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My ALLi author visitor today is Dale Roberts, a fitness author who found a perfect synergy between print and video material. He has actually collected a substantial following on YouTube. It took a little while for Dale to find his voice and his brand name, but when he found it, he began to exude an energy for self-publishing that you just have to hear on your own..

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Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast: Dale Roberts Interview.

Howard Lovy has actually been a reporter for more than 30 years

Ive done four-hour marathons online, heck, I did an 11-hour one when, and I was prepared for a day later on, due to the fact that it takes whatever out of me just to do that. So, as an introvert, I just encourage you to go out there, attempt it out, be alright with it being imperfect, due to the fact that it will never be perfect. I promise you, after nearly 5 years of being on YouTube, I still wince at my videos.

My ALLi author visitor this week is Dale Roberts, a health and physical fitness author who discovered an ideal synergy between print and video material. Dale L. Roberts is an accomplished indie author and host of Self-Publishing with
Dale on YouTube. Dale Roberts: Hey, Im Dale L. Roberts. Im sure a lot of people are going to hear this and theyre going to be like, hi, Im going to go ask for a hundred dollars from him. Dale Roberts: This is going to stun a lot of people, when I say this, Im in fact an introvert, with small tendencies of being an extrovert.

I promise you, as soon as Im made with this interview, Im going to end up, I got to do a live stream later today, and as quickly as Im made with that live stream, I normally have to take a moment, about a half hour, to go meditate since it exhausts me, both physically and mentally.

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Howard Lovy: Im Howard Lovy and youre listening to Inspirational

Dale Roberts: It was about 2013. Since Im really huge into health and fitness, she would challenge me to do specific workout regimens and diet plan routines, and she simply found, shes like, oh my gosh, you simply like this stuff, you must compose a book about it.

Ive seen so lots of peers come and go inside this service, and it breaks my heart every single time when I see those people go. Im going to tell you that there is, you understand, no get up and go on me, Im staying here in this business since I enjoy it. I do not see myself going anywhere, anytime quickly

Dale Roberts: I expect over the next year, in fact, I shouldnt expect, Im going to inform you, over the next year, Im concentrated on a rapid release schedule of putting out more content based on self-publishing, thatll be for at least the next year. Im beginning to plan nearly like a two-year plan.

And when it came to the end of that, she resembled, what are you going to make with it? And Im like, release it? Shes like, do it.

an author. It wasnt always great, however Ill inform you that it deserved it in the long-term, due to the fact that Ive had numerous rewards ever because then. When I matured, my big thing was, I wished to be an author. Life obstructed, undoubtedly, you understand, I went to college to become a reporter and I soon understood, like, oh my gosh, this is really hard, this is actually tough. I ended up dropping out after a year and a half and, again, life got in the way, and I got into the healthcare industry, forgot all about ending up being an author. And it wasnt until, really, at my job that I was challenged by a corporate wellness coach to compose my very first book, and thats quite much what led me to that. But as a kid, I always was like, oh man, I desire to be an author because I enjoyed reading the Hardy Boys, I even read the Nancy Drew series. Stephen King was the thing that hooked me on reading, and likewise writing, due to the fact that Im like, oh, I desire to be simply like Stephen King. Howard Lovy: But prior to Dale Roberts could want to end up being the next Stephen King, he had a little bit more living to do.

Howard Lovy: So, Dale developed his own universe. His YouTube channel promotes his books and vice versa, but is this actually for all authors?

Dale Roberts: This is going to surprise a great deal of people, when I state this, Im actually an introvert, with minor propensities of being an extrovert. I know that being on cam or through audio, that its going to help me with direct exposure with getting in front of more people, and I provide myself a higher benefit by utilizing those tools. So, that method I can grow my entire brand name, whereas if I went without the video and audio, Im having to take a look at other avenues.

Im like, oh my gosh, if I concentrate on this full-time, I beyond a shadow of a doubt am going to be able to squash it. You and I both know that its simply not that basic.

following on YouTube. It took a little while for Dale to discover his voice and his brand name, however when he discovered it, he started to exude an energy for self-publishing that you just have to hear on your own. Dale Roberts: Hey, Im Dale L. Roberts. Im an indie author, Ive been doing this since 2014. I left my day job to pursue this career as


It costs an excellent deal of cash for paid marketing, whether youre going with Amazon marketing, BookBub ads, Facebook advertisements, Google advertisements, so on and so forth. Its just going to need a little bit of your time. Im honestly like, if youre an introvert, youre going to have to get comfy with being comfortable.

Independent Authors to discover out what motivates them and how they are a motivation to other authors. My guest this week is Dale Roberts, a fitness author who found a perfect synergy in between print and video content. He has actually generated a sizable

Howard Lovy: Nevertheless, that first $23 in earnings did feel great. In fact, that encouraged him that he ought to quit his day job. It took a couple of years, but he discovered his specific niche in books about physical conditioning.

But what sent him into the stratosphere was when his books were discovered on YouTube,.

