Build Your Author Platform: 7 Manageable Ways to Start From Scratch

By now weve all found out about author platform, even if were not entirely sure how to maintain or construct one.
In my daily work with authors, Ive observed numerous writers arent sure how exactly to get begun. What should you concentrate on when youre being pointed in 20 different instructions, and all roads are potentially big time sucks?
How to begin building your author platform
As I discuss in this post, author platform includes these parts: knowledge, contacts, social media, previous media, previous books, character, existing readership and ability to execute. That breakdown can function as a roadmap for anybody whos attempting to find out how to get started, specifically if you seem like youre starting at no.
Prepared to develop your author platform? Heres how to go back to square one.
1. Know-how: Write an “I am fantastic” statement
The objective with this action is to pump yourself up. In what particular and specific methods are you remarkable? Why are you the individual to write your book? Why is it the case that no one however you could compose your book? What special experience do you bring to the table?
If your response is just that you lived the life you lived– and maybe it was a hard one– youre awesome for having actually endured it, even. If you write fiction, your book most likely includes themes or circumstances you know a lot about, that makes you an expert.
Let your declaration be free-flowing, but strive to pat yourself on the back. While much of us tend to undervalue our capabilities, the initial step towards being a specialist is believing you can be a specialist.
You may need to fake it till you make it, and your “I am magnificent” statement can offer you the motivation and recognition you require to get there.
2. Contacts: Put together a “big mouth list”
Everyone you understand is a contact. The more individuals you understand, the more influence you have, especially if you understand individuals in high locations.
What if those influencers are a couple degrees of separation from you? Individuals are unexpected in how they select to support fledgling authors. Ive witnessed seriously recognized authors supporting brand-new writers even if it feels great, and they remember what its like to be in your position.
In addition to the list of people youre linked to, produce a list of people who may blurb you, from realistic to castle in the air. Who would be your perfect reader? Who do you dream might one day suggest your book?
3. Social network: Pick simply two social channels
Thats right: only two. Set up a profile on each and post as soon as a day.
If your work lends itself to video, do YouTube. Experiment to find a social media channel that works for you and your writing.
The key to social media is posting frequently and engaging individuals. You want shares, since shares lead to more follows. Instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple platforms, focus consistently on the two platforms that supply the most worth to you and your work.
It takes forever (seriously) to build up a following on social networks, so dont be prevented. Celebrate a few likes a week. Manage your expectations. Keep going. Constructing an author platform is a marathon, not a sprint.
4. Previous media and books: Publish an ebook
If youre starting at zero, you might not have actually any previously published books or media, like guest posts or podcast interviews. Thats all right.
If youre dealing with a book task that you understand is going to take a while to finish– an unique or a memoir thats currently remained in development for a couple of years, for example– then write a shorter ebook!
Its surprisingly simple to self-publish an ebook. You desire it to be high quality, with fantastic material, a compelling cover and a properly designed interior. Using Amazon, Barnes & & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, or e-junkie you can promote and sell your ebook from your site. While marketing your ebook is a topic for another post, determining how to write an ebook is a relatively easy procedure. And voila, you have a book to move future books.
Media opportunities will come, however any interview you do, blog post you compose or opportunity to speak in front of individuals you encounter qualifies as media. Do not hesitate to display these successes on your website and social networks channels.
It takes a significant shift in awareness to begin self-promoting, however Ive discovered the key remains in the balance. Its cool to self-promote if youre providing your readership fantastic, interesting and smart material– supplying value. And it will get more comfy with practice, I assure.
5. Personality: Figure out your personality
Jeff VanderMeers Booklife helped me understand the worth of determining who you are online.
Some individuals put it all out there and are entirely themselves online, while others select to produce a personality different from who they are in reality or only show a certain side of themselves. You get to decide, and youre not wrong or odd or bad if you wish to maintain a little privacy.
However, being private or an introvert does not suggest you need to not have a website, or that you can get away with pooh-poohing the importance of an author platform.
It simply means you get to set limits. Rather of holding innovation in contempt, find out to work with what you may not like, and to figure out how to make it work for you.
6. Existing readership: Create an e-mail sign-up form on your website
OK, the very first step is to set up your new site. Heres a guide on how to start a blog.
While youre at it, produce a sign-up kind that links to an e-mail management system; here are a few of our preferred e-mail newsletter platforms to select from. Put it on your homepage to record email addresses– and take a deep breath.
Authors often tell me that individuals they know already have too much e-mail. Get over it. Seriously. Your job is to gather e-mails, and to send out rewarding content. It may take a long period of time to develop up your email list, and to find out exactly what your message is, but you require to practice having a following.
It doesnt matter if you release your e-mail list with 20 individuals on it. Thats precisely what I did, and four years later on Im publishing for 5,000 customers who desire to hear from me. After all, if they dont, they can pull out.
Do not worry about the numbers for now. Simply take the primary step and set up the form.
7. Capability to execute: Stick to a schedule
The ability to perform, like personality, is sort of a “soft” aspect of author platform, however it matters. Its about follow-through and the capability to adhere to a dedication to develop content. Its about consistency, and appearing even if it appears like nobody is listening.
Building an author platform is grueling work, however its truly rewarding when you see the occasional spikes in engagement or brand-new fans, or the payoff in the form of positive feedback or sales.
This reward can only occur if you carry out a plan and stay with it.
I understand its a long haul. Im out there myself, dealing with my platform every day, sometimes questioning why I am putting a lot effort towards all this personal branding. If you desire to release, and if you want readers, you have to find a voice, compose material, connect with your readers and put yourself out there.
Your difficult work will settle; it just spends some time. Offer it time and determine a schedule that works for you. I recommend blogging when a month and publishing on social media as soon as a day, to start You may increase from there, however once again, you can take it bit by bit and adjust your strategy as you figure it out.
The best method to develop an author platform is easy: start.
Much like you do not run a marathon without training for months or weeks, you do not start your author platform full blast. Structure your platform takes discipline and tough work, however if it werent worth it, nobody would be doing it.
The secret is to discover authentic value in your ventures. Keep going, even when it feels like nobody is listening. Ultimately individuals will start to listen, and ultimately you will get a remark to a post that makes you realize youre making a distinction, reach a milestone with your contacts that surprises you, or connect with a prominent author who supports you simply because.
Dont dismiss these concepts just due to the fact that they feel like too much effort, or since beginning from no seems daunting. Everyone started from zero, even your literary heroes.
I promise, it is. Come on in and test the waters. Pitch in gradually. Youll find your method.
What was the very first thing you did to build your author platform? If youre just beginning, whats your biggest challenge?
This is an updated variation of a story that was formerly released. We update our posts as typically as possible to ensure theyre useful for our readers.
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Rather than spreading yourself thin across numerous platforms, focus consistently on the two platforms that offer the most value to you and your work.
Developing an author platform is a marathon, not a sprint.
Authors frequently tell me that individuals they understand already have too much e-mail. The capability to carry out, like character, is sort of a “soft” aspect of author platform, but it matters. Brooke Warner is publisher of She Writes Press and SparkPress, president of Warner Coaching Inc., and author of Write On, Sisters!

About the Author: Brooke Warner.
Brooke Warner is publisher of She Writes Press and SparkPress, president of Warner Coaching Inc., and author of Write On, Sisters!, Green-light Your Book, Whats Your Book? She presently sits on the boards of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the Bay Area Book Festival, and the National Association of Memoir Writers.
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