11 Strategic Ways to Get New Clients as a Freelance Writer

Whether youre learning how to become a freelance writer or a skilled freelancer slogging through a slow period, figuring out how to get customers can be nerve-wracking.
Heres the difficult reality: You need to hustle to get new writing customers. Even the most skilled freelancers have to expand their circles on a regular basis to guarantee they have a steady stream of paying work.
Sites that post freelance writing tasks abound, however require a vital eye. Its simple to get drawn into a trap of earning money $1 for every 300-word post you research and write. And while that might be a great place to begin, particularly if youre looking for freelance composing tasks for beginners, it pays to take a more tactical method once youre all set to level up your income.
How do freelance writers get new customers?
If youre going to get high-paying composing gigs and repeat clients, youll need to think beyond the job board.
While these strategies can be more efficient in the long run than task websites, they may take longer to show outcomes. A job board offers the possibility of an instant project, while the ideas described below in some cases return client opportunities months and even years after you put in the effort.
Here are some fresh concepts for how to discover customers when youre ready to go the additional mile.
1. Individualize your sales calls and emails
Dont send your pitch to a generic inbox. Do some research to determine which editor will evaluate your pitch, and after that invest more time sleuthing to find their contact info.
” Make sure the best people– the decision-makers– see your message,” advises Francesca Nicasio. “If youre handling a small company or startup, the companys founder is typically an excellent bet.”
Yes, this takes more effort than dashing off an email to a businesss inbox for general questions. However its far more most likely to land you a byline.
2. Partner with other freelancers
Do you understand any task supervisors, web developers or graphic designers? Their projects typically require first-class writing skills, which opens opportunities to work together.
If your web development buddy understands youre ready to collaborate for a website redesign job, she can recommend you to the client. By sticking, you may find ways to help one another.
” I have a list of writers I rely on to get my customers to hire,” writes Paul Jarvis, who concentrates on web design. “I know composing makes or breaks websites and I understand the difference an expert makes. So I constantly recommend experienced authors to all my design clients and they often hire them.”
Supporting other writers can create recommendations, too, as writers who do not have the bandwidth for a task frequently want to pass along the name of a certified author who can do it instead.

3. Volunteer your services

Offering might not foot the bill, however its a beneficial way to network without having to handle small talk at delighted hour.
” Volunteering is a fantastic method to be familiar with influential people who can aid with your freelancing profession– specifically if you volunteer to do the writing and marketing responsibilities for those projects,” composes Narendra Motwani. The people you meet while volunteering might become connections at business you d enjoy to compose for.
4. Schedule a speaking engagement
This pointer only works if youre comfortable in front of a crowd. But if you d rather provide a speech than approach complete strangers at pleased hour, it could be a fit. And keep in mind, even speaking in front of 20 individuals counts; you do not have to keynote to an audience of countless individuals to be efficient.
In an ideal world, you d speak with audiences that might end up being clients If you compose in the healthcare space, look for opportunities to speak to people who work at health care companies.
Even if you cant discover an ideal match for your niche, getting in front of any audience could pay dividends. Share understanding that reveals you have something to offer, and the people who see you speak may pass your name to someone who needs your expertise.
5. Get back in touch with previous clients.
If youre not in routine contact with previous customers or organizations youve volunteered for, you might be leaving business on the table.
This outreach can be as simple as a short e-mail or LinkedIn message to sign in with someone you as soon as dealt with. Try to find a way to mention that you have bandwidth for additional work. “You never understand when a client might send out work your way just since you turned up on their radar at the correct time,” composes Samar Owais.
6. Look for opportunities on Twitter
Youll never ever get any work done if you spend all day on Twitter. By scheduling time each week to use Twitters sophisticated search, you may notice when business are looking for assistance.
David Masters has a quick how-to that will get you started and assist you refine your search terms. Or you might lean on a service that aggregates Twitter opportunities, like Sonia Weisers Opportunities of the Week newsletter.
7. Use your skills in a different method
If you feel like youre banging your head versus the wall trying to land a certain type of paying work, push yourself to be more creative about how you use your skills.
For example, cant discover a freelance writing task you feel great about? Think about pursuing transcription jobs rather. You might find a new niche you delight in!
8. Compose a niche blog
If youre searching for work as a blog writer, you must definitely compose a blog of your own. Your blog site should concentrate on a specific niche, says Carol Tice of Making a Living Writing, although the subject does not have to line up precisely with your target audience.
9. Sell an item
You just have 24 hours in a day, but offering a product you created assistance showcase your competence, which can result in customers with time. Plus, it never injures to generate income while you sleep.
Think about writing an ebook or white paper as a starting point. With so many online platforms and tools available to digital sellers, its never been easier to gather cash for your work. If youre unsure where to start, have a look at GumRoad, ConvertKit or Substack.
10. Pitch guest post
Guest blogging may not bring in revenue– only some websites pay for guest posts– but it will get your name in front of a lot of potential customers. Some organizations discover freelance writers by looking at who composes for their rivals websites.
Dont spread yourself too thin by guest-blogging for everyone. After all, youll need plenty of time for paid work as it can be found in.
11. Sharpen your abilities
Still getting nowhere? You may consider buying yourself by taking some online writing courses.
Obviously, you never ever want to put yourself in a position where youre investing more than you can make, however sometimes its worth paying for training to set yourself up for success. Many online courses offer feedback from the trainer and interaction with other trainees, which might cause insight about your own skills or approach.
What are your reliable methods for drawing in brand-new customers?
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Its simple to get sucked into a trap of getting paid $1 for every 300-word post you research study and write. And while that may be an excellent place to start, especially if youre looking for freelance writing jobs for newbies, it pays to take a more tactical technique once youre ready to level up your earnings.
” I have a list of writers I trust to get my customers to employ,” writes Paul Jarvis, who specializes in web style. I always suggest knowledgeable writers to all my style clients and they frequently employ them.”
“You never ever understand when a customer may send work your method just due to the fact that you popped up on their radar at the ideal time,” composes Samar Owais.

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