Writing Goals: How to Set Meaningful Goals for 2021 That You Can Manage and Achieve

If you read this, Im presuming you currently have some goals: physical fitness goals, objectives for your family, perhaps even an objective of writing a book or to become a better writer.

But how do you write objectives that actually work, that in fact assist you achieve the important things that you set out to do?

In this guide, Ill share the detailed objective writing process that Ive used to finish fifteen books, release over 2,000 post, struck the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list, and reach over twenty million people with my composing over the last nine years.

No matter what your goals are, I think this process will help you get really clear on what you wish to accomplish this year.

How I Set My Writing (and Other) Goals

If you can take a few hours– and even a couple of minutes– to consider your objectives, it will be worthwhile. I promise.

More than Christmas sweet and New Years champagne, it assists me relax and refocus. In just two or three days, it sustains my work for the following year by giving me the direction and motivation to accomplish meaningful work in the untouched months ahead.

And this post will likewise give you the tool you require to make this planning process easy.

But for you, you do not have to conserve this sort of procedure for the New Year.

New Years resolutions sometimes get a bad rap, however research backs them up. In truth, you are 10 times more likely to attain your objectives if you make resolutions than those who do not.

This time of reflection and personal goal setting is the very best part of my year.

Each year, around New Years Eve, I obstruct off three days, get out my white boards markers and note taking app, and begin to sign in with myself. I begin by assessing how the in 2015 went and what I wish to accomplish in the year ahead.

Lets enter it!

Setting Goal Worksheet

You can download the goal setting worksheet here.

But prior to we examine how the worksheet will help you arrange your writing objectives, its important to understand the four kinds of objectives you might think about setting.

Its complimentary, its printable, and I think it will assist you make your goals happen over the next year.

To make your planning process simpler, Ive created a downloadable and printable goal setting worksheet for you to utilize as you go through this procedure.

The Four Types of Goals

Before I get into the procedure Ive discovered works best, what kinds of objectives should you set?

I think there are 4 main kinds of objectives, and each of these goals builds on each other. After I discuss each type, Ill ask you questions that you can use to think about your goals.

Are you setting composing objectives for 2021? Comprehending these 4 types of goals will help you set (and achieve!) those writing objectives this year.

1. Lifetime Goal

These objectives are central to who you are and who you want to be.

What is on your bucket list? What are the things that you wish to accomplish before you pass away otherwise feel like youve missed out on something crucial? What will you be sorry for if you never do?

If youre not exactly sure what your lifetime goals are, heres a workout to find them: Imagine yourself twenty years from now. Youre very pleased. Youve achieved everything you wished to and more.

Possibly its having a composing profession and making writing your day task. Perhaps its winning a coveted award. Maybe its flying initially class or starting a family.

What does your life appear like? What have you achieved?

Whatever they are, compose them down.

Lifetime Goals Dont Have to Be Attainable … Right Now

Give yourself time to dream.

Just once you have an image of where you wish to go, can you then work backward from there. Structure smaller sized objectives that you can in fact accomplish is the method to move you up the ladder, as well talk more below.

If you actually want an amazing life, you have to allow yourself to dream something remarkable.

Sure, developing SMART objectives that are measurable and possible is a great concept.

2. Task Goals

Project based objectives are things you can achieve in a year or more. While project goals are smaller than lifetime objectives, you might have a few project based goals on your pail list, consisting of:

As youre believing of your task goals, consider them in regards to what you can manage and avoid goals that rely on things outside of your control.

You cant accomplish whatever at one time.

Rather, break up your lifetime objectives into smaller chunks so that you can believe through the steps it will require to make your dreams really occur.

Compose the initial draft of your book
Get something youve written published
Get 100 rejection letters from publications or agents (hat suggestion to Sarah Gribble).
Go on a family vacation to a national forest.
Make $1,000 off your side hustle.
Produce a successful blog site, podcast, or YouTube channel.
Get your very first task as a freelance writer.
Write a new short story every week for a year.
Discover a composing community that supports your work.
Find out how to give strong feedback to other authors.
Modify the very first draft of your book.

