How The Sweet Hot Hell Are We Gonna Open Schools?

In this pandemic, we shut the country down. Some states went whole hog, others half-assed it, and now were all differing degrees of “reopened,” and cases are rising. Some states did well.

We were on a train driving towards a broken track over the edge of the cliff, and we carefully stated, “We d much better slow this monster down, lest we go off the edge,” so we slowed it down … but then … kinda not did anything? We didnt construct new tracks. We didnt construct a bridge. We didnt even cover the train in pillows and bounce-houses in the hopes it reduced our effect, if we had to go over the cliff.

The track is still broken.

And the train has lots of children.

We simply bided our time and after that began speeding up once again.

The cliff is still ahead.

Theres this pandemic? A genuine corker of a coronavirus– some people get lil colds, some people get pneumonia, others have organs attacked, suffer strokes, or withstand lasting neurological symptoms. If there are longer-term problems waiting in the wings, and weve no concept. Like I said the other day, polio might wage extra damage decades after you had it.

And now, in lots of places, its even worse than it remained in March. Worse than the conditions that activated the lockdown in the very first place.

What Im stating is, how the hell are we expected to open schools once again?

Quickly, its going to be cold-and-flu season. That can begin as early as September around these parts, and actually gets its roots in by winter. Hell, fall brings allergies, too.

Now, lets state a kid, or a teacher, begins to have symptoms of one or the other.

Sniffles, sneezes, runny noses, coughs. A temperature.

Think about the following problem–.

Is it COVID-19?

The infection is catchier than a Rick-Roll, and often before you even reveal symptoms. You pretend its great, you could make sure that everybody gets it, that it runs a race around everyone in school.

Then, then, presume that people are going to likewise get this thing. Not just cold. Not just influenza. People are going to get it. Statistically, thats gon na occur, and Im betting it occurs in the first month of school. A kid, an instructor, an admin, a parent, or even somebody secondarily linked to those people– a grandparent, a neighbor, whatever, somebody where there has been direct exposure.

Two weeks where people need to freak the fuck out that maybe their kids, or the instructors, or the parents, or whoever, captured the thing that may or might not be the virus that might or may not leave you with lasting long-time damage. Thats an extremely big Schroedingers Cat circumstance, isnt it?

The most likely answer is, you have to shut down the school, or at least that class, until the person is tested. If you can get a test, then some individuals are getting outcomes in 7-14 days. His wish was our command, and now testing is half-fucked once again.

Now what?

Well, again, you probably got ta shut shit down.

If you can get a test, then some individuals are getting results in 7-14 days. People are going to get it.

A real corker of a coronavirus– some people get lil colds, some individuals get pneumonia, others have organs assaulted, suffer strokes, or withstand long-lasting neurological signs. That can start as early as September around these parts, and really gets its roots in by winter. You pretend its fine, you could make sure that everybody gets it, that it runs a race around everybody in school.

Considered that even a single cough or raised temperature could totally knee-cap your entire school for 2 weeks … hows this supposed to work? Whats the point? Why even trouble opening? Its an useless gesture, like attempting to thread a needle with a blowdart from across a congested room. I think its not impossible but oof. Of course, the Sword of Damocles hanging over everyones head is that parents have to work and that indicates they need to send their kids to school and after that there are kids who need school for meals and education (obviously) and social development and maybe even an escape from problematic or violent families. Federally, we have no response for this, no preparation, no method forward– and a lot of states dont have much of an idea, either. So onward the train goes, chug-chug-chug, choo-choo, and we know the tracks are busted, we understand theres no bridge, its only a cliff ahead and a damning drop to the difficult ground listed below. However we keep going. The train keeps a rollin.

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best case situation, youve got a rolling series of shutdowns and openings, blunting any academic momentum the kids and instructors gain. All while school is certainly hamstrung anyway, due to the fact that theres no chance you can run a school the method you did before in the midst of all this.

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