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Whichs it, I believe.

You got your vote strategy in location, right? Too late to mail a ballot if you have not, so go to a drop-box, or your ballot place on the day of, or the electoral office closest to you– get it done. Get those ballots out. Vote! Elect your democracy, vote for your buddies, for the kids of the world and this country, for the people at the border in cages, for environment modification refugees, for those sick from COVID and those locked down attempting not to catch it and those forced into more hazardous situations due to the fact that there is no safeguard to assist them, elect Senate and regional and president and every effort you believe can help individuals and not harm them. Vote, vote, vote. Have a strategy. Speak to family and friends. Make your case, plead your POV, get it done. Love you all, whatever takes place. Well figure it out.

Been a while because I came here and simply sorta painted the walls with an erratic spatter of ideas and news musk, so here we go, lets do it.

Hey, you can find me talking about writing in a couple positions this week. I got to sit down with excellent pal and writer extraordinaire Delilah S. Dawson for Gotham Writers and get into crispy procedure questions about writing throughout both category and medium and we even dig into some business-related writing stuff. I have a lot of complicated sensations about it, varying from harassment and death threats and then how you just sorta get left out there to deal with it, and quickly you recognize that it possibly worsens stress and anxiety and anxiety and– you understand, this isnt enjoyable to hear.

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The last movie was One Cut of the Dead. Again, no spoilers because– well, I just cant ruin it.


I got to sit down with great pal and author extraordinaire Delilah S. Dawson for Gotham Writers and get into crunchy procedure questions about composing across both genre and medium and we even dig into some business-related writing things. Shit, I dont even concur with half my writing advice any longer– as I compose more, I know less, and Im excellent with that. Every book I write reminds me that I dont understand how to compose a book. And the writing suggestions is constantly simply a tool kit complete of random tools; perhaps you require that strange screwdriver, or maybe you dont. Its arguably much better than any of the motion pictures I viewed, however I also wonder if its actually even a horror motion picture at all.

Lets talk about composing suggestions for a second, by the way. Theres been a thing just recently where individuals have actually been going through my composing guidance and, I dunno, fisking it, taking it to task, ripping it apart– and please let me be the very first to state, thats good! Do that. I attempt to be extremely clear up front about composing suggestions that its all nonsense. As Im wont to state, its bullshit, however for some people, bullshit fertilizes. Both of my composing books open with me pretty clearly saying, hello, do not take this things too seriously. Its why I write it in a method thats obscene and unreasonable, so no one reads it like Im informing you WHAT MUST BE DONE LEST YOU DIE IN THE ABYSS. This is a lawless place and art is re-invented by the artist every time they select to make something brand-new, and I like to think Ive been clear once again and again that we require to constantly question the Sacred Cows of Writing Advice, since for each thing you MUST DO or CANT DO, there are countless authors who have actually gone the opposite way to great success. Shit, I do not even concur with half my writing recommendations anymore– as I compose more, I know less, and Im great with that. Every book I write reminds me that I dont understand how to write a book. Its as created, I believe. And the composing guidance is always just a tool kit filled with random tools; perhaps you need that odd screwdriver, or perhaps you do not. If it doesnt assist you, throw it away. Stomp on it like its a baby. Wait no dont stomp on infants. That is likewise bad advice. Unless you dislike children. In which case, ennnh, yanno.

By enjoyable, I mean, not a movie that squashes your soul. Not something that trashes you after, but something thats a blast to see, even if its gross or frightening or whatever. Thinking on checking that out today.

Who doesnt like scary stories? Been enjoying a handful of scary movies just recently, some favorites, and some new stuff. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is the standout, I believe– amazingly scary fucking motion picture, though I d also argue it maybe fluctuates a little in the third act. (Though the third act waver is a scary motion picture problem in basic, and probably deserves a post unloading that problem at much better length.) I will not spoil, however I had NO concept what it was about going in, and it threw me for a couple excellent loops. Apostle on Netflix was great, if dour and absolutely ruthless. All set or Not is a favorite, and Ive viewed it a buncha times now– serves truly well in a two-fer with Knives Out (which is not a scary motion picture, I know). Scare Me on Shudder was so fucking great– its hard to know if its even a scary motion picture or a motion picture about horror, however its amusing and unusual and twisted and completely relies on the performances of its capable stars. Its perhaps much better than any of the motion pictures I viewed, however I also wonder if its actually even a scary motion picture at all. I seem like theres something else I watched, too, and now I do not understand what the hell it was. WHATEVER. Yay horror films. Its odd that right now theyre home cooking? That, too, demands a higher unpacking– throughout times of stress and upheaval, horror stories succeed. Again, Im surprised Wanderers has offered along with it has through the pandemic. Its sales have been, up till the last couple weeks, ridiculously consistent. Which boggled my bits, but hey, cool. Thank you for reading.

And in case anybody wishes to be mad at me about this, for some reason: hey just fuckin relax, Im not in the sandbox anymore, I do not believe Im even enabled in the sandbox any longer, Im not breaking your toys, relax. Im doing my own thing and you can go on not providing a shit about that and being grouchy about area wizard social justice or something.

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