Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout (The 7-Figure Answer)

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Last Updated on May 31st, 2020
Hey is that the next mega-rich Amazon FBA expert I see there? I believe it is …
Welcome to my Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout review. I owe a great deal of my success to these tools, so in this review, Ill show you how every one assisted me prosper and let you decide on your own.
Ill be truthful– if you dont use the right tools, you wont be successful at FBA. Duration. However you need the RIGHT TOOLS FOR YOU. The last thing you wish to do is pay $100/mo for something you cant even utilize.
In this Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout mega-guide for the soon-to-be scrillionaires, Ill cover:

The benefits and drawbacks of each tool
Which kind of entrepreneur requirements which tool
How to tell if you need Helium 10 or simply Jungle Scout
A breakdown of each tool and its features
A quick prices breakdown
Memes that probably only I think are funny

Ready? This is going to be FBAulous … sorry.
Heres a Breakdown of My Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout Guide:

Clearly, the less the better, however high competitors doesnt always imply GOOD competitors. Take everything into account when evaluating a product.

Product Database makes it a lot easier. You can even target products with awful listings (my favorite). That way you understand its easier to outrank your rivals.
Product Tracker– Track Product Ideas Over Time.

The cool thing is, if your competitors isnt using Magnet, they WONT HAVE THIS INFO. At least not as much or as precise as the details you have.
Frankenstein– “Its ALIVE! … And its making my keyword lists way more powerful!”.

Keyword Research: Know what shoppers are browsing for and enhance your listings appropriately. More traffic. More sales. More smiles all around.

From finding items to optimizing listings for higher rankings and more sales to handling your store and getting refunds.

Platinum ($ 97/mo): The entry-level plan features all the tools plus 5,000 e-mails, 2,500 tracked keywords, notifies on 300 ASINS, and 150 usages of the Index Checker. Perfect for brand-new sellers.

Black Box just did all that work for you. Imagine all of the lobbying for tax breaks you can do with that additional time!
Cerebro– An Unfair Advantage.

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All-in-one of every tool you require to grow a lucrative shop.
Amazon training.

Helium 10 Pricing.
I want to make things easy for you. So heres a real screenshot of Helium 10s pricing:.

What Comes With the Helium 10 Free Plan?
All you require is an email address (or addresses!) to get all these features.

Jungle Scout is one tool that assists you succeed. Helium 10 is EVERY TOOL you need to succeed in ONE PLACE.
Every severe seller Ive ever fulfilled usages Helium 10.
Here are a few of the most important features:.
Helium 10 Features Breakdown.
Helium 10 is a huge fleet of FBA tools. Covering every one of them would need a trilogy of books.
Im simply going to breakdown the most crucial ones.
Black Box– Research Everything in the Known Universe.

KEEP IN MIND: Helium 10 is providing our readers as much as 50% off by utilizing our links in this post.
What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scouts Chrome Extension is a bridge between Amazon and Jungle Scout built straight into your browser.
Now, when youre searching for products, you get all of the items information and practical metrics in a single click RIGHT IN YOUR BROWSER.
Youll see Opportunity Score, cost, evaluations, everyday sales, sales history, and a lots of other metrics that will assist validate your product ideas.
Now, I have excellent news and bad news.
This is among the best Amazon selling tools Ive ever utilized, and its quite economical.
Its not included in the JS membership. You have to pay for it independently. Far more on this in the rates section.
What is Helium 10?
Keep in mind how I stated Jungle Scout was a blinding light in the dark jungle?
Well …
Helium 10 resembles lighting the entire jungle on fire, bulldozing what stays, then developing an enormous, very successful Amazon FBA operation where that dense, dark jungle used to be (#SaveTheRainforest).
Let me summarize the distinction succinctly …
Whereas Jungle Scout is more of a product research tool, Helium 10 is an all-in-one suite of Amazon FBA tools covering product research PLUS SEO, shop management, fraud security, listings optimization, lead catching, and item launches.

Magnet: $37/mo.

However Wait, Theres More …
Helium likewise uses a la carte prices.
So, if you only wish to utilize one tool, you can just purchase that single tool instead of the suite. I dont advise it since Platinum just costs $97/mo, but its your cash.
Heres a few of the a la carte pricing:.

CPR 8-Day Giveaways: This is an evaluation of the number of units you d require to hand out in an 8-day duration to rank on page 1 for this term.

