How to Become a Copywriter: Getting Started & Finding Freelance Copywriting Jobs


Wondering how to become a freelance copywriter? This beginners guide will reveal you step-by-step how to end up being a copywriter and begin earning genuine money in this lucrative writing specific niche!

What Is Copywriting?

On the other hand, examples of jobs that are not copywriting might consist of standard article, educational and “how-to” guides, and fiction novels..

How to Become a Copywriter: 8 Simple Steps for Beginners.

Now, its time to find out the fundamentals of how you can become a copywriter and begin finding independent copywriting tasks. The guide below breaks down our suggested process step-by-step.

Before looking for a copywriting position or freelance agreement, its important to look honestly at your own skills and specializeds. Some concerns that might be beneficial to ask yourself include:.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Specialties and skills.

The term can likewise relate to circumstances where the objective of the writing is to motivate a particular action from the reader. Composing with the objective of encouraging people to sign up to a newsletter, or make a political contribution, would likewise be thought about copywriting, although there is no “selling” involved..

Prior to we get begun on the nitty-gritty details, its worth taking a birds-eye view of the topic: What is copywriting? And what is a copywriter?.


Simply put, copywriting is writing “copy”, which can be defined as words with the goal to offer, persuade, or influence. Whenever a writer creates a piece of content with the goal to offer a services or product, the activity might be called copywriting..

Keep in mind: The terms “copywriting” and “copyrighting” are often puzzled. Copywriting describes actual writing, while copyrighting describes the legal process of registering a copyright or hallmark. If you tell somebody you are a copywriter, they might assume you operate in a legal field!


Some examples of copywriting include landing pages, small company sites, email marketing, online advertisements, item descriptions, magazine advertisements, and even cereal boxes..

Are you a good writer?.
Do you have examples to show it?.
Do you have any sales experience?
Do you have any knowledge of customer psychology?.
Do you have any business or entrepreneurial experience?
Do you need some training prior to confidently stating that you are a knowledgeable copywriter?.
Do you know anything about seo (SEO)?
Do you have any subjects that you are a true professional in?
Do you comprehend the difference in between content writing and copywriting?.

Do you understand when you check out good copy, instead of bad or average copy?

There are some basic concepts that you will desire to find out if youre brand-new to freelancing. The world of freelancing is quite various from the world of conventional employment– and this can be especially real for copywriters, who normally require to regularly pitch to discover new clients, and need to have not only exceptional composing skills, but exceptional sales skills..

Since developing your own site is the ideal opportunity to sharpen your copywriting abilities, while also clearly showing your copy to the world..

Copywriting is highly project-dependent. The method for a dentists site will be much various than the method for an email marketing campaign for a nonprofit.

Copywriters are generally induced as independent contractors.
Freelancers can discover work by pitching small companies, obtaining posted projects, or partnering with web designers and agencies.
The most common kinds of copywriting tasks available are direct-response copywriting, such as landing pages and e-mail marketing, and small company site copywriting. Nevertheless, copywriting is utilized in nearly every company and industry, so there is a variety of work offered..

Luckily, developing a site nowadays is much simpler than it used to be. For novices, we recommend using Bluehost for discovering your domain and establishing your hosting. Bluehost makes it really simple to set up a basic WordPress-based site..

Step 2: Understand the Basics of Freelance Copywriting.

Copy is normally much shorter, more direct, and more persuasive than standard material writing. Even writing a 5-word marketing headline is thought about copywriting– and professionals could charge hundreds, if not thousands, for those 5 words..


For most freelancers, you can sign up for a standard shared WordPress hosting plan. Install WordPress and search the range of pre-built design templates and themes. Remember, the point here is to display your copywriting skills, not your web development chops– so dont stress about utilizing a design template.


The majority of self-employed copywriting tasks will be charged per task, per hour, or per word.

Per-word rates are extremely common for content writing, but less so for copywriting where fewer words are frequently used..

