How to Develop Story Ideas Into Amazing Stories

Ive felt the very same way, however there are more opportunities or seeds for story concepts in our notebooks than we think. As soon as we have the seeds, how do we take those seeds and develop them into stories?
I like hearing the different ways writers develop story ideas into full length projects. Often, an author isnt sure how an idea develops, so theyll say, “Oh I just compose,” which makes the rest of us feel like failures when we sit down and absolutely nothing comes.
Do you have any ideas for how to establish story ideas?

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An Example.
The thing that interested me most in the discussion with my sis was this concept of reducing casualties. Who gets to decide which a single person can be “minimized” to allow the others to reside in an auto accident?
I asked some questions: Who is responsible in a cars and truck crash involving a self-driving automobile? The driver or the cars and truck business? The tech company who developed the algorithm? The satellite company reporting the information?
What if a brand-new IT graduate buys a self-driving cars and truck and her grandfather disapproves? What if that very same woman is in a deadly mishap?
There are a number of hotspots in this idea that might produce dispute, because there are many emotions surrounding a crash and the component of responsibility. From here, Im prepared to detail the goal of my character, the conflict, and the climax that will direct my story.
Once youve explored the possibilities, you can describe the primary beats of your story and get to drafting.
Do you have an approach for receiving from seed to prepare? Do you have any suggestions for how to develop story ideas? Let us understand in the remarks!

Ive felt the same method, however there are more opportunities or seeds for story ideas in our note pads than we believe. It might be an image, a snippet of a discussion we overheard at lunch, or a social concern that grates against us. As soon as we have the seeds, how do we take those seeds and develop them into stories?
How to Develop Story Ideas
I enjoy hearing the different methods writers establish story ideas into complete length jobs. Its one part of the writing process that typically stays cloaked in mystery. In some cases, a writer isnt sure how a concept establishes, so theyll state, “Oh I just compose,” which makes the rest of us feel like failures when we sit down and nothing comes.
Sarah Gribble shared an excellent way to outline fiction, however what do you perform in the area in between “I noticed this thing” and “outline the story”?
Some might state, “Oh thats the magic. You cant teach that. Its too formulaic. It simply happens.” That may be true, however I cant have my classes of fiction writers sitting around awaiting the magic to happen. I have to teach them how to make magic. (Do I have an incredible task or what?).
Heres one way I assist my students develop a story concept into an overview and draft.
Choose Something Specific.
When students begin looking for story ideas, they undoubtedly choose something too huge.
” I want to compose a story about the method innovation makes us less human!”.
” Global warming!”.
” True love!”.
” Space opera!”.
These are all topics and themes that could yield great stories, but they are too general and too broad. We require to get a lot more specific to catch the mankind of these styles.
As I search through my note pads, I try to find a vivid image, event, or discussion. Heres an example I discovered just recently:.
Odd discussion tonight that stuck with me. She stated her kids might not need to learn to drive the method self-driving cars are advancing.
The important things that interested me was this idea of reducing fatalities. Who gets to decide which a single person can be “lessened” to enable the others to live in an auto accident? I pulled the concept of self-driving cars along with that one phrase from our discussion: “Minimizing casualties.”.
Find the Heat.
Discover the hot spots in it or develop one when you select a particular idea. A location is a location where the temperature is higher or “a location of substantial activity or risk.” It may be the inherent dispute in a discussion or the oddity in an image that could result in or expose disaster.
Again, uniqueness is your friend. Some examples:.
You overhear a discussion: “So help me if you entrust the hamster and espresso device, Ill …”.
Or a heading from the news with an odd (and heartbreaking) image: “Woman who gouged out her own eye discovered standing next to church.”.
The emotions behind these small hot locations can be fantastic locations to develop a concept. If you can catch the emotion behind a moment, you can build any world you like around it.
A Character as a Hot Spot.
Perhaps your idea isnt an image or event, however an individual. If you start with a character, you can follow the very same procedure by asking a few particular concerns.
What does this character desire from the moment we meet him?
How far is he happy to go to get it?
How can this characters worries, anger, or insecurity get them in problem?
You can short cut this by building from someone you understand or using a star or type. Get specific. I can begin with my Uncle John, because he is outspoken and curmudgeonly versus technology, but Ill need to change it up and provide the character some details that belong only to him.
Also, remember you arent composing about a characters life, you are writing about his or her issue. Particular, vibrant information will make the character leap off the page.

Your story isnt about your characters life. Its about your characters issue.

I often hear practicing authors ask, “What if I cant consider anything to discuss?” In some cases they even have note pads complete of observations, however they feel like none of them are great enough for a complete story, and theyre not exactly sure how to develop story ideas into incredible stories.

Pick a particular image, discussion, or occasion youve recorded (or remember well). Take fifteen minutes to follow these 2 steps to develop a scene based upon that idea.
Initially, recognize (or create!) a location in the concept. Where exists capacity for dispute or feeling?
Write a scene where the character experiences the hot area in pursuit of their objective. It may be a self-defeating mindset, a social or monetary issue, or another character, however be particular.
Share your practice in the comments when youre done. Make sure to leave feedback for your fellow authors!

Sue Weems.

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