Frankenstein takes a lot of mismatched parts and turns them into a lean, imply, fighting device (hence the name!). The result? You save hours of time and escalate your Amazon rank.
Heres how it works …
Normally, keywords lists have thousands of words, and the bulk of them consist of duplicate terms or unnecessary words.
That suggests you need to spend hours reading your spreadsheet and cleaning the dang thing up. By the end, you have white hairs sprouting and you swear off FBA for good.
Frankenstein does all that work for you quickly. You can set criteria like “remove FOR or WITH” or other worthless words, so youre left with only the meat of the terms.
Just enter your keyword list, set your specifications, and click a button.

Xray: 50 usages.

Cerebro IQ Score: This is a rating that indicates how good of an opportunity this product is. The greater the better.

I want I were joking …
Helium 10 has multiple pricing tiers starting with totally free and developing to Elite. As you ascend, you unlock more functions and more functionality (e.g. more searches or more tracked keywords).
Here are the rates fundamentals:.

Fantastic provider base.
The finest product selection tool.
Budget friendly.

Think of having a birds- eye view of success, possible ROI, reviews, inventory, ASINs, and ads analytics AS YOU BROWSE Amazon.
Thats XRay, Helium 10s Chrome Extension.
All the info you need to make calculated choices is right there at the click of a button.
Now, when Jeff is doing research study for his video gaming chairs, he can see nearly all of the relevant data about this specific products success, patterns, advertisements, inventory, and consumer feedback straight from his web browser.
And he even gets to try it totally free (as much as 50 searches).
Refund Genie– Refunding Made Easy.

Youre on a spending plan.
You only need a fantastic item selection tool.
You want a tool with a short learning curve.

Associated keywords.
High-volume terms.
Actionable keywords.
Competing items.
Top items.
Word frequency.

A keyword tracker.
Success calculator.
Trendster (examine sales trends).
Follow up.
Inventory protector.
Market tracker.

NOTE: Helium 10 currently has a coupon for 50% off your first month!
Are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout Worth the Money?
Yes, both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout deserve the cash. Every cent.
This is an investment, not an expenditure. You can not be successful at Amazon FBA without tools like these.
For Jungle Scout, this is a tool that will eliminate dozens of hours of manual research and take all of the uncertainty and risk out of selecting, sourcing, and tracking an item. It actually shows you low competitors, high need, upward-trending items that will make you bank.
And its just about $40. Cant beat it.
Helium 10 is worth every cent too. Its a suite of tools that will enhance your store end-to-end. From finding products to enhancing listings for greater rankings and more sales to handling your shop and getting refunds.
Heres the important things that most brand-new sellers do not comprehend.
You have to combat fire with fire. If somebody has access to all of this data, how can you contend?
Q: Is Jungle Scout Free?
No, Jungle Scout is not totally free. It does not use a totally free trial or a totally free strategy. It does offer a 14-day money-back warranty, so you can attempt it risk-free.
Q: Who Owns Helium 10?
Helium 10 is owned by Manny Coates, the founder. The co-founder, COO, and CMO is Guillermo Puyol.
Q: Is Jungle Scout Worth the Money?
Its a very powerful research tool that costs as little as $39/mo. This one tool can assist you find winning items to develop an Amazon FBA business.
Q: What is Helium 10 Used For?
Helium 10 is utilized to discover products, develop an Amazon business, enhance your listings, and handle the whole purchasing procedure. Its the only all-in-one, end-to-end Amazon tool around.
Q: How Much Does Helium 10 Cost?
Helium 10 costs as low as $97/mo. There is also a FREE variation, albeit with minimal functionality.
Q: Is Helium 10 XRay Free?
Yes, you can access Helium 10 Xray free of charge, but with limited functionality.
Q: Is Helium 10 Free?
Helium 10 has a complimentary plan with minimal performance.
Q: Is Helium 10 Better Than Jungle Scout?
Yes, its more thorough than Jungle Scout. Nevertheless, JungleScout might be much better if you only require a low-cost product research tool.
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Refund Genie: $97/mo.

This is literally everything you need to understand about this listing PLUS recommendations from Helium 10 on outranking it.
I understand that some of these terms most likely look more like Klingon than English, so Ill describe a few:.

Product Tracking: Keep your finger on the pulse of Amazon with sales data, analytics, and inventory data at a glance.

And theres still more. Take a look at this screenshot of all the tools:.

Once its empty, youve got a fully enhanced listing! Without this, youve got to manually track everything.
XRay– A Birds- Eye View Right From Your Browser.

Item Research: JS shows you winning items in HIGH DEMAND, so you dont need to research and play the thinking game.


