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Continue reading and watch the video to hear how having a regular, consistent submission schedule through Writers Relief is essential to assisting Éanlaí get her work published.

A pal informed Éanlaí about Writers Relief. Éanlaí likewise recently certified for a literary residency at WordSpaceStudios in San Francisco.

In Éanlaís Own Words

To date, with the aid of Writers Relief, I have submitted 5 essays. Authors Relief truly knows its stuff. My only regret: that I did not sign up with Writers Relief years earlier.

Last May, no longer able to stand my own procrastination (and crippling fear), I applied to become a Writers Relief customer. To my delight, I was accepted! Hence started my writing life once again. Now, I genuinely have a second wind. Not only do I have aid with all the company elements of submissions and publication that had previously baffled me, however I also have a much-needed, integrated cycle to my writing schedule.

Twenty years ago, after a severe illness that took me to deaths door, I began to doodle single words onto blank pages, together with snatches of memories and dreams. In those long months and years of convalescence, those morning pages, typically no greater than a line, anchored me to this earthly plain. Hence started my journey back into my own body, and into the body of my untold stories.

My name is Éanlaí Cronin. As you can most likely think, I am Irish, and as such, without wishing to sound clichéd, writing is in my blood.

My pal and fellow author, Cécile Pluvinage, a long-time client of Writers Relief and now an acclaimed narrative author, regularly praised Writers Relief as an invaluable possession to her innovative endeavors.

More than 20 years later on, with craft classes drawn from East Coast to West, I found myself with folders of incomplete works and no concept what to do with them. How was I to formulate a strategy of action on my own behalf? Each effort overwhelmed me; from cover letter, to expert bio, to industry standard formatting, to proper journal choice for my essays and poems– it all appeared excessive.

My task now: to complete an ended up essay every two months. I do that! Each cycle, a fantastic group of strategists nudges me along to the finish line. Then they pick, with excellent care, the literary journals that finest suit my work.

More About Éanlaí

Éanlaís writing has also appeared in Big Muddy, The Courage to Heal, Entropy Magazine, and The Magic of Memoir. She has actually invested the last twenty years participating in composing workshops across America. She was a Lit Camp Writers Conference scholarship recipient; a Pat Schneider Poetry Contest Honorable Mention winner; long listed in the National Poetry Competition United Kingdom in 2017; a Winner of the Eastern Iowa Reviews Lyric Essay Contest in 2018; and a Top Ten Finalist in the Fish Short Memoir Prize contest in 2018. Éanlaí was a primary teacher for 10 years and currently is a composing workshop leader. She enjoys photography, searching for the evasive “perfect chair,” and public speaking.

To get more information about Éanlaí and her writing, visit her website.

A buddy informed Éanlaí about Writers Relief. Last May, no longer able to stand my own procrastination (and crippling fear), I used to end up being a Writers Relief client. To date, with the aid of Writers Relief, I have actually sent five essays. Writers Relief really knows its stuff. My only remorse: that I did not join Writers Relief years earlier.

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