Writing Inspiration: Get Creative With These 7 Video Tips

Trying to find some composing inspiration to get through the vacation hump and back on track?

Its been a crazy year. Now isnt the time to sit back and do nothing if you desire to be a freelance writer.

Or perhaps youve felt the gut-punch of COVID-19 more than others.

Sound familiar?

Youre attempting to survive by looking for composing inspiration to assist you keep moving on. But every day looks like a struggle.

Its simple to feel overwhelmed … blah … frustrated … during the holidays. Possibly youre attempting to hustle freelance work, captivate friends and family, or even take time off.

Its a chance to reset, chart your course and tap into some composing motivation to help you go up and make more.

So whats it gon na take to get from where you are to where you want to remain in 2021?

Here are 7 ideas to assist you get over the holiday bulge, and start the brand-new year on the path to freelance success.

1. Take self-care seriously

Do self-care this winter season, hard.

. You may believe you do not have time for self-care. If youre not happy, your work suffers and so does everything else.

Bubble baths
New hobbies & & activities
Psychological stimulation: puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, etc

Me: Ive added a fitness goal of training for the Columbia Tower Charity Stair Climb by stair-climbing in my house.

Take self-care seriously. You deserve it, and you require it to open your mind to composing inspiration.

2. Write your marketing content and find customers

Why? Nothing influences like a due date
Brand-new service formation is up 43%, which suggests theres more clients that need writers
Target niche winners consist of: Tech, ecommerce, luxury items, remote work tools

3. Take time off

Stop burning out! Take AT LEAST 1 day a week off
Take a WEEK off, strategy for it if you can
Take long weekends
Take ONE hour off.

And do what you ask?

Me: I get a great deal of composing inspiration and ideas on bike rides, not gazing at a screen.

Sit and look out the window. Take a long walk. Take a bath.

4. Mingle safely

Some kind of COVID-19 constraints are most likely in place where youre at. That does not mean you should hole up and cut ties with everyone you understand. Your social ties and connections (the real ones, not the social networks ones), are essential.

Meet in individual if you can do it securely
Connect via phone or video chat
Try playing games online together

Me: I meet my extended family, have virtual pal lunch dates, satisfy in a park or do a distanced walk with a buddy. Theres online mah jongg, and many other games you can play with pals. Just speaking with other individuals can spark ideas and composing motivation to assist you.

5. Practice thankfulness

We are alive to tell the tale. Do a thankfulness list every day.

Me: When I practice gratitude, writing inspiration and concepts well up of things I wish to say– I think it triggers a lot of creativity.

Why it works: Staying with gratitude keeps you out of the area of worrying about things you cant manage, about the future.

Stay with this minute. Stick with whats in front of you and what you need to do NOW. think of all you have conquered to get to this moment.
Be grateful for any benefit you have, a computer to type on, hands to type on it with, and so on
. Keep noting all the advantages you DO have.

6. Collaborate

Me: Ive been informing writers struggling to develop an excellent LinkedIn About area to have their pal write or rewrite it. Which brings me to …

Get composing triggers from somebody else, great deals of great sites for that.
Group up to write with someone– I look at the huge success Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant have actually had writing amusing fiction for Amazons imprint … you do not need to compose alone!
Join a composing group, maybe discover someone who sparks concepts for you, or who you could co-write with, or could refer to each other to get more work.

7. Get support

Increase composing motivation to kick off a New Year

Theres more to freelance composing success than just cranking out copy. If you take a step back and follow these 7 suggestions, youll put yourself on the right path.

What helps you increase composing motivation and creativity? Share your ideas in the remarks listed below

Me: Ive been telling writers struggling to develop a fantastic LinkedIn About section to have their friend write or rewrite it. Theres more to freelance composing success than simply cranking out copy. If you take an action back and follow these 7 ideas, youll put yourself on the right path.

Take a long walk. Just speaking to other people can stimulate concepts and writing inspiration to assist you.


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