Who Needs Which Tool?
Pros and Cons
A Breakdown of Each Tool
Pricing (Is Helium 10 REALLY WORTH the money?.).

Scribbles– Optimize Your Listings. Outrank Everyone.

Supplier Sourcing: JS connects you to trustworthy providers so you eliminate the danger of great deals spoiled (Been there. DONE THAT. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK).

Black Box: 20 uses.

Youve got the cash to invest.
Youre serious about growing big.
You need an all-in-one service for choice, optimization, analytics, and shop management.

Trenderster: 30 uses.

Jungle Scout is a much better product sourcing tool for sure. Product Database makes it so much simpler. You can even target items with dreadful listings (my favorite). Take whatever into account when assessing a product.

Turn material into leads && sales!
material marketing that transforms.
tricks and suggestions.
examples and cases.

Magnet– Expand Your Keyword List.

Cerebro is wicked Amazon black magic disguised as a reverse ASIN lookup tool.
Using Cerebro assists you destroy your competitors. So because way, its like putting a curse on your competitors shop.
Basically, Cerebro reverse engineers successful listings and reveals you all of the reasons theyre successful so you can take that specific same plan, enhance upon it, and OUTRANK them.
Black. Magic.
Let me describe in a little more information.
Heres a quick example to assist show the wicked black magicness.
State you … erg …” Jeff Bezos” wishes to sell video gaming chairs. All he has to do is fire up his own website, look for gaming chairs, and see whats already selling.
He just takes the ASIN from the item and pops it into Cerebro.
Heres what it returns:.

Elite ($ 397): The supreme FBA plan. This consists of elite training, workshops, networking, and a private Facebook group. Plus, you get 50,000 e-mails, 500 usages of the Index Checker, and 1,000 alerts.

Stock Manager: A real-time view of your stock. Know how much to buy, enhance sales, and cut costs. Im liking it.

Not as lots of tools as Helium 10.
Minimal exterior of item choice and sourcing.
No mobile app.

Magnet is an amazing keyword growth tool with the largest database of actionable search terms on the marketplace, approximately the company declares.
Magnet drastically increases your opportunities of driving easy traffic that your competitors isnt benefiting from.
You get in a “seed keyword” and Magic spits back countless related terms you might not even understand exist.
Back to great ol Jeff and his video gaming chair. If he were to put the words “video gaming chair” into Magnet, he d get heaps of rewarding product/kw opportunities like lumbar assistance, desk devices (for boys and ladies), adjustable desks, etc
. Magnet will reveal you:.

Get Helium 10 if ….

Scribbles: 30 days.

KEEP IN MIND: This is just for 500 orders each month. Prices increase dramatically if youre making more sales. Of course, if youre making 1,000 + sales each month, I doubt youll care about paying $20 more …

How do you understand which one will blow up?
With Product Tracker!
This tool will compare them side by side with inventory, Best Seller Rank, number of sales, and pricing data so you can make an informed decision rather than simply guessing.
With all of that information over an extended period of time, youll make the ideal choice every time.
Jungle Scout Supplier Database– Peace of Mind.
Discovering a provider is an unsafe video game.
You have no idea who they are, where theyre actually from, or what kind of item theyll make you.
Jungle Scouts Supplier Database was the first tool of its kind, and its still badass to this day. This is instantaneous, unconfined access to premium, fully-vetted suppliers.
Instead of going with your gut or having to dig into halfway-trustworthy details in some foreign nation, you can see consumer volume, number of validated deliveries, existing clients, and even quickly compare quotes.
Youll get your item made faster, made better, and, most importantly, made by somebody you can actually trust. This takes all the threat out of discovering a provider.
Chance Finder– Find High-Demand, Low-Competition KWs.
Opportunity Finder is a niche selection blessing.
You understand those unique niche items with high margins, high need, and low competitors?
This is how you discover them.
You can scope out trending keywords to see what individuals are beginning to purchase now (and will be extremely lucrative later!). And you can examine a niches past performance, too.
It truly all comes down to the Niche Score metric. Now, when youre looking for products, you get a cool little number that measures how good of a specific niche the item is instead of needing to think on your own.
If you select a bad specific niche, your store will stop working prior to it even opens.
NOTE: Niche Score is not a be-all-end-all metric. You actually need to know your stuff to get a great feel for items.
What is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Black Box: $37/mo.

