Do I Need Sample Edits for my Book? Other Questions Answered by Orna Ross and Michael La Ronn in our Member Q&A Podcast

Do I require sample modifies for my book? This is amongst the concerns answered on our #AskALLi Members Q&A is hosted by Michael La Ronn, author of sci-fi and dream novels as well as author self-help books; and ALLi Director, author, and poet Orna Ross.

Our questions this month include:

Can I use somebody elses trademark in my book title?
When I commission artwork, does the copyright belong to me or the artist?
How can I create and format a book cover all set for printing? Or would a printer do that?
How do I submit a book to IngramSpark without having to pay any charges?

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Orna Ross: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Alliance of Independent Authors Member Q&A. Normally I state, with me Orna Ross and with Michael La Ronn, however Michael cant be with us today, so its simply me, Im scared. It will not make a big difference to the Q&A, though its always excellent to have Michaels perspective, particularly his legal brain, but we do not have any heavy legal concerns today.

Orna Ross introduced the Alliance of Independent Authors at the London Book Fair in 2012. Her work for ALLi has seen her named as one of The Booksellers “100 top individuals in publishing”. She also releases fiction, poetry and nonfiction, and is considerably thrilled by the democratising, empowering capacity of author-publishing. To learn more about Orna, visit her website:

For those of you who have not tuned in previously, this is our monthly Q&A, and our members have numerous ways in which they can get their self-publishing suggestions concerns answered. We have, naturally, a closed Facebook online forum where you can put your concern and get reactions from our other members, and the hive mind provides fantastic knowledge. We also, naturally, have the member desk where you can email your particular question and have it addressed, but this session has to do with public questions that are beneficial to great deals of authors. Our members have sent them in, and we address them here openly. Anyone can eavesdrop to this broadcast, but only our members can actually send concerns. We dont have a huge variety of questions here today, and due to the fact that Michael is not here, well most likely get through them a little faster than normal.

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So, very first concern, Michael typically understands who theyre from and has the longer question, so I just get the brief concern here. Im going to work from that.

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For those of you who are viewing this live session, I know great deals of people will be enjoying in replay, but if you are here live, this session is also a chance to get your questions addressed here, live. So, simply enter them into the chat when you wish to, and if you have any concerns that are triggered by the responses to the scheduled concerns, then yes do not hesitate to pop them into the chart area. And yeah, simply tell us whos here and where youve originated from and so on, and well get on the concerns now.

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Do I need sample edits for my book? This is among the concerns addressed in the #AskALLi Member Q&A #podcast, with @OrnaRoss. Click To Tweet.

Michael La Ronn is the author of over 30 books of sci-fi & & dream and authors self-help books. His books include the Galaxy Mavericks series and Modern Necromancy series. You can now discover his brand-new writing course on Teachable.

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Do I need sample modifies for my book?

So this concern is, do I require sample edits for my book?

Im presuming this question is from a member whos in the editorial stage of their publishing and they are looking for an editor and wondering whether they must get sample edits from the editor in order to see whether its a fit.

I believe its an actually good concept to do this. Lots and great deals of editors are extremely pleased to supply a sample edit. Not all. So, you might discover an editor that youre interested in will not want to do that, however it provides you a sense of where the editor is coming from, and it provides a sense of the stage that your work is in fact in, because in some cases as authors, we believe were even more along than we actually are. We may be searching for proofreading, but in fact be in need of copy modifying, or certainly even something more than that, developmental editing. Samples are an excellent concept prior to you in fact make a contract to employ someone. Its a good concept to utilize samples, I think. And if any person is listening, who would like to share their experience of modifying samples, again, please do feel complimentary to pop that into the chat.

Short answer to the question is, you do not require to get them, however it is suggested to get them. And while were on it, in regards to working with editors, its constantly suggested to offer plenty of time to the hire procedure. Do not just take the very first person that comes along. Its good to have an editor who works in your genre. Not important, however always excellent. Its also excellent to see other feedback and comments from other authors who have actually used them. So, dont simply pass testimonials on the website, likewise go directly; if you do see a testimonial on an editors website, feel totally free to go directly to that author.

If you see an author thanking an editor in the back of their book, feel complimentary to ask them about their experiences. Most authors are really willing to share their experience with editors and, its a fit thing, not every editor fits every author, its about discovering the best one.

Can I use someone elses hallmark in my book?

Okay, next question. Can I use somebody elses hallmark in my book title?

