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If youve been on social networks lately, youve probably seen posts for the #TellMeChallenge (aka Tell Me Without Telling Me), a social video game where you find a method to reply without utilizing the words in the difficulty. Variations have actually consisted of “Tell me youre an artist without telling me youre an artist” and “Tell me youre a parent without telling me youre a moms and dad.” At Writers Relief, we chose to offer it a whirl and develop innovative methods you can state “Im a writer” without using the words “Im a writer.” Heres the difficulty: Tell us youre an author without informing us youre an author! What would you contribute to this list?

How To Say “Im A Writer” Without Saying “Im A Writer”


I have a bookshelf devoted completely to notebooks, however none of them are composed in.
In some way, my To-Be-Read pile is larger than my Have-Read pile and is growing every day.
All of my pens have actually chewed caps from hours invested looking at a blank page.
I keep a note pad next to my bed so I can jot down my dreams first thing in the early morning.
I have a part of my month-to-month budget plan reserved specifically for literary publication subscriptions.
My room is littered with scraps of note pad paper.
The Notes app on my phone is filled with snippets of poems or random lines that belong in my current operate in progress.
I carry a tiny note pad around everywhere with me. Motivation might strike at any moment!
My brain is full of fun, random realities, and I cant help but share them with anybody I come across.
I have a drawer in my desk filled with incomplete and abandoned manuscripts, brief stories, or poems.
Speaking of overruning desk drawers, I likewise have actually a drawer dedicated to flash drives and external disk drives, since I understand (from experience) how crucial it is to support my work.
I have more than one open Word document on my computer system at all times.
I always bring a pen.
I think about my characters as genuine individuals, and in some cases forget that they are, in fact, creations of my creativity.
I am the pal everyone comes to for book recommendations.
I read a book when for the story, and after that every reread after that is to dissect how the author wrote it.
I keep an active Goodreads account.
I exist in one of 2 camps: Books are spiritual and never to be spoiled, or all of my books have underlines, highlights, and dog-eared pages.
If a buddy sees my Internet search history, I feel the requirement to reassure them that the contents were for book research study.
I can call my leading 3 preferred authors, no problem.
I can name my top three favorite books too, however it takes a bit more believed.
I am typically sequestered with a note pad or a laptop.
If they have advice about how to defeat writers block, I am constantly asking other writers.
The sides of my hands are smeared with ink from writing in that note pad I constantly carry.
I proofread whatever, especially dining establishment menus.
Often I believe the only sustenance I require comes in the kind of tea and coffee.
I talk with my plants (or my canine, or my mirror) in my characters voices so I can hear the dialogue aloud. Its important for it to sound genuine!
I get extremely connected to the characters in my preferred books.
I utilize plot-related words like “deus ex machina” while seeing a motion picture with my household.
I listen to a great deal of instrumental music.
I have a favorite brand of pen and note pad.
All of my pals understand they can expect me to send them my work to read, since I want to get as many eyes on it as possible to help me revise.
I have a 13-inch laptop with nothing however Scrivener set up, and I bring it all over.
The publication board on my wall is filled with pins and note cards that get reorganized often.
My good friends come to me for procrastination pointers.
Amazing weekend strategies = hanging out in a bookstore.
I have 10 different WIP files on my computer with the same name.
I am always arbitrarily looking off into space.
Due to the fact that I rarely go outside, I have a vitamin D shortage.
I read all the method to the end of this list!

Concern: Which of these “Im a writer” declarations do you recognize with a lot of?

If youve been on social media recently, youve most likely seen posts for the #TellMeChallenge (aka Tell Me Without Telling Me), a social video game where you discover a method to reply without utilizing the words in the obstacle. Heres the obstacle: Tell us youre a writer without informing us youre an author! What would you include to this list?


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