Giving Back To Your Readers

by Eldred “Bob” Bird

Today Im going to dig a little much deeper into developing a long-term relationship with your readers. Like any other relationship it involves a little take and give.

How Does This Take and offer Work?

One essential piece of information we ask prospective readers to give is an email address. This permits us to keep them as much as date on brand-new releases, share our imaginative procedure with them via newsletters, and send out the periodic marketing mailings. What can we provide them in return for this important piece of details?

Like many authors, Ive been giving readers a complimentary story download in exchange for registering for my newsletter (I confess I took this concept from the fantastic James Scott Bell). You may believe managing all those download demands will consume up many of your composing time, but the bright side is the process can be automated.

Ive included the steps listed below. This smidgen of initial setup work will conserve you a lot time in the long term.

What You Need to Automate the Process

Prior to we get unfathomable while doing so, youre going to need to have a couple of things helpful.

A Reader Reward

Produce a Thank You Letter.

Your Social Media.

Develop a Confirmation Letter.

The most common location to put a signup button is on your site. You can pick to have a fixed form or a pop-up, and where the form will appear, if you want a hold-up on the pop-up, and so on.


Your Website.

Now that you have something to offer to the readers, youre going to need someplace in the cloud to keep it where it can be quickly accessed and dispersed. I have a particular folder where I upload and keep giveaway files.

Youll likewise be using this same application to automate the delivery of your file. Get a share link to the file from you cloud service– if youre using Google Docs, right-click the file and copy the link– and create a button for the link. If youve created a cover image for the free gift file, the thumbnail image makes a good action button.

Youre likewise going to require a method to collect and manage the email addresses you get. Youll likewise be utilizing this exact same application to automate the delivery of your file. 2 of the most popular services are Mailchimp and MailerLite. Both are maximize to a particular variety of subscribers, and both offer delivery automation. Ive discovered MailerLite to be the most versatile and robust at the totally free level, and a good suitable for a lot of authors, but do your research study and choose what works best for you as you scale up and move towards attaining you supreme objective as a writer.

Okay, youve got your giveaway file submitted to cloud storage and your mail management account is setup and ready to go. What next?

Setting these automations up can feel a little technical, so take your time, be client with yourself, and simplify into bite sized tasks. If I can do it, I know you can. The great brand-new is that once you have it working, changing your giveaway file in the future is a breeze.

Next, you need to produce an email confirmation letter that will be sent out to the customer when they enter their info and hit the button. Once again, the majority of services will supply a design template, however put in the time to personalize the letter to your particular brand name. By this time, youve probably developed a style youve used to your website, social networks headers, and communications. Make sure to carry that look over to your verification letter.

Your eBooks.

Putting all of it Together.

Eldred Bird writes modern fiction, narratives, and individual essays. He has actually invested a good deal of time exploring the deserts, forests, and deep canyons inside his home state of Arizona. His James McCarthy experiences, Killing Karma, Catching Karma, and Cold Karma (available for pre-order on Amazon), reflect this love of the Grand Canyon State even as his character solves secrets amidst risk. Eldred checks out the boundaries of short fiction in his stories, The Waking Room, Treble in Paradise: A Tale of Sax and Violins, and The Smell of Fear.

The very first thing you require is something to offer your readers. What would make them squeal with delight? Okay, perhaps not squeal but you get the concept. Do you have the first chapter of an upcoming book you want to promote? How about a worksheet or tool you can share from a resource? Do you have bios of your characters or an extra scene that may have been cut from your novel?.

A Place to Host Your File.

Putting Your Signup Button to Work.

Add a signup link to your “About the Author” page at the back of you eBooks. Put a button listed below your bio with your e-mail and social media links. Do not have an “About the Author” page in your books? You actually should. Its great opportunity to further connect with your readers. Theyve simply finished you book and are most likely searching for the next one to feast on.

Do not have a website? Dont worry, you send by mail management provider will also provide you a URL that connects straight to you signup type hosted on their site. You can include this link to your social networks profile pages, as well as your posts.

A Way to Collect Addresses.

Now that we have all the pieces in place, its time to put them to work and that means asking for those email subscriptions. So, where do we do that?

When hes not writing, Eldred hangs around biking, treking and managing (yes, handling … bowling balls and 21-inch knives). His enthusiasm for photography permits him to record his journeys. He can be discovered on Twitter or Facebook, or at his site.

Get a share link to the file from you cloud service– if youre using Google Docs, right-click the file and copy the link– and develop a button for the link. If youve produced a cover image for the free gift file, the thumbnail image makes a great action button.

What other approaches have you used to get email signups? What worked for you? What didnt work? Share your ideas in the comments below.

PDF files are more universal and can be viewed on any gadget the reader may have helpful.

I typically utilize stand-alone narratives for my giveaways. Its a great way to give readers a taste of my voice as a writer. I likewise recommend conserving the file in PDF format instead of EPUB or MOBI. PDF files are more universal and can be viewed on any gadget the reader may have convenient.

About Eldred.

Develop a Signup Form.

Some Final Thoughts.

The great brand-new is that once you have it working, altering your free gift file in the future is a breeze.

The great details on how to achieve the jobs above will vary depending on what service you elect to use, but the general idea is the exact same. Software application functions and user interfaces are constantly being upgraded (anybody who utilizes WordPress can testify to this), so you desire the latest info you can get your hands on.

The first thing you will need to do in your mail management account is develop a signup form. Most sites have a wizard to achieve this or predesigned templates you can personalize. You need to choose what information you want from the subscriber and add fields for each piece. At a minimum, I would recommend given name, last name, and email address. You can add fields for a mailing address, however I would make those fields optional as they might terrify some people off. What we really want is that email address.

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