Am I Still Me? (On Creativity and Changing)

It has actually formally been a decade given that I started the blog and the company that followed it. The next 10 years will be significantly various from the previous ten.

The first time I check out that, it made me unfortunate. What a dismaying notion, I thought. What a perfect example of losing your soul to gain the whole world.

Why? Since I have actually altered.

Its late early morning, my second cup of coffee finished, and I stare out the window at pumpkins my kids decorated for Halloween. I see people using light coats and notice the leaves turning yellow, gold, and brown. This is my favorite time of year.

I dont know that I am.

Im not simply believing about completion of a year and whats to come in January but likewise completion of a season of life and the passing of the kind Ive person Ive been.

Recently, a pal drove several hours across state lines to see me. He informed me the factor he made the trek was, “I wished to see if you were still you.”

And now, I understand it in a different way. We all play several characters in our lives, every one people, every single day:

Which of these is the real me? All of them, of course. And possibly none.

Today, I called one of my colleagues to discuss work. We made a couple of choices, and I asked her to do a couple of things.

Later in the day, I will choose up my son from school, and we will have some friends over.

I have always loved the quote by Anne Lamott: “I am all the ages I have ever been.” These roles are all me, or rather they are elements of me– like aspects of a diamond, each capturing the light in an unique method. But at the exact same time, they are just the pieces others see. So who am I, truly?

Then, I texted a friend to see how she was doing after having a tough time the other night.

Possibly a better concern is: What am I?

There are, I think, two ways to answer:

Philosophers and psychologists have a name for this awareness beneath all this activity. They call it the Self. A few of us spend our whole lives playing roles while never entering contact with our Selves.

Our most fantastic work, I believe, originates from a curiosity about life and deep space and who we are. The more curious you have to do with yourself, the more creative you can be. And when we hang on to these fixed concepts of identity, we kill our capability for what might be.

And in a manner, it is.

This thing called the Self, which the Greeks called “genius,” has a remarkable power to develop worlds, construct cities, modification jobs, play with kids, tie shoelaces, and do so a lot more. It can take on numerous roles throughout life and fix practically any problem it meets– so long as we do not get attached to any single expression of it. When we let go of what we think we are, we can develop even more than we ever believed possible.

As we lose these parts of what we think we are, the real Self starts to be seen. This act of finding the much deeper part of you that never ever fades might be the most important job of your life. It is certainly the finest place from which to develop.

So when a role gets threatened– perhaps we lose a job or get a couple of gray hairs or go through a divorce– we go crazy. We have determined a lot with this aspect of ourselves that is now fading, the experience can seem like passing away.

You are the sum of all your functions. If you build up whatever you do and have done, that is what you are. And if you take all that away, you stop to be you.
You are the one playing the functions. You are not just a character in a story– you are the author, the one making it occur.

Why share this now?

At the very start of the pandemic, my buddy Michael Port postured a question: “What role is being needed of you today?”

To answer my pal: No, I am not the me I was a year back. I am ending up being more of my Self than I have actually ever been. And a year from now, I want to be indistinguishable yet again– to you and to me. Because that can indicate only one thing: Im growing.

As an actor, Michael understands these roles we play are however costumes worn over a deeper identity. And when we understand this, we can serve in ways where our egos do not interfere as much.

We are likewise totally free to play.

When the story you want to write with your life no longer fits into the one youre living, its time to alter it. Just keep in mind: whatever new identity you assume is simply another role to play.

When you understand “you” are just a character you have played, then you can begin enjoying yourself. You can play the function well and have a little fun with it. When others see you doing that, they cant assist but be drawn into your orbit.

You can play the role well and have a little fun with it. Simply remember: whatever brand-new identity you assume is merely another function to play.

If I am not really “Jeff Goins, bestselling author,” then I dont have to take myself so damn seriously all the time. I was only playing.

At the exact same time, they are simply the pieces others see. You are the one playing the roles. Some of us invest our whole lives playing roles while never coming into contact with our Selves.

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