You cant affect whether individuals will purchase your item and just how much cash youll make, however you can concentrate on how numerous hours you invest in it and just how much effort you put into something.

And prioritize it.

When huge objectives are broken down into smaller sized, more manageable steps, the likelihood of being successful all your goals comes true.

Better yet, you develop an objective that is most likely to come real as long as you stay motivated.

Moving from Dreaming to Focusing On What Can You Control.

What if we changed the above example goal from “Make $1,000 off your side hustle” to “Create a brand-new item (e.g. a book) and pitch it to 100 individuals”?

When you concentrate on what you can control, you not just set yourself up to actually achieving it, but you avoid feeling disappointed and resentful if that objective does not come true.

3. Weekly Goals.

Consider what you can accomplish every week to make that goal happen.

And after that March.

When setting big writing objectives like finishing a book, you cant expect to attain this over night. Rather, you require to break down your writing objectives into smaller sized, weekly turning points. Believe of these as the structure blocks that eventually construct a tough pyramid.

Go one action further when you have your job goal.

Use it to designate your smaller sized, weekly composing goals in addition to its other lots of organizing advantages.

Here are some smaller goals you might set to assist you achieve your larger composing goals:.

Here, youre moving from grand dreams to simple, measurable objectives that are within your control which can be achieved within a specific time frame with hard work.

You cant manage what other individuals do, however you can manage how much time and effort you spend accomplishing your weekly objectives.

Just make sure your weekly objectives are set prior to the week starts– knocking out a portion of weekly objectives at a time can give you a running start to achieving all of them.

Composing Planners can be a major method to organize your writing and publishing hopes.

Get your copy here.

And keep in mind, you dont need to understand every weekly goal (or goals) for the entire year on the very first of January. Understanding your task goals is your primary step, and after that breaking this down into workable, smaller objectives will provide you a strategy on what you need to accomplish initially.

Compose the premise of your book and pitch it to 10 individuals.
Write 5,000 words weekly on your book.
Publish one article per day.
Send out five individuals pitches for guest posts or articles.
Email twenty people who want to read your book.
Listen to an audiobook while working out for one hour three times per week.
End up one new writing job, like a short story.
Give feedback on the work of at least two writing partners.

If you desire to compose a book, but you do not know the procedure, have a look at The Write Planner, our elite coordinator that walks you step-by-step through the book composing procedure, the exact same procedure weve utilized to assist countless authors finish their books.

Start with the month of January. And after that February.

You can do this on a month-by-month basis, or simultaneously.

If fifty-two weekly goals appears complicated, breathe, and then begin small.

4. Daily Goal.

You need to prioritize your composing if it is necessary to you.

I also set aside writing time daily, typically in the morning for me, but sometimes in the afternoon or late at night. If you do not reserved time, your writing wont get done!

Now that weve checked out the 4 kinds of objectives, lets discuss how to actually accomplish them.

Five Steps That Will Help You Actually Meet Your Writing Goals.

Whenever Im working on a book, I create a day-to-day word count objective, typically around 1,000 words, so that I can make my larger objectives more workable.

Having an everyday goal is especially handy for authors, but its great for anyone who has long term tasks that need daily effort.

The method to achieve your dreams is not through more motivation however daily, focused action.

1. Reflect.

Reflection is also an end in itself.

Take time to review your previous objectives.

Examine any objectives you set the year prior to, and if discussing these reflections assists you process them, compose a couple of sentences about each event.

Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you arent grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would enjoy with more?

In the past, what has worked for you as youve set goals and attempted to do what youve set out to accomplish? At the same time, where did you have a hard time?

As Roy Bennet said:.

You reflect for two factors:.

To learn how to make your future much better. (By considering your writing successes and drawbacks, you fine-tune your process and improve your opportunities at making your future efforts work.).
To appreciate what youve accomplished.

2. Reconnect With Your Desire.

I dont know about you, however I dont truly believe in New Years resolutions. Why would you desire to create goals around things you do not want to do?

Instead, I like to start the goal-setting procedure by reconnecting with my desire. What do I really want to perform in the next year? What do I truly wish to accomplish?

Most notably, how do I wish to grow, and who do I wish to end up being?

