Writing Goals: 7 Proven Ways to Move Up & Earn More in 2021

What are your freelance writing objectives for 2021?

Wait, what? Youre supposed to have freelance composing objectives.

If you do not have any freelance composing objectives, you just kind wander in the wind … blowing here and there without any real destination in mind.

Yes. Yes, you are. Its the very best way to get from where you are to where you desire to be.

So whats on your freelance-writing-goals bucket list for this year?

Possibly something like:

Land your first customer
Drop your low-payers and discover much better customers
When and for all, say bye-bye to content mills
Break into a new specific niche or get a clip for a new type of writing
Make your very first $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K+.

Take a look at Carols suggestions to get back on track.

Maybe youre simply staring at last years objectives, ready to squash them this time around. Yes?

Some crazy things decreased (COVID-19, elections, rioting/protests, wildfires, a recession, and great deals of other unforeseen stuff).

And how about a little assistance? Heres a few pointers, resources, and inspiration to help you CRUSH your freelance writing objectives this year.

Get clear on a couple of freelance composing goals you desire to achieve this year. Map out a strategy to make it occur. Get to work.

If you want to CRUSH your freelance writing goals this year, you need a video game strategy to help you make it happen.

Youre not alone if 2020 came to a close with less than excellent outcomes for achieving your freelance composing objectives.

No wishy-washy thinking, snuggling into a ball when it gets hard, or a limitless supply of reasons. Make sense?

Wish to go from making peanuts as a freelance author to earning $20K a year?

How about moving up from $40,000 a year to $80,000 a year? Or crossing the six-figure mark?

FYI … it occurs to simply about every freelancer eventually. If you look at rejection a little differently, even set a rejection goal, you might be shocked by the outcomes.

Have a look at how Celeste Altus, Neil Pope, and Georgie Smith drew up their freelance composing goals and utilized smart marketing methods to make it occur.

Feeling beat down by the hustle and grind of chasing your freelance composing objectives? Or perhaps whenever you get a rejection, it sends you into a tailspin.

Heres what freelance writer Beth Casey suggests to retrain your brain to CRUSH your freelance composing objectives.

Ever feel like theres not enough hours in the day to achieve your freelance composing goals?

Maybe youre invest too much time on lousy clients. You understand, the one thats a total time suck, but does not pay well.

If you want to crush your freelance composing goals, youve got to clear a path to be more efficient. Here are some things you can do.

Or perhaps youre working from house, surrounded by laundry, dishes, and kids doing online school. Noise familiar?

Are you getting in your own method when it concerns attaining your freelance writing goals?

Great deals of writers have the abilities and experience to be successful at freelancing. Too lots of let doubt, fear, and uncertainty hold them back.

Existed, done that?

If youre tired of worry holding you back, its time for some straight-talk lessons and some suggestions to boost your confidence level.

Its time to change that with Carols 10-point state of mind manifesto.

All set to squash your freelance composing goals this year? Put on your gloves. Linda will show you how its done.

Freelance writer Linda Formichelli understands what it requires to win at self-employed writing … a no-fear mindset.

Shes the co-author of The Renegade Writer, the creator of the material marketing business The Heros Journey, and shes been an effective freelancer for more than two years.

Ever question how Carol Tice gets some much work done?

Evan Jensen is a freelance copywriter for fitness and health companies. Hes also the blog site editor for Make a Living Writing.

Crush your freelance writing goals in 2021.

Get clear on a couple of freelance composing objectives you desire to achieve this year. All set to squash your freelance writing goals this year? Theres no magic, rainbows and unicorns when it comes to being a successful freelance author. Yes, you require composing abilities. Heres to an amazing year ahead!

What are your freelance writing objectives for 2021? Inform deep space in the comments below.

But more than anything, you need to do those things regularly. Its a tested path to assist you move up, make more, and make a living writing. Heres to an amazing year ahead!

Theres no magic, rainbows and unicorns when it comes to being an effective freelance writer. Yes, you require writing abilities.

No. she doesnt have legions of minions working all the time. She works smart. And so can you. All set for an incredible year of freelance work in 2021? Examine out Carols list of writing tools.

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