How to Turn Off Political Ads on Facebook

Step 3: Click “See fewer advertisements about this topic” again.

Step 5: Click “See less ads about this topic.”.

Action 3: Click “Ad Topics.”.

Since the feature is still rolling out, some users will already have access while others will not..

Step 4: Click “Social Issues, Elections, or Politics.”.

To switch off political ads from Settings, follow these steps:.

The change came after Facebook got feedback from users who wanted to see less political material on the social media website. With the new function, all political ads will be shut off, consisting of ads with the “paid for by” disclaimer..

To shut off political advertisements straight from an advertisement you find on News Feed, follow these steps:.

Step 1: Click “Confirmed Organization.”.

Austin Distel/ Unsplash For numerous, politics on Facebook is not a welcome sight. Those who wish to keep their news feeds politics-free can lastly rejoice. The social networks business is presently rolling out a feature that allows US users to turn off political advertisements, which they will no longer see on their feeds..

Step 2: Click “See fewer advertisements about this topic.”.

JUN. 18, 2020

Action 1: Go to Settings..

Here is a video tutorial courtesy of Facebook:.

Presently rolling out to United States users for the weeks to come, the social media company plans to expand the rollout to other nations..

Step 2: Scroll down to “Ad Preferences.”.

What Else Is New with Facebook?

Facebook is rolling out the Voting Information Center, which includes resources about voting. According to Facebooks statement, the new feature intends to “register 4 million citizens and assist them get to the poles so they can hold our leaders liable.” In 2016 and 2018, Facebook helped 2 million users sign up to vote..

Moving forward, when users share an advertisement with a political disclaimer, the tag will stay intact. Now, users can track the advertisement invest of United States House and Senate races. Previously, users might just find the advertisement spend for governmental races. With the new test, users can choose to share Collections with the public, pals, or factors. Previously, users might only share Collections by manually selecting people from their good friends list.

Voting Information.

By Anne Felicitas.

Picture courtesy of Tech Crunch.

Facebook is also making updates to the Ad Library. Now, users can track the ad spend of US House and Senate races. Formerly, users could just discover the advertisement invest for presidential races. The upgraded Advertisement Library likewise contains a custom tracker that compares the ad invest of marketers running political or issues ads..

New Collections Test.

In an effort to improve openness, Facebook is likewise updating the “Paid for by” tags. Moving forward, when users share an advertisement with a political disclaimer, the tag will stay intact. Formerly, disclaimer tags disappeared after sharing, producing confusion as to whether the post was an advertisement or a natural post..


Facebook is presently testing a feature that permits users to more broadly share Collections, organized folders consisting of posts bookmarked on the platform.

New Ad Library Features.

Shareable “Paid for by” Tags.

Image thanks to Facebook.


With the new test, users can pick to share Collections with the general public, good friends, or contributors. Users can also choose to make Collections personal. Previously, users could only share Collections by manually selecting individuals from their buddies list.

In the Voting Information Center, users can discover resources on signing up to vote and asking for an absentee or mail-in tally, in addition to informs from officials.

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