We often focus on one area of our lives when brainstorming objectives in this method, especially when considering objectives that govern our professional lives. (Day and night jobs.).

There isnt time in life for half-hearted dreams. Rather, concentrate on your deepest desires.

You are an entire person. Composing is most likely a huge part of what makes you, you, but neglecting those other parts will be damaging.

Work. What do you wish to experience, accomplish, and stop in your work?

If you be successful in one area of life but stop working in all the rest, youll be unpleasant. Thats why its so essential to invest time dreaming about what you want in all areas of your life.

Composing. What do you wish to experience, achieve, and give up in your writing?

As Youre Doing This, Consider ALL Areas of Your Life.

Think in them, and after that make them manageable.

The 4 significant locations of your (writers) life that you require to regard consist of:.

What do you desire to experience, achieve, and give up in your relationship with your spouse? With your pals?

Self. What do you want to experience, achieve, and quit in your individual life? This includes physical fitness, hobbies, and personal goals.

3. What Will You Quit?

There are constantly obstacles that keep us from living our finest life, whether theyre a task, a bad habit, or a job. What if you could conquer them? How would that change your life?

How would that turn our writing objectives into composing accomplishments?

You cant add more to your life without getting rid of something. We need to let some objectives enter order to include brand-new, workable ones.

What will you quit this year?

Stop concentrating on what you need to be doing this year.

Here are some examples of things you might want to stop or invest less time doing:.

Rather, hang out considering what you desire to be doing.

You might not have the ability to responsibly give up these today or tomorrow, however determine what you wish to quit and then make a plan. (Maybe part of your weekly objectives is cutting your choice out a little bit more at a time.).

If you cant cut it out entirely, consider stopping specific streaming services, like Netflix or Hulu. Utilize that money saved on something to support your writing process!

Sidetracking App. Check your phones Screen Time history and erase your highest utilized, the majority of distracting app (heres how to examine your screen time history on iOS and Android).

Computer game. If you do not wish to give up gaming totally, think about eliminating the video game that sidetracks you most, or a different game that takes a great deal of time monthly.

You might discover something new about yourself, and you will absolutely have a fuller, more significant year.

You might not achieve whatever you want to, but I discover that when I connect my desire and consider what I desire to stop, I am much more successful at accomplishing my objectives.

Social media. Possibly you, like me, discover that youre quickly distracted by social media when you must be composing your book or dealing with your objectives. Take a break from social media, possibly even deactivate your represent a bit.

Late night hang-outs with buddies. When you finish your writing goals, you can always invest time with them. Designate days for friends, but save the others for finishing your composing endeavors.

4. Pick Four Goals (NO MORE).

You pick simply 4 due to the fact that you do not have time for mediocre objectives and goals. A year actually isnt very long, especially when it concerns accomplishing your deepest desires. The more you concentrate on the few things you most want, the more of an opportunity you have at achieving them.

When I first tried this workout in 2012, I tracked each of these 4 things thoroughly for a few months. I got busy with other things and got out of the practice.

After brainstorming all the important things you wish to accomplish over the next year, you will likely have lots of things you desire in one or 2 areas of your life and simply a couple of in others.

They didnt look precisely how I prepared, but every one was a fundamental part of my life. Understanding I met them all felt great.

Pick your top four goals– e.g. the 4 things you desire most out of this year.

A year later on I found my list once again, and I was shocked to discover that I had actually achieved all of them.

Keep brainstorming up until you have at least 3 things you desire in each area of work, composing, relationships, and self. Do this:.

Choose carefully! What you select will change your life!

Choose your leading 4 objectives, the four things you want most out of this year. What you choose will alter your life!

When an objective is crucial to you, you are more most likely to find a method to prioritize it.

5. Set a Deadline and Create a Consequence.

Now that you know what you want to do, heres how to actually do it.

As Leonard Bernstein said:.

If its longer than that, youll procrastinate. A good length of time to write a book is something that makes you a little anxious, however not straight-out terrified. Writing a book in about 100 days is not just possible, its preferable.

If your objective is writing a book, for example, I advise setting your due date no longer than four months.

