never ever looked down and drew attention to the fact that she was barefoot.

And it probably wasnt a coincidence that the singing clothing she designed for our group had a full-length skirt.

She held her head up, fulfilled peoples eyes with complete self-confidence, smiled her amazing smile, flipped her super-long, strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder, and let her beautiful soprano voice ring out.

And she never acted sad or like anything was wrong.

4 tips to eliminate freelance composing fears

Kristys technique to handling your deficits works excellent for freelance writers, too.

In the Freelance Writers Den, authors can do a SWOT analysis as part of the Freelance Business Bootcamp. You have to identify your:


Weak points



Its a crucial step to building an effective freelance company. And its a fantastic workout that I highly suggest for all self-employed authors!

You can look at ways to enhance on or minimize those writing weaknesses and worries and maximize your strengths when youve determined your weak points.

Here are a 4 Kristy-inspired ways to overcome your freelance writing worries and weaknesses:

1. Fail to mention your weak point

FYI … The customer does not need to understand. Stop transmitting your imperfections, and focus on your strengths.

I explained that she might simply not raise her academic background, and develop a concise bio sign-off for herself that focused on her writing experience or industries she understood.

One writer recently wrote me that she feared her three advanced degrees and complex writing clips on arcane topics would put off potential customers. They might feel she was overqualified or would want sky-high rates!

The same opts for whatever youve got in your life that you believe may make customers hesitate.

Are you ready to start a six-month backpacking trip?
Have a physical special needs?
Your puppy love is composing your book?
Youve got lots of composing experience, but youve never written a (post, white paper, case research study, and so on, fill in the blank)?
Youre going back to writing after a long break?

2. Disregard deficits and simply go all out

If you can narrate, you can write your way to the profession you want.

I can inform you from experience, customers dont care how you came over your article-writing abilities– in a back street or at Columbia.

Many introvert authors have worries that their absence of a writing-related degree will make it impossible for them to pursue a freelance composing profession.

Fortunately, I never ever let the reality that Im a college dropout stop me from writing for prominent publications including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

” Realize that freelance writing is a field with no credentials other than what you can put on the page.”

3. Play up your strengths

Rather of sitting around complaining what you do not have on the ball, find out to emphasize your strengths, similar to Kristy did. :

Just compose super-strong question letters and dont get into a discussion of your portfolio if all your clips are from content mills.

Do you have a healthcare background? One freelance author utilized her experience as a nurse to introduce a freelance writing career as a health writer.

Did you work for a home mortgage loan provider in the past? Bet those types of firms would enjoy to have you write their websites. Prioritize those most likely potential customers to the top of your marketing calendar.

Do you compose quickly? Perhaps focusing on rush work could permit you to make more. Let your author network understand you can dive into the breach if they have a client with an emergency they do not want to handle.

More than one author has gotten a national magazine short article sale by doing this.

4. Take action to turn weak points into strengths

Sometimes, writers have a weak point that presents a true obstacle to their having the ability to earn money as a freelancer. For example:

Objective: You want to compose articles for top sites or great-paying publications

Theres challenges in the method like:

You fret that you dont have the composing chops.
You know youre a weak heading author
Maybe youre inexperienced at matching your composing design to that of the publication.
Youre unsteady on how to get fantastic quotes and weave them into the story.

In these circumstances, youve got 3 options:

My friend Kristy didnt let her shortcomings prevent her from doing what she loved. And neither should you. Now is always the finest time to rise, face your freelance writing fears, and move forward. You can do this!

Now is constantly the very best time to eliminate freelance writing worries.

You can invest lots of years composing and attempting to enhance on your own. Now is always the best time to increase up, face your freelance composing fears, and move forward.

What writing worries are holding you back? Lets discuss in the comments.

Bet those types of companies would enjoy to have you write their sites. Do you compose quick? Let your writer network know you can dive into the breach if they have a client with an emergency situation they do not desire to manage.

Experimentation. You can invest several years attempting and writing to enhance on your own. (This is really the approach I took! What a time-waster.).

Take a shortcut. If you desire to fix this now, you can take a class and get a mentor to share decades of their experience and tips with you.

What if youre a shy freelance writer or identify as an introvert? That does not need to hold you back from being a freelance author, landing well-paying clients, and earning money to compose.

Career stagnancy. Or you can keep feeling insecure, holding back from marketing your writing services, and not make much development as a freelance writer.

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