36 Travel Magazines and Websites That Pay Freelance Writers

When you dream about your composing profession, do you image yourself doodling in note pads about your world takes a trip, intending to integrate your wanderlust with your innovative flair to make money for your experiences?.
Its time to stop dreaming if you have travel stories to inform! Lots of markets want to pay for your stories about locations, tips and your experiences on the road..
Get paid to discuss travel.
Dont think travel writing is limited to travel-specific magazines or travel sites. Plenty of local and local publications are actively trying to find travel stories, even for locations right in your own yard.
Some authors imagine travel writing tasks as sharing tales of globetrotting and checking out the ancient artifacts of Greece, or wandering Machu Picchu. But thats just a small part of travel writing.
Publications are typically even more eager to get stories about the mountain trails an hour away that make for easy weekend experiences or the neighboring urban city that has a new art display and great dining establishment scene.
Publications that provide freelance travel composing jobs.
While full-time travel author tasks can be difficult to come by, its more typical for freelancers to sell travel composing to publications and other outlets. To get you began, we compiled 36 paying global and domestic travel markets. Click each title to access submission standards or editorial contacts.
So lets get to it! Here are lots of publications that offer opportunities for travel composing jobs:.

1. Matador Network.

Matador Travel looks for original writing, photo and video contributions “that speak to the adventures, cultures, and identities of individuals around the globe.” It motivates developers to join their Matador Creators Community to discover the most recent reporter chances..
While the website does not note a specific payment, Who Pays Writers reports payments ranging from $0.03 to $0.20 per word.

2. ROVA.

Wish to share your thrilling stories of life on the open roadway? The website frequently searches for stories including trip, RVs and adventure. Most of their readers take a trip the roadways of North America and want insightful stories about the continent..
Send an article or picture essay and earn $200 upon acceptance at the ROVA Magazine site..

3. Station Magazine.

Station Magazine searches for submissions about travel, experience and culture. It is searching for longform travel stories, travel guides, and spectacular photography from writers anywhere in the world. The publication is Canadian and it has a “Canadian slant.”.
Online stories typically range from 800 to 1,500 words, 2,000 to 4,000 for print and functions can be approximately about 5,000 words; pay varies.

4. Wanderlust.

This British travel publication releases destination features as much as 2,200 words, together with much shorter dispatches, travel guides, round-up functions and more. Pay is generally ₤ 220 (about $275) per 1,000 words, however rates vary.


Write travel articles about locations, activities and experiences for GoNOMAD, but bear in mind that this site looks for pieces that satisfy its style and focus.
If you wish to compose for GoNOMAD, its guidelines say, “No glossy publication fluff, no standard manual descriptions, no advertising buzz.” Articles are typically 1,200 to 2,000 words, and a breakdown of locations and topics the publication is looking for is readily available in its guidelines.
Pay is $25 per short article.

6. Travel + Leisure Magazine.

While this magazine doesnt have particular submission standards online, Freedom with Writing states this publication is composed 95 percent by freelancers on task and pays up to $1 a word. Send your pitches to submissions@travelandleisure.com.

7. Arizona Highways Magazine.

Arizona travelers count on this magazine for destination-based ideas, and the publication likewise encourages travelers to come to Arizona.
Check its guidelines to see when inquiries (usually on particular locations) are accepted. This period is frequently in March. Pay varies.

8. Canadian Geographic Magazine.

Discuss Canadas people, frontiers, places and concerns in this magazine that comes out six times a year. There are no official guidelines to follow, however you might wish to acquaint yourself with their material and tone to get a concept of what theyre looking for.
It buys about 30 features a year and pay varies.

9. DesertUSA Magazine.

Desert fans can write everything about the North American desert in this publication targeting those who enjoy the cultural and natural history of the area. Wildlife, adventure, history, desert tradition, and travel stories remain in demand.
Articles with images get payment of $50.

