What it is like to travel right now

I have another 7 hours to wait prior to I finally board my flight home to Australia. With time on my side, I figure now may be a great time to share with you what it is like to take a trip right now.

Im going to start by saying I do not wish to be travelling right now. There isnt a bone in my body that wants to take a trip through a pandemic, not to mention promote it. I have been trying to get home to Australia given that March, which you can check out more about here.

What it is like to reserve a flight

Scheduling a flight is no regular procedure. There are less flights available and tickets are a lot more expensive than typical. I waited months to reserve a flight home to Australia and it cost me around four times the normal price.

Im going to walk you through each process action by action. Well begin with the flight booking procedure as this is realistically where your trip starts.

There are flights easily offered in and out of Europe, the United States, and even parts of Africa. Countries are opening up and flights are available– however that isnt to say travel is pleasurable today.

My experience was rather special. Australia has actually had one of the strictest border controls throughout the pandemic if you werent currently mindful. Im not saying it is a bad thing– but it certainly was tough being on the “outdoors” of the problem and not able to come house.

Nevertheless not every nation is this difficult to get in to.

What it resembles at Check In

There are very couple of restaurants and stores open throughout the pandemic. Numerous shopfronts in airports have actually been removed bare. Even duty totally free shops have actually gotten rid of all of their fragrances and cosmetics to attempt or smell before you purchase. It appears apparent now, however at the time I was anticipating to attempt a new fragrance on my method through!

There are sanitising stations as soon as you get in the airport. There are also temperature level checks, social distancing barriers and procedures to point you in the ideal direction.

When I reached the airport in Cape Town I was asked to produce a “health questionnaire”. This was currently offered to me when I signed in online, so I had it filled and printed out already. I was needed to produce the very same form once again in Johannesburg airport. Luckily I had two!

I signed in for my flight two hours early. It wasnt truly needed, however my nerves certainly relaxed for doing so. I didnt need anymore paperwork to fly domestically, but I did need an unfavorable covid-19 test to check-in for my flight to Dubai. This is a requirement by Emirates for all travelers (though this modifications daily). Make certain to communicate with your airline and contact us to verify as guidelines change rapidly and regularly.

What it resembles On Board

It was quickly to social distance since my seat was up front. Back in service and economy it wasnt as complete, with many seats readily available for social distancing.

The only flight I could return to Australia remained in First Class. I was reaching a point where going house was increasingly more time sensitive, so I jumped at the chance. At least I would be social distancing in style!

What I was most satisfied by was a travel hygiene box offered out by Emirates. I got straight to work sanitizing my seat to be additional mindful.

This is where things alter the most when it concerns what it is like to take a trip right now. As I boarded my Emirates flight I was welcomed by air people hosting completely protective gear, consisting of safety glasses and gloves. It isnt that odd (offered how weird just existing in 2020 is) but it certainly was different.

What it is like in transit

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am presently more than midway through a 20-hour layover in Dubai. This flight was more budget friendly due to the fact that of the long layover, so Ive had plenty of time to wander around the airport.

The first-rate lounge and organization class lounge in Dubai are blended into one area. There is also less dishware with a lot of food items now being served in product packaging.

There are sanitization stations throughout the airports and besides being very empty, it is quite typical here in Dubai. It will be quite some time prior to I take a trip globally once again, so it has been a special experience in the journey to get home.

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I have another 7 hours to wait prior to I finally board my flight home to Australia. I waited months to schedule a flight house to Australia and it cost me around 4 times the common price.

I inspected in for my flight 2 hours early. I didnt require any more paperwork to fly domestically, but I did need an unfavorable covid-19 test to check-in for my flight to Dubai. The only flight I might get back to Australia was in First Class.

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