Per-project rates may use to projects like developing the copy for an entire website. Per-project rates differ widely depending upon the scope and experience level– something like a site copywriting job may be as low as a couple of hundred dollars, or as much as $10,000+.
Per-hour rates prevail for all types of freelance copywriting projects. Novices might charge around $25 per hour, intermediate writers may charge around $50 an hours, and specialists may charge in the variety of $100 or more per hour in many cases. Top-tier copywriters might charge $300 per hour or even more.

Bluehost provides numerous advantages for new freelancers. Its one of the more affordable hosting plans out there, and it likewise offers really easy to use tools for web development, consisting of 1-click WordPress installs..

All freelance copywriters need to create a portfolio site– even if they dont yet have much of a portfolio to display..

For absolute newbies, here is a brief crash-course on freelancing, with a particular concentrate on self-employed copywriting. You can learn MUCH more inside the Den, but heres an excellent location to start:.

Copywriting rates differ by experience level and by the results produced..

Consider this: If you can have a possible client arrive at your website and your copy convinces that client to employ you, that definitively shows that you do have appropriate copywriting abilities..

Copywriting is a skill that takes time to establish. By starting with an evaluation of your own present skill levels, you can be better gotten ready for what is to come.

Is your preliminary portfolio going to be flawless? It will likely be something that you modify numerous times over the coming months and years, as you even more refine your skills.


Copywriters can actually charge as much as they want, so long as they can show that their work deserves the expense. In a lot of cases, copywriting can have a direct, measurable impact on company results. If you can produce copy that enhances conversions on a high-ticket item by 10%, you can charge quite a lot. Clients are less most likely to pay well if you cant prove that your work provides outcomes.


Action 3: Create a Portfolio Website.

The rates for copywriting are often a fair bit greater than for material writing. However, more is often expected of copywriters.


Frequently, work will be delivered by means of Google Doc, Word Doc, and so on and sent for revisions. Expect clients to need revisions most of the times. Copy is something that will frequently require to be fine-tuned, and needs far more attention to detail than basic content writing or blogging..


Copy is designed to transform or sell in some other way. Clients will expect outcomes from your work, not simply a particular variety of words..

Many copywriting does not focus greatly on SEO efforts, although SEO composing concepts can still be valuable for site work. Copy is typically more focused on converting a reader who is currently on the page, rather than just bring in that reader to the page in the first place..

If youre interested in some guidance, the Freelance Writers Den is a paid community that helps freelance authors discover well paying jobs, improve composing abilities, and level up business side of a freelance career. The Den has a lot of valuable courses and resources for copywriters and content authors alike..

Click here to sign up for Bluehost webhosting and start constructing your portfolio today!

Action 6: Find Your First (Paid) Gig.

There is a LOT to find out about here. Realistically, you ought to invest a minimum of 10-20 hours studying and finding out the basics prior to you even handle a task. Nevertheless, acknowledge that to end up being an experienced copywriter, you need to actually get some experience under your belt. Which leads us to our next action..

Copywriting is NOT content writing. To produce decent material for sites or blogs, you actually just need basic composing skills and some understanding of how the web works.


Its time to get paid with some genuine independent copywriting tasks. Your very first couple of tasks likely will not be the best paying jobs ever, however the point here is to acquire genuine experience through genuine customers– preferably ones that you dont understand personally..

How to compose an attention-grabbing headline.
How to compose a gripping value proposal.
How to compose a landing page that converts.
How to compose a sales e-mail that is actually opened and read.
How to compose ads that offer.
How to compose scripts for videos, radio advertisements, etc. (if you plan to operate in these locations).

Its smart to get feedback from a skilled copywriter once youve completed a project or two. You can ask the community in the Freelance Writers Den, or reach out to someone you understand in the industry. Preferably, you want in-depth feedback, not just from the service owner, however also from somebody with actual experience as a copywriter. Utilize this feedback to make modifications and improve your copy.


To really learn copywriting, you require to practice. And without any experience, you will likely have a hard time to discover paying clients in this niche since it plays such a pivotal role in a company succcess. This might be a case where its wise to begin off with a couple of strategic unpaid freelance copywriting gigs..


