How To Create a Winning Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Research study reveals that 62% of individuals thoroughly take in video content, young consumers prefer video material over composed content, and 53% of customers want to see more video material from brand names that they enjoy..

Video sales letters have actually ended up being a popular method to generate leads and sell items online.

What if your video sales letter was virtually ensured to convert traffic into leads and leads into paying clients? Heres what you need to know..

Merely for the truth that its video-based, VSLs can assist you keep your audiences attention, convert more traffic, and even get in touch with your target audience on a much deeper level.

And for good factor.

But what precisely is a Video Sales Letter?

What is a Video Sales Letter?

Truthfully, most Video Sales Letters arent totally lacking sales copy … they just have more video and less copy..

A Video Sales Letter has the specific same content as any other traditional sales letter, but consists of video-based material rather than written material..

Heres an example from Jaimie Cross, a ClickFunnels member who sells organic soaps and creams.

Its on the video to do many of the selling..

Notification that her Video Sales Letter still has sales copy … its just that the video is and is the focus meant to do many of the selling..

If I zoom out, you can see how there isnt much sales copy on the entire page.

Jaimie Cross is also part of our Two Comma Club!

There are actually only three things that you need to nail in order to make the launch of your Video Sales Letter a substantial success: the heading, the video, and the sales process..

The Attention Grabbing Headline.

The DNA Of an Effective Video Sales Letter (And How To Build One).

AirAsia running an ad for “FREE SEATS” makes you click to discover what theyre discussing.

If youre running Facebook Ads to drive traffic, for example, then individuals didnt come looking for you … you are interrupting them..

This implies youve recorded their attention..

As has often been screamed by marketers everywhere, youve got to have an attention-grabbing heading..

Once people click on your ad, theyll be taken to your Video Sales Letter..

Due to the fact that the focus is supposed to be on the video material, thats. With a VSL, you dont desire to sidetrack individuals from the video with too much extra sales copy..

Oh– and heres Jaimes video, in case you were questioning what a killer sales video looks like …

Theyre scrolling on Facebook, most likely looking for entertainment, and your ad appears..

Which is one of the fantastic parts about a VSL; you truly simply need a video and a headline prior to you introduce..

Its in fact pretty easy..

Here are a few examples of headings that stop people in their tracks.

Natalie Hodsons ad makes you dream and thus makes you click– perhaps constructing that business IS possible …

Lets discuss every one in a bit more information.

You can turn your Video Sales Letter into a funnel by putting video material front-and-center on each page..

The only method to get them to stop scrolling is to get their attention with a tempting heading..

This uses to your paid advertisements and to your sales page itself.

What are the fundamental aspects that make a high-converting VSL?.

Neil Patels Facebook Advertisement is fantastic due to the fact that it starts by dealing with the discomfort his target audience is going through and then constructs his own credibility.

The most convenient way to highlight why this is necessary is to consider who youre attempting to bring in and when theyre going to have the chance to see your VSL..

Fantastic job!

Then, when youve gotten their attention, theyre going to view your video..

Browsing these examples, youll see that each heading will attract a different market … they do not all interest the same people..

Your video should do the bulk of the selling and it need to be as compelling as possible..

Maybe that indicates registering for a totally free webinar, opting in to your e-mail list, or purchasing an item.


While this heading wont interest everyone, it definitely does appeal to females who are having problem with the symptoms pointed out on the page.

The heart of a Video Sales Letter is the video..

So you understand you require to utilize video material on your sales page or pages … but what should you really state in each video?.

Website traffic is one of the most significant obstacles these dayss online business owners. So this heading massively appeals to Russell Brunsons target audience.

The Compelling Video.

Well, a sales video should stream nearly identically to how a normal sales page would stream.

Heres what comes next.

You wish to write a heading that is attention grabbing and tempting to your dream customers..

However youre not finished yet … theyre interested but your VSL headline still needs to make a big, irresistible pledge to keep their interest and build more thriller..

More than likely, your Video Sales Letter will turn into a Video Sales Funnel with multiple pages and phases.

Heres the structure that world-famous copywriter, Jim Edwards, recommends following …

That is, it ought to compel your target audience to take the next action that you want them to take throughout that step of your sales funnel.

Here are a couple of examples of that.

Garrett J. White makes some huge guarantees to his target market with the above heading.

And thats okay..

Explain The Problem– What issue is your target market facing? How can you understand with their challenges?

Upset The Problem– Make that issue visceral for them. Describe why its a larger problem than they believe it is and how its actually going to damage them over the long-run.

Present The Solution– What is your service to their problem?

Just like any reliable sales funnel, your Video Sales Letter needs an easy-to-commit procedure.

For selling items …

Once they offer you their e-mail address, the second page may present your solution, build credibility, and show evidence of what your product can do. Here, you can then get their payment and shipping info..

Show Proof– How do they know that itll in fact work? Using a testimonial or case-study is a terrific method to reveal evidence.

Maybe your very first page just discusses the issue that theyre going through and stresses its severity, and then asks for their contact info so you can provide them your “unique option.”.

If you desire your target market to take action, then sales funnels will assist you do that.

And for hosting an occasion …

Thats precisely what weve developed ClickFunnels to do..

On a third upsell or downsell page, you might explain exactly what theyre going to get, provide an additional product with urgency, and close the sale..

We have sales funnels for producing leads …

The Easy-To-Commit Process.

Each one is built (and tested) to mentally assist people toward taking the action that you desire them to take..