10. Escapees Magazine.

RV travelers with stories to tell and knowledge to share may think about submitting to Escapees Magazine, which focuses on RV lifestyle.The publication only accepts totally written short articles on spec.
They pay $100 to $200 for feature submissions and $50 to $100 for brief fillers.

11. The Penny Hoarder.

Penny Hoarder looks for stories about traveling on a budget plan from Disneyworld to Hawaiian cruises. Many of their readers are “relaxed and excited about making– and conserving– money,” so concentrate on how your post will help readers save, earn or grow their money.
They pay $75 for a 700 to 900-word short article.

12. KANSAS! Publication.

Celebrate the marvels of Kansas with this publication provided by Kansas Tourism and partner companies. Pitch a 400- to 800-word nonfiction story that has the capacity for interesting photography and shows the state favorably..
Most readers are locals over the age of 50. Payment varies.

13. Los Angeles Times Travel.

The travel section of the Los Angeles Times searches for pieces with a strong visual part. Journeys should be taken in the previous 2 authors and years should follow particular ethical guidelines, including not receiving comped travel.
Print stories differ from $200 to $750; online-only stories normally pay $500; Weekend Escapes pay $200, plus extra money for initial pictures.

14. MotorHome Magazine.

This publication for Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts desires travel stories covering all elements of the Recreational Vehicle lifestyle, including travel destinations, activities and events and more.
It pays up to $900 for technical manuscripts with images, and less for shorter pieces.

15. Oregon Coast Magazine.

Compose about Oregons stunning coastal region and inform stories about everything from day-long driving trips to restaurant functions and historical websites.
Payment ranges from $100 to $650 depending on story type and word count.

16. Pathfinders Travel.

A travel magazine for individuals for color, Pathfinders Travel searches for fresh ideas and stories about travel and the travel market..
Stories generally pay $150.

17. Roadway and Travel.

Road and Travel specializes in automobile, travel and personal safety articles, including short articles that attract female company travelers. Travel articles must relate to resorts and hotels, medical spas, airlines and airline rules, bed & & breakfasts, location reviews, places to go and things to do and far more.
The magazine pays up to $100 per article.

18. Sunset Magazine.

This publication focuses on 13 Western states and desires “act” travel concepts in addition to destinations that provide a range of experiences and “soft adventures.”.
Pay varies.

19. Trailer Life Magazine.

This publication accepts stories about the RV lifestyle, from travel destinations to outside entertainment. Payment varieties from $100 for a little piece to $700 for a technical function with photos.

20. Transitions Abroad Magazine.

This publication for people who live abroad is searching for a range of pieces about working, living and studying abroad, in addition to culinary and cultural travel. Directs: Theyre presently primarily looking for stories about online learning to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).
Pay is usually $75 to $150 for a 1,250-word short article for the web.

21. World Nomads.

World Nomads looks for travel articles that fall under these classifications: love, worry, discovery, connection and improvement. Pitch a personal, authentic story about a life-altering journey or experience.
They pay 50 cents per word for stories between 600 to 800 words. Payment is made after publication.

22. Alaska Airlines Magazine.

This regular monthly in-flight magazine for Alaska Airlines seeks organisation, innovation, character and travel short articles, amongst other topics.
Rates range from $150 to $700 depending on the topic, length and treatment of a short article.

23. WestJet Magazine.

This airline companys Canadian lifestyle-travel publication wants stories varying from expert tips and service-oriented guidance to regional cuisine and features.
Payment varies.

24. Via Magazine.

The American Automobile Association publishes Via Magazine, which focuses on auto travel out West.
Payment differs and you can ask for guidelines by emailing viamail@viamagazine.com.

25. Backpacker.

This publication covers North American destinations. Pitches need to cover foot-based travel, wilderness or backcountry experiences and suggestions.
A feature storys word count differs from 1,500 to 5,000 words, although there are shorter assignments readily available from 100 to 1,200 words. They accept pitches via email and require a signed agreement which specifies the payment quantity and payment terms..
Pay varies, but Who Pays Writers reports rates approximately 50 cents per word.