Jungle Scout Features Breakdown.
Jungle Scout is mainly an item research study and sourcing tool.
It has a lot of new functions, however as I stated previously, its mainly for investigating items, getting in touch with suppliers, and getting to launch.
Im only going to stick to the most important functions in this breakdown.
Here we go …
Product Database– Find the Needle in the Haystack.
Imagine Amazon as a huge jungle of hay. And buried in the trillions of golden hay straws are a couple of sharp needles.
JSs Product Database is a 70-million strong database that you can easily browse with granular filters to find those needles.
Product research is the most fundamental part of succeeding on Amazon. You have to develop your home on a solid foundation, or some other lazy cliche that I hate using however feel the requirement to use here.

Diamond ($ 197): Upgrading to Diamond resembles doubling up. You get double the Index Checker (300 usages), notifies (600 ), and keywords (5,000).

And this …

Helium 10 Cons and pros.

Frankenstein: 30 days.

Cerebro: 2 uses per day.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons.

Magnet: 2 usages daily.

Scribbles is my individual preferred tool. Partly, since I like writing (not actually) and partly due to the fact that I love ranking # 1 for my items, selling tons, and traveling throughout the world full-time on my private jet … I wish:-LRB-.
Seriously, though, Scribbles is an amazing, instinctive listings optimization tool that guarantees you never miss a single keyword. It makes listings optimization so easy.
You enter your keywords and write your listing. Then, Scribbles tracks which words you utilize and removes them from the list as you go along.

Product Tracker gives you pin-point accurate data so you can quickly compare products once you find the next huge hit.
State youre trying to decide in between 2 products: edible shine or pulled pork shredder claws.

ITS ALIVE!! Those are all the words you require to have in your listing to rank.

Black Box is one of the best keyword research tools out there. It might even be as excellent as Jungle Scout.
Black box empowers you to discover financially rewarding, winning products in untapped specific niches with clever filters like category, approximated month-to-month sales, and variety of sellers. That way, you can discover popular items in low-competition niches.
Pretend youre Jeff Bezos and you wish to start your own Amazon store in your extra time.
You decide the very best item for you is one with high search volume, middle-tier prices, and lots of positive reviews.
You open Black Box, set your filters, click a button or 2, and voila– it reveals you this:.

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout Pricing– A Tale of Two Philosophies.
How much does Jungle Scout expense?
Is it worth it?
Just how much is Helium 10?
Wait, WHAT? HOW much?
Im about to address all of these questions and give my thoughts on whether theyre worth the cash or not.
Short answer– yes. Every red cent. You can not prosper at FBA without these tools.
Read that sentence again.
Jungle Scout Pricing.

Jungle Scouts pricing resembles a whiskey on the rocks: Simple. Uncomplicated. You know what youre getting and it does not alter.
The whole suite of tools costs $39/mo billed annually. The suite plus the Chrome extension costs $49/mo.
Who am I to evaluate?
If you wish to pay monthly, things get a bit steeper.

Cerebro: $37/mo.

This tool has reimbursed me cash that I didnt even understand was owed to me.
Getting repaid by Amazon for lost or damaged inventory IS NOT EASY.
Youve got to go to Seller Central, produce a report, make a spreadsheet, open a case with Amazon, and a lot of other “I-don t-feel-like-doing-this-BS-today” sort of things.
Refund Genie automates this entire process.
Its like you found a magic light, and out popped a genie that just invested 3,000 years discovering how to enhance the Amazon refund procedure, and he only charges about $100/mo to do everything for you.
NOTE: Amazon is infamously bad at repaying sellers. There are plenty of refund management companies out there, but some take a 25% cut of your refund.
Other Tools.
Somehow, this isnt all of Helium 10s awesome tools. Theyve likewise got:.

Jungle Scout (JS) is a remarkably powerful Amazon research tool that takes all of the effort and uncertainty out of finding winning items, then serves as your financial command center.
Its by far the most popular, popular Amazon product research, keyword research, and provider sourcing tool that I understand of.
Think about it as a blinding light in the worlds densest jungle.
This one tool does all this:.

Refund Genie: Very limited use.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout? Which Tool Do I Need?
This is a gross oversimplification, but I think it will be very beneficial.
Ask yourself:.
Do I require simply an item selection tool that will help me release much faster or do I desire a whole suite of Amazon tools to grow a hugely successful money machine?.
If its the former, simply get Jungle Scout. If youre severe about growing huge on Amazon, get Helium 10.
Jungle Scout is a much better product sourcing tool for sure. Thats it. If you ask me, Helium 10 wins in every other classification.
Get Jungle Scout If …

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