Howard Lovy: It wasnt long prior to the restless Dale Roberts pivoted once again, this time from fitness and health to teaching other authors about how to self-publish.

Why do not you have this? Youre talking about self-publishing; you need to have books about self-publishing. I made the big pivot over to self-publishing content. Far, Ive done about three publications, with a fourth short-read publication, I dont want to call it a book since its really not a complete book, and Im getting all set to release another one, literally tomorrow, as were tape-recording this.

, and has spent the last invested years amplifying the voices of independent publishers and authors. He works with authors as a book editor to prepare their work to be published.

Probably after that point, Im going to start to pivot into fiction writing. Its what I initially wished to do as a kid, and I feel like lifes finally coming complete circle.

Dale Roberts: How it transitioned over into the YouTube world was, when I had that success, after a couple years, I got picked up by a couple YouTubers to be talked to. My mama, I called her up and I was like, you wont think this, Im going to be on YouTube.

Dale Roberts: Ive always been chasing after some dream or another, and I dont like to just settle on simply one thing, with a little bit of ADHD in me, I love many things. I love video. I was always kind of chasing and dabbling a little bit in things over the years.

Dale Roberts: It wasnt till September of 2020 here, that I finally chose to make the dive and make the huge pivot from talking about fitness, to discussing self-publishing.

Dale Roberts: I got into the healthcare industry by accident, much like how I got into the self-publishing industry and even getting into YouTube and such. I was simply fresh out of high school, 17 years old, and I moved in with my uncle and auntie, and I chose up a job at this

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He was a speech therapist at a regional rehabilitation center and nursing neighborhood, and hes like, it simply so occurs that this neighborhood is looking for some state evaluated nurse aids, would you be up for that? Im like, oh, thats just feeding senior citizens? And hes like, yeah, you do a little bit more. Little did I know, I would in fact,

though it was a bit of a shock for me as a 17-year-old, I honestly grew to enjoy it. And after about four years of working nurse aid work, an opportunity came available for me to enter into activities work, and activities work is this, if any persons not familiar with it, youre paid to play. You essentially enter and you can play bingo, you take them out shopping, you get to take a seat and read to them. It was an amazing job. I cant state enough terrific features of working in activities, and it hooked me enough time that I remained in it for 20 years.

really rough actually type place. It was tough work, and I just remember, after about a month or 2 of it, I was coming house as my auntie and uncle were getting up to go to do their work, and I just stated, I will do anything other than this.

And the problem was, I began getting inundated with e-mails and direct messages on, how did you do it? How did you format your stuff? How do you do your covers? What do you price it at? And Im the type of guy, I dont understand how to say no to individuals. This is my biggest fault. Im sure a lot of individuals are going to hear this and theyre going to be like, hello, Im going to go request for a hundred dollars from him. However, you know, I simply dont understand how to say no to individuals a great deal of the time.

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Im like, oh, this is awful. In some cases I say things and I simply dwell on it, however I know that Im assisting people, and Im likewise helping build this brand name that is Dale L Roberts.

Many, or a minimum of lots of authors, are natural introverts, material to sit down and compose rather than stand up and carry out.

Dale L. Roberts is an accomplished indie author and host of Self-Publishing with
Dale on YouTube. Because 2014, Dale pursued a full-time profession in self-publishing books and now shares his experience on his YouTube channel dedicated to constructing an effective self-publishing service. His specializeds include book publishing, video production, public speaking, and networking. Appearing on numerous YouTube channels and podcast interviews, Dale is constantly trying to find ways to reach a more comprehensive audience to share the value of self-publishing books. If youre a released indie author who would like to be interviewed by Howard for the Inspirational Indie Authors podcast

It was so much enjoyable, and its like an adrenaline rush understanding that Im assisting other individuals who are stuck like I was when I first began. Probably within a year, it had to do with a year and a half, I think I strike a thousand subscribers, whichs when I was truly hooked. I resembled, this is incredible. Oh my gosh, this is unbelievable. I like this. And since Ive been hooked on both, not only publishing books, however publishing video material to help other people.

Howard Lovy: It was a natural leap for Dale to draw from working in healthcare to composing about it. Along the method, he found indie publishing.

Rather than doing what would probably consume up a lot of my time and take me away from writing and releasing, I stated, what if I simply shot some videos? That way, whenever typical concerns come up, Ill simply send them over to YouTube where my channels at. Little did I know, I d get connected.

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Howard Lovy: As for the future, Dale is going to branch off into fiction, but he stays dedicated to self-publishing.

Howard Lovy: But Dale never ever really forgotten his desire to be an author, but he desired it to be lots of things in those days.

It was a natural progression for me to want to publish this work and go. Im like, however, but, however, and she wasnt going to hear of it. Are they going to take my copyright?

I d already been doing the YouTube content for over four years, and time and once again, a lot of people resemble, hey, I just searched for your books, however I do not see anything about self-publishing. Theres a lot of physical fitness books, it looks excellent, however do you have anything about self-publishing? And I, admittedly, every time, I just was like, I dont actually have anything.

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