Now, its time to do some research study and learning! Prior to you can fairly finish any sort of copywriting job, you will desire to find out the basics of persuasive writing and copywriting, along with the essentials of consumer psychology.

Step 5: Find Your First (Unpaid) Gig.

Consider any service owners in your family or good friend group. Take an appearance at their sites or advertising products.

You do not need to get your PhD in any of these topics, but you desire to learn enough that you could hold a reasonable conversation about any of the subjects. The web is a terrific location to begin (consisting of the links above), however dont shy away from selecting up a book or two on the subjects that intrigue you most..

Step 4: Hone Your Skills in Sales, Psychology, Persuasive Writing.

Moving on from the outright basics, you will want to familiarize yourself with the core copywriting abilities, consisting of:.

Where can you discover independent copywriting jobs?

You can then approach them (personally if you understand them or by means of e-mail) with a pitch on how you can improve their copy, and just how much you would charge. Pitching will be more effective once youve developed up a more excellent portfolio..

There are likewise gig platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, however, we mostly advise avoiding these platforms. They take significant costs out of your earnings, the rates are typically bad, and it can be really challenging for brand-new writers to land their first gig.

You can continue practicing, checking out books and blog sites on the topic, and thoroughly examining the work of other writers to learn copywriting methods and sharpen your abilities. On that last point, when reading the copy of other authors, do not simply search for words and phrases to steal– think of the psychology and thinking behind the copy to comprehend why the writer is using those words.

And dont be afraid to get some training either.

Step 7: Improve Your Skills.

Believe about some little regional services that may have dated or improperly composed copy on their sites or promotional materials. There will be lots of these. Perhaps its the regional health club you go to or a favorite restaurant..


The Freelance Writers Den has resources for refining writing abilities (the SEO bootcamp has some fantastic info for ending up being an SEO copywriter), landing new customers, improving efficiency, and handling the daily aspects of running a freelance organization. Its beneficial for both copywriters and content authors (and you will discover that you might wish to do both)..

One of the very best methods to level up your freelancing video game is to join the Freelance Writers Den. This subscription service consists of more than 300 hours of special classes, boot camps, eBooks and numerous other learning products. Plus, youll be able to discover and ask concerns from a neighborhood of over 1,500 like-minded freelance authors!

Heres just a small list of some alternatives:.

A good place to start discovering gigs is to pitch companies.

Copywriting is an ability that should be constantly studied and practiced.

You can also examine out some terrific copywriting pointers here.

Theres likewise the alternative of discovering freelance copywriting tasks on quality job boards. Simply understand that not every opportunity you come across on these boards will be worthwhile, so filter accordingly and technique with some level of caution.

When you acquire skills and experience, you can easily begin charging more and more– however in the start, you will need to be patient.

Click here to discover more about the Freelance Writers Den

Here is something important to bear in mind: As a freelancer, you are a business. And as a company, there are numerous jobs that you will need to deal with. The list listed below covers some of the most crucial tasks:.


Invoice customers to earn money on time (check out our freelancer invoicing guide).
Keep precise records of both income and expenditures.
Reserve cash to spend for self-employed freelancer taxes (we recommend setting aside around 20-25% of your earnings).
If they have any extra needs, following up with old clients to figure out.
Looking for out new customers and projects.
Continuously enhancing your skills.
Pitching your dream customers.
Including brand-new samples to your portfolio, and taking off less-impressive jobs.
Connecting with other writers, entrepreneur and marketing experts.

Step 8: Run Your Business.

There you have it: How to end up being a freelance copywriter in just 8 steps!

This guide sets the foundation for you to develop a flourishing freelance copywriting business– however of course, you will require to put in the work to make that dream a truth. As you sharpen your abilities, strengthen your portfolio and gain self-confidence, you will be able to land increasingly higher-tier tasks, and make more cash!.

Copywriting is NOT content writing. To truly find out copywriting, you need to practice.

Per-hour rates are typical for all types of self-employed copywriting tasks. In many cases, copywriting can have a direct, measurable result on service outcomes. Remember, the point here is to show off your copywriting skills, not your web advancement chops– so dont fret about using a design template.

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