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All Writers Are Introverts.

While writing is normally a solitary undertaking, it doesnt indicate all authors are introverts. And many writers enjoy investing time together in composing groups.

Keep in mind: Being an introvert does not imply youre antisocial. It just suggests youre focused on internal ideas and concepts.

Misconceptions About The Writing Life And Writers– Debunked.

Certain professions, pastimes, or activities featured preconceived stereotypes. The truth is, not all librarians are old housemaids wearing horn-rimmed glasses, not all car mechanics are men, and not all grannies sit in rocking chairs and knit. Writers likewise tend to be typecast, and the composing life is often glamorized or misrepresented. Writers Relief has created a list of the most common misunderstandings about the composing life and writers– and shines a light on the surprising reality!

Writing Is Easy!

Writers are individuals who love language, so numerous are English majors. Dont let the fact that you didnt study writing or literature keep you from being an author.

The fact is, the majority of writers who are released make extremely little– if any– money from their writing. The majority of authors just delight in sharing their writing with others, even without monetary benefits.

As soon as youve released a book, whether it is typically or self-published, you might think the effort is over. You d be incorrect! In todays publishing market, even typically released writers are anticipated to market their books similar to self-published authors. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, having an online author platform and being active with social media is a must. Then there are also author readings and blog trips to set up and take part in. Merely put, there is no “kicking back and unwinding” in the writing biz.

Successful Writers Are English Majors With MFAs.

Any writer gazing at a blank page or computer system screen will tell you– writing is NOT simple! Theres authors block to overcome, then editing and checking, then a critique from the writing group where that one man Al constantly has a remark to make. Rewording (thanks, Al), and on to the next action: discovering the right location to send your work.


If you need a little aid with preserving your writing life, take a look at the services at Writers Relief. We comprehend what the composing life is actually like and can help make yours a success story!

All A Writer Does Is Write.

It would be fantastic if a writer could simply pull back to a secluded cabin or spend hours in the study typing. But in reality, authors are holding those day tasks, taking care of the kids, getting the canine groomed, trimming yards, and much more– and squeezing in time to compose also.

Released Writers Can Quit Their Day Jobs.

Imagining becoming an instant success might be every authors dream, but its just that– a fantasy. For many released authors, “overnight” fame really took years to accomplish. It took Stephen King twenty years to accomplish success (which he did with his novel Carrie), however just after years of being and sending turned down. Amanda Hocking is a self-publishing overnight success story– and it just took her nine years to accomplish this (thats one extremely long night, Amanda).

Question: What other mistaken beliefs or stereotypes about the writing life have you discover?

While composing is generally a solitary endeavor, it does not imply all writers are introverts. And many authors take pleasure in investing time together in writing groups.

Authors Relief has put together a list of the most common misconceptions about the composing life and authors– and shines a light on the unexpected truth!

Theres authors block to get rid of, then modifying and checking, then a review from the writing group where that one man Al always has a remark to make. Do not let the reality that you didnt study writing or literature keep you from being a writer.

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