While were on it, in the UK, US, and lots of nations that are governed by bare copyright, copyright is not a universal, international thing, its a local thing, and various countries are ruled by different copyright laws, but in the English speaking world, commonly, there is no copyright in titles, so its a difficult and a complicated area, however we constantly give the guidance to remain as safe as you can, remain on the right side of things, instead of putting yourself in a situation where you may find yourself in difficulty.

With anything like this, I constantly think that the reaction is imagination. Rather than putting yourself in a situation where youre stressed about something, and where you have a possible legal concern on your hands, its far much better to change it up and think of another method, another name, another term. Were not constrained in what we do, but in some cases we constrain ourselves, and we can believe we really need something for our book, but really we do not require it as much as we need to keep ourselves on the right side of the law, and content, and not stressed over things like this. So, if something is trademarked, its absolutely best to not put it into your title, I would say.

So, I think the brief response to this one is no. The reason that people hallmark is so that people will not do things like that, however trademark and copyright are various things, and books, typically speaking, are governed more by copyright than by hallmark, though there are exceptions, particularly with certain non-fiction books.

When commissioning art work, does the copyright come from me or to the artist?

Next question, when I commission art work, does the copyright come from me or to the artist?

So as soon as you set that out, you ask for what you need and you do not request for more than you need, in the very same method that if a trade publisher or rights buyer was occurring to ask to accredit your copyright for a trade publishing edition or a translation, or whatever, you would desire them to just take the rights they need to do whatever project theyre preparing, that they would put energy behind.

So, there is a middle way, and the sample agreement points up that way, however basically, if youre thinking about the concept of fairness and being fair to them and fair to you, you accredit it for the usages that you need it for, and that normally is the cover of the book, or in the interior, or whatever you require, whatever it is you need from them, whatever uses you require in whatever formats youre in fact releasing in. Print, hard print, big print, and so on. Stating all of this in the agreement makes it clear in the contract so that later, everyone understands what has actually been certified and what hasnt.

If anybody has any other questions, do feel totally free to pop them into the chat, well get to them after we go through the set up concerns, if youve got anything pressing on your mind.

We have a sample arrangement in the member zone, which you can find if you visit and browse to contracts, and youll see sample arrangements in the dropdown menu, and there is one there for dealing with illustrators and designers. And that offers you an idea of what youre looking at, but basically what youre attempting to do when you employ another innovative professional is to be reasonable to you and to be fair to them, and it definitely isnt reasonable for you to grab their copyright, especially because the majority of us are not paying a huge cost to the artist.

In the rights arena, theres a huge tendency to get as numerous rights as possible, due to the fact that you never ever quite understand in releasing whats going to take off and whats not. Therefore, individuals protect themselves by attempting to get all the rights when they dont have a plan to exploit them. So, do not be that individual, be reasonable to our fellow imaginative specialists.

Another copyright concern and again, like all copyright concerns, the response is seldom a simple black and white response. Once again, you can take the white end of the spectrum here, the artist owns the copyright in their own work, just like you own the copyright in your own words. You can have contracts where they give up that right, and you require to, in your agreements with an illustrator, or your cover designer, or anybody who does visuals for you, you require to be really clear about what you are certifying and what youre not licensing. So, you require an actual agreement for that.

Should I create and format my own book cover?

Next set up concern is, how can I develop and format a book cover all set for printing? Or would a printer do that?

So yeah, brief answer, its a professional thing and absolutely one to be delegated the professionals.

It takes lots of experience to become a book cover designer. Even your local proficient designer or your household member, whos a magnificent illustrator, theyre not always qualified to do book cover art, at all.

I have no concept who is asking these questions today, because as I stated, Michael isnt here and he typically does that, but I would say that the really truth that youre asking this concern in this way suggests that no, you definitely ought to refrain from doing your front cover.

As I said, if youre asking that question, then the answer is no, you should not go there. The publisher is the individual who is looking after the editorial, the design, the circulation, the marketing, the promo, and the production of the book and that, for us indie authors, thats extremely typically us.

Do I need to register my pen name, and does it affect copyright?

No, you do not need to register a pen name. A pen name just enters into usage by being used. So, just releasing your book in your pen name, putting it out there, thats it, you now are that individual for the purposes of releasing and composing, and lots of our members have a number of pen names. Its really common in the author community to use a pen name, Orna Ross, is in reality a pen name.