No matter which funnel you choose to use, you can always tape video rather of composing sales copy … turning each page into a Video Sales Letter..

Remember, this procedure can be divided up over several pages to keep the prospect progressing and to help them make little commitment along the way..

In other words, it needs to direct people from one easy action to the next … as perfectly as possible..

Build Credibility– Why should they trust YOU to be the company of this service? What makes you so fantastic? Narrating about your own journey can help develop trustworthiness.

Here, for example, is what our Video Sales Letter funnel appear like …

Explain Exactly What They Get– Explain exactly what the prospect is going to get if they register.

Offer Reason To Act Now– Why should they buy today? Use urgency or scarcity to put the prospects foot on the gas.

The point is, this procedure fits simply as cleanly onto a single page as it does onto a whole sales funnel..

Heres what this process appears like in action– this is Russell Brunson offering his book, Expert Secrets …

Close– Close the sale with a last call-to-action.

Construct Your First Sales Funnel For FREE!

The bulk of the content you require will be simply one or numerous 5-10 minute videos. Then youll need to select a sales funnel, submit those videos, and drive traffic.

Produce Your Video Sales Letter in 3 Steps.

Developing a video sales letter can actually be truly easy.

1. Choose Your Sales Funnel.

And if you wish to host an occasion, check out our Webinar Sales Funnel.

And keep in mind, you can turn any funnel into a Video Sales Letter by substituting the sales copy for sales videos..

Whereas a site or a single page may confuse visitors about what action prospects are supposed to take, a sales funnel is crafted to deliberately drive the visitor toward conversion.

The finest method to get individuals to do something about it online is by utilizing a sales funnel..

Examine out our Video Sales Letter Funnel if you desire to offer items.

Once youve selected your sales funnel, its time to tape-record some video.

Inspect out our Squeeze Page Funnel if you desire to create leads.

2. Record Your Video.

You might use your phone and do a recording while you hold it in selfie-mode, you might do a screenshare, or you could do a more professional production.

Then hit record.

For example …

Whatever you choose, the essential thing is that your video style matches your brand name..

Eventually, record a video that will fit with your brand name design and resonate with your audience..

At ClickFunnels, our style is pretty casual, so Russell Brunson movies a lot of videos of just him talking to the video camera, unscripted..

Note: As for the content of your video, you can follow the sales process laid out in the above section, under “The Compelling Video.”.

Depending upon the sales funnel youve picked, youll probably have to record numerous videos for different pages.

You might wish to start by composing a script for your video and perhaps even hiring a star to provide the lines.

But that may not fit the brand name image for other organisations..

Thats what we did on our Death Of a Website page.

Is it personal? Is it formal? Is it artistic?.

There are a lot of different designs for Video Sales Letters..

3. Drive Traffic.

After all, your video sales letter will not have an opportunity at transforming if your target audience does not even show up on the page..

So this is an essential step..

The only way to produce a winning Video Sales Letter is to create it and then to drive traffic..

And this is a concern you should be asking yourself long before launch day: How are you going to drive traffic?

Are you going to deal with influencers? Run paid advertisements? Promote organically to your audience?.

All of the above?

BENEFIT: The Video Sales Letter Template That Convert Like Crazy.

Youre welcome to take this design template and apply it to your sales funnel in a method that makes good sense for your business..

Before we liquidate this post, we wish to share another example of a high-converting Video Sales Letters with you..

If youre uncertain, then obtain a totally free copy of Traffic Secrets, and examine out this short article we did with 8 different traffic-driving strategies.

Weve even consisted of a link to this funnel design template so you can start working from the design template instantly for free!

And finally, we have the Thank You Page..

This develops a sense of urgency and will generally increase your typical value-per-order..

You can browse through all of our Video Sales Letter Funnel templates over here..

On this page, you make the possibility an unique one-time offer that goes away if they do not make the most of it right now..

Heres what the whole product-flow might appear like.

Since of how it guides each visitor, this sales funnel converts like insane and increases your average value-per-order.

What product do you have that sells like hot-cakes? Or how can you develop a product or offer that will be tempting?.

We have the main sales page.

Next is the downsell page.

Once they enter their payment and shipping information, they go to the One-Time-Offer Page.

This is where you offer a no-brainer product to your target market..

Thats what you desire this page to be about– a low-level deal that thrills individuals and gets them to do something about it..

There are just four different pages to this Video Sales Letter funnel..

Sales Page– “Free Book, Just Pay Shipping!”.
One-Time Offer– “30 Days Of Our Service For 50% Off!”.
Downsell– “Also Get My Workbook For Just $10!”.

This deal should be a smaller commitment than the item on your one-time-offer page. It must be an easy, little something additional that makes individuals think, “Oh yeah. I probably do need that.”.

Go here to produce your very first sales funnel totally free!

Ready To Build Your Winning Video Sales Letter?

And now, you have everything you need to get begun … including a 14-day FREE trial to ClickFunnels!.

Whats not to like?.

By crafting a video sales letter to accomplish your marketing objectives, you take advantage of the synergistic effect of high-converting sales funnels and eye-catching videos.

And sales funnels transform better than any other online marketing methodology.

People enjoy video content..

Its time for action!

What makes you so terrific? Are you going to work with influencers? This deal needs to be a smaller dedication than the product on your one-time-offer page. It must be an easy, little something extra that makes people think, “Oh yeah. I most likely do require that.”.

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