26. New Mexico Magazine.

Showcase New Mexicos rich environment and culture through this publication of the New Mexico Tourism Department. One-third of readers live in the state and the out-of-state readers typically go to twice a year approximately. The magazine tries to find a dynamic editorial mix, with short articles that show readers things they can do in New Mexico.
Pay is typically 35 to 40 cents per word.

27. Lonesome Planet.

Lonely Planet is an acclaimed website that provides travelers the tools they need to prepare their next journey such as thorough info on destinations, things to do and travel suggestions. They are trying to find freelance factors who want to write digital material, travel news and manuals.
Rates differ, however Who Pays Writers reports a rate of 30 cents per word.

28. Texas Highways.

Texas main travel magazine reaches 500,000 readers in 54 countries each month. It is trying to find pieces featuring “landscapes, history, villages, and isolated locations.”.
Pays 50 cents per word.

29. Typical Ground Magazine.

Typical Ground Magazines readers are from Western Canada. They accept articles about the environment, health, wellness, transformational travel and personal development.
Submissions usually range from 600 to 1,500 words are accepted, but they can accept short articles up to 2,500 words. Rates are 10 cents per word.

30. International Living Magazine.

This site and regular monthly publication is a detailed resource that helps readers discover their dream retirement overseas. It wants stories from expats and anybody who can notify their readers about methods to stretch their dollars and streamline their lives.
Pay depends on $150 for website stories; print stories pay $225 for 900 words and $350 for 1,600 words, plus $50 per image; 600-word day-to-day postcards pay $100.

31. Coastal Living.

With 10 concerns released each year, Coastal Living features stories about travel destinations, life on the water, architecture and activities along the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts of North America.
Pay differs and finders fees are paid when and where suitable..

32. Journey.

Journey is AAA Washingtons award-winning magazine featuring “motivating stories on travel, technology, traffic member, security and insurance coverage benefits.”.
Who Pays Writers reports a rate of 30 cents per word, but this club welcomes you to pitch your own pay rate along with your submission..

33. New Worlder.

This magazine isnt interested in a taco that has one of the most buzz– but it certainly would like to know why it has one of the most buzz. Pitch stories with strong angles about travel, food, culture and people for an American and Latin American audience.
While pay is confirmed, no specific rates are supplied in the guidelines.

34. Odyssa Magazine.

Freelance submissions are accepted each quarterly problem, though editors are particularly searching for travel pieces in the kind of a guide, personal travel experience or reflection of how travel impacts our thoughts and who we are.
Pay is $30 per short article as much as 1,500 words.
Keep In Mind: Odyssa Magazine is taking a publishing hiatus through Summer 2020 due to COVD-19 and will return in the fall with fresh, brand-new material..

35. HitTheRoad.

To get the thumbs-up, pitch a story and compose about the experiences, cultures and remarkable experiences of journey in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Focus is put on experiences in rented campervans and motorhomes, however a journey on the open road is what matters most..
Basic payment is a link to your website and $50 depending upon short article type and length.

36. Cruising World.

Cruising World welcomes author inquiries and unsolicited manuscripts at all times, but make sure to include images with your submission. Feature-length short articles shouldnt go beyond 2,000 words, and non-features (technical articles and basic interest) are capped at 1,200 words.
Payment varies depending on the kind of post: $25 to $200 for short, relevant items and $300 to $1,000 for technical and function articles.
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While full-time travel writer jobs can be hard to come by, its more common for freelancers to offer travel writing to publications and other outlets. To get you began, we assembled 36 paying domestic and international travel markets. Outpost Magazine looks for submissions about culture, adventure and travel. It is looking for longform travel stories, travel guides, and spectacular photography from writers anywhere in the world. Farrah Daniel has been composing expertly for 3 years, dabbling in topics like finance, micromobility, travel and more.

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