4 Lies That Are Keeping You From Writing a Book

There needs to be. Why else are you checking out a post about composing a book?

Therefore lots of concerns vex us– so many lies that we tell ourselves to avoid the obstacle ahead.

Getting that book out, naturally, is the exceptionally difficult part. The words dont come out as we picture. The time to compose shrinks as life gets busier.

You have to compose your book. Its one of the best driving forces in your life.

There is a book inside you.

4 Lies That Stop You From Writing Your Book

Before you can start, you have to challenge and reject the 4 lies that have probably been keeping you from composing the book of your dreams. Take on these lies head-on, and replace them with the reality:

1. It has to be long

The length of time should a novel be? Is there a precise number of words or pages for it to be a success?

Yet there is no rule about how long the book has to be. Thats up to you.

There is no outright book length that works. Of Mice and Men is 30,000 words long, while A Game of Thrones is 300,000.

Sure, there are genre-specific ideas about word counts. The excellent news is that the majority of them are lower than you may think! Particularly if you are a new author, editors and representatives desire to see how much story you can tell with less words, minimizing publishing costs.

Its up to you and your imaginative procedure, so dont let incorrect expectations and fear tell you that your book will not be long enough to count.

This question can definitely stop us in our tracks. The idea of writing an unique always appears massive, like climbing the worlds tallest mountain.

2. I have to have the story figured out

This lie is a debilitating one. It requires excellence even before weve started.

It is difficult to understand exactly how our stories are going to go prior to weve composed them. Every effort at a story faces surprises and roadblocks. Our plans, no matter how exhaustive, always stop working to materialize simply how we thought they would.

This is completely natural– and its really, really good!

Our inner perfectionist makes impossible needs. It recommends that differing your plan is in some way failure.

This is a lie! Creativity is discrepancy from the strategy! It is finding services when reasoning and order dont work!

So while it is extremely wise to have a strategy, and understand where your story is usually going, dont quit on your book dream even if you have not produced it yet!

Sure, its great to have a prepare for your book. Do not let fear of the unknown end of your story stop you from getting began!

3. Ill start but I wont finish

My preferred Shakespeare play is Macbeth, which includes among my favorite storytelling gadgets: the self-fulfilling prophecy. By withstanding the witches, Macbeth produces his own terrible doom.

You have actually to get begun.

Do not let this lie seduce you. It is specifically seductive because it provides a sense of false control: “If I dont begin, then I will not fail,” the thinking goes.

This trope extends into genuine life, particularly with artists like us. We long to develop, but fear that we lack the discipline or skill to complete something great.

To fulfill your dream of composing a book, you need to commit to completing, no matter what. Even if you fall off the wagon for a season, you can still get back in the writing groove.

So we quit prior to even starting. The self-fulfilling prophecy.

4. Nobodys going to read it

This is similar to the previous lie since it speaks a prophecy that we meet on our own. “No ones going to read it, so I just wont compose it,” we believe to ourselves.

What a terrible lie! Our struggling self-confidence produces concrete failure, all by doing absolutely nothing!

Many hem and haw, mumbling about “wishing” and “someday.” Very couple of in fact do it.

I will state this, though: Very couple of people actually meet the dedication to write a book.

One popular method of composing a book is to blog it, as Andy Weir did with The Martian. One chapter at a time, he published to his site and gradually collected a following. While he is certainly a uncommon and privileged case, it demonstrates how providing and serving with our writing can resolve our readership issue.

We cant know whos going to check out or buy our book yet. We simply cant. By the time weve finished writing it, our life scenario will have changed because time rolls on.

By writing a book, you will attract readers to yourself, particularly if you serve those readers along the method.

Devote to Your Book

It is gorgeous and absolutely worth it.

Whether its 100 words a day, 500, or 1000, dedicate to working on your book every day.

Own the truth that you are a writer with a dream. There is a book inside you yearning to be composed. It wont be easy– however it will be worth and lovely it.

Whatever you do, own the reality that you are an author with a dream. There is a book inside of you that is longing to be written.

Theres a book within you. Thats why youre on this site, looking for assist with your writing.

So dedicate.

Sign up with a neighborhood, like a regional writers group, Becoming Writer, or the 100 Day Book Program. Hold yourself responsible by signing up with other writers with a similar dream as yours.

So commit to your book today, and start the journey that will alter your life forever!

Have you committed to composing your book? Share how youre keeping up with your dedication in the remarks listed below!


For fifteen minutes, start working (or continue working) on the book idea you have actually dedicated to. Share your writing in the remarks when youre done. Let us know what your most significant obstacle has been in keeping your commitment to this book, and how you satisfy the obstacle! And if you share, make sure to leave feedback for your fellow writers!

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We cant understand whos going to read or purchase our book. One popular way of composing a book is to blog it, as Andy Weir did with The Martian. There is a book inside of you that is yearning to be composed. There is a book inside you yearning to be written. For fifteen minutes, start working (or continue working) on the book idea you have actually committed to.

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