So, yeah, you can absolutely feel free to just use whatever names you want on your book covers. Its important that your pen names, if you have more than one, are consistent. The factor individuals burglarize different pen names is due to the fact that theyre writing in various category, and they do not want individuals to get confused about what they write, it simply makes it simpler to have a number of pen names.

So, we have a concern coming in here from Facebook. Do I need to register my pen name and does using a pen name effect copyright?

The other part of your concern is, does using a pen name affect copyright?

No, it doesnt. Once again, its commonly recognized by copyright legislation that artists, particularly writers, use pseudonyms. So, it does not affect your legal rights in any method.

Hopefully that was practical. Sorry, I dont have your name.

How do I get of the IngramSpark discount rate?

How do I send a book to IngramSpark without needing to pay any fees?

Yes, IngramSpark has costs, and you can get those fees for uploads and for modifications and modifications waived by using a code, which you will find in the discount rates and offers section of the ALLi website. So, if you just log-on, youll need your password, log on with your typical e-mail and password, and if you just search there, youll discover the IngramSpark code and you go through your typical uploading, or whatever procedure that you usually go through, and after that youll get the possibility to put the code in at the end. The expenses will come up, however then they will be waived as soon as you put the code in.

If you are utilizing IngramSpark for your print editions, and we suggest that you do, because they have the best reach in terms of getting your book to as lots of shops as possible around the world, and indeed Amazon itself utilizes Ingram for fulfillment a lot. We recommend though that you utilize amazon KDP for the Amazon system. So, the two operate in combination very well together.

That is a question which associates with our discount rates and offers for IngramSpark. IngramSpark is a partner member of ALLI and a sponsor of a number of our podcasts, and they also provide our members with a discount, a complete discount, off the expenses of publishing.

So ideally that works for you. Its a wonderful advantage and were extremely grateful to IngramSpark for offering this service to our members.

Is there a sample agreement to use with graphic designers?

Another concern being available in here online, do you have a sample agreement specifically for a graphic designer utilizing stock art to produce a cover? Something that would make it clear they have the right license themselves.

Up until then, I hope you have a good writing and publishing week. Thank you for coming along.

So, that is it on this months member questions. Those of you who sent questions that were not addressed here in the live show, you will have received an e-mail from us with a direct answer, and the factor that not every concern goes into the live stream is because we are passing by concerns that we handled them last month or in recent programs, we tend to answer that independently, or if its a really specific concern, specific to you, that does not actually have a lot of significance for everyone else.

Once again, keep in mind that there are lots of ways to get your concerns responded to at ALLi and one of the things that we are here for is one of our AskALLi campaign guarantees, that we can respond to any self-publishing concern that you may have.

If we do not have any other concerns here in the actual live stream, then that is it for today. Do keep your questions coming. Once again, youll find the location to do that in the member zone, just go to Member Q&A, and complete the form and we will take the questions here.

Our sample agreements are made to be altered. The sample agreements are simply that, theyre not set in stone at all, theyre standards for you to utilize.

Often, something like that, regarding whether the illustrator has the appropriate licensing process in themselves, and I concur with you that this is a really important question, a credible designer will constantly have the correct licenses covered off. And they will charge you most likely, if they see something online or in a stock library, or whatever, you will be charged for that image as part of the total charge for the cover. And its really crucial that they have the appropriate licensing in location, however sometimes those concerns are best covered off in the e-mail rather than in the agreement. So, its a matter of choosing what enters into the arrangement, and weve kept the contracts brief and simple and as user-friendly as possible. So, it would be a decision, I would say, but that conversation is something that you could probably have in the e-mail, and e-mails offer a composed account of the arrangement, which are as legally binding as the signed contract that accompanies them. Its all part of the same thing, and its your decision as to whether you want to put that in as a stipulation in the contract or whether you want to just have it as part of the conversation when youre employing the person.

For those of you who havent tuned in before, this is our monthly Q&A, and our members have numerous methods in which they can get their self-publishing advice questions answered. Just enter them into the chat when you want to, and if you have any concerns that are prompted by the responses to the scheduled concerns, then yes feel totally free to pop them into the chart area. Short answer to the concern is, you dont need to get them, but it is recommended to get them. Another copyright question and once again, like all copyright concerns, the response is rarely a basic black and white answer. Once again, youll discover the place to do that in the member zone, just go to Member Q&A, and fill out the kind and we will take the concerns here.

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