However setting a deadline alone isnt enough.

Start by setting a due date. When do you want to achieve this by?

Lots of authors have gained from our 100 Day Book Program and will testify to it.

To accomplish terrific things, 2 things are needed: a strategy, and not quite enough time.

Hint: Always set your due date a little much shorter than you believe you can achieve.

You likewise need to produce a repercussion.

What is a repercussion?

And get someone you trust to hold you liable.

The procedure Ive outlined above will get you began. Its worked for me!

Accomplishing your objectives is hard. If youre going to accomplish them, you need to make it more difficult to not accomplish your objectives.

If you dont achieve your goal by your deadline, an effect is a bad thing that will take place.

To summarize, here are a few last concerns to spur your dreaming:.

If you want to compose a book, but you dont have a team, we would enjoy to match you with a mentor, surround you with a group of encouraging writers all experiencing the very same procedure, and help you lastly end up.

Whether you wish to write a novel, a non-fiction book, or a narrative, I know 100 Day Book would assist you finish it, just as its assisted countless other writers.

I believe this totally free goal setting worksheet will help.

One of the greatest reasons I see individuals fail to improve their writing skills and complete their books is that they dont have a group.

Its that basic.

For example, in 2016, I wrote a $1,000 check to the U.S. presidential prospect I most disliked, offered it to a buddy, and told them to send it if I didnt complete my book by my deadline. I was the most concentrated I d ever been and completed my book in time!

One aspect of this that the majority of people overlook is having a team, a group of other people who can encourage you and hold you liable to achieving your composing goals.

This is the exact factor I constructed 100 Day Book, the only writing program that will provide you a $100 if you finish your book in 100 days.

I hope you accomplish all your objectives and dreams. Many of all, I hope you delight in the journey.

If my objective is to compose a book in 100 days, then my huge effect will be the $100 check– however my smaller deadlines may be erasing my preferred game on my phone or purchasing ice cream for the people working with me.

Huge Deadlines = Big Consequences.

Thinking of how youll feel after achieving your goals, and using that to inspire your actions as you start and plan to tackle them, matters! This might be adequate to push you forward.

You can find out more about 100 Day Book here.

How to ACTUALLY Accomplish Your Dreams: Find Your Team.

This will lead to fulfilled composing objectives and other success.

After all, getting going is the hardest part, however if you understand that youre going to have to erase your preferred game on your phone till you complete your writing project, that might be sufficient to scare you into focus. (This is also why having somebody hold you liable to your repercussion is extremely crucial.).

When youre getting began with a brand-new goal, this is particularly crucial.

What do you want, actually desire, over the next year?
What do you require in order to achieve that desire this year?
Who do you desire to end up being?
How will satisfying your goals assist you become this person?
Why is it essential for you to accomplish your goals?
This time next year, when you look back at what you did, what stories do you want to be able to inform?
And how will it feel once you accomplish your goals?

As youre setting your objectives, remember the 4 types we discussed previously. Personally, I like to produce one big repercussion for your project objective and a couple of smaller consequences for weekly objectives.

Little Deadlines = Little Consequences.

Excellent luck, and pleased writing!

What are your 4 objectives for the next year? Leave a remark and let me know!


When your time is up, take a break and let us understand the four objectives you selected by leaving a comment listed below.

Lets practice setting your goals for the next year.

If you wish to continue planning your composing objectives, you can do that, or continue at another time.

Start by downloading our complimentary goal setting worksheet here if you have not yet. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and begin going through the process.

Good luck, and let this be the start to an excellent (and effective) year!

Joe Bunting.

Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is likewise the author of the brand-new book.
Crowdsourcing Paris, a real life adventure story embeded in France. It was a # 1 New Release on Amazon. You can follow him on.
Instagram (@jhbunting).

When setting big composing goals like finishing a book, you cant expect to attain this over night. Rather, you need to break down your composing objectives into smaller sized, weekly milestones. Perhaps you, like me, find that youre quickly sidetracked by social media when you must be writing your book or working on your objectives. You can constantly spend time with them when you finish your writing objectives. You select simply 4 due to the fact that you do not have time for average goals and goals.

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