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Engaging with readers and fans on social media is a great method for an author to construct an audience, but theres an essential caveat: Every post cant be a “buy my book” sales pitch! One effective technique is to tap into the material youve already written by sharing attractive quotes from your released works.

Where To Find Quotable Lines In Your Published Writing For Social Media

On Kindle

If youre looking for a more initial style, check out Canva, a graphic style platform tailored toward social publishing. Canva provides an affordable subscription strategy, but many of the core features are available free of charge! A quick look for “Book Quote Templates” uses a variety of design options to make your book quote graphic pop.

Kindle has made that type of search possible with their “Popular Highlights” function. This feature allows readers to highlight quotable lines and even whole areas inside their acquired e-books, so long as the reader has switched on the Popular Highlights feature. (Hint: Check the “Reading Options” section under “Settings.”).

Instructions for locating the “Popular Highlights” collection will differ on various versions of Amazon apps, e-readers, and tablets, but here are two common choices:.

Have you declared your profile on Goodreads? Signing up with is totally free and permits authors to upload a bio, post contact info, and gather fans and buddies. Your profile likewise offers you access to the platforms ninety million reading members, who compose evaluations, put together booklists, and hobnob with similar lovers.

To access this gold mine of crowdsourced quotes, you do not even need to browse through every page of the e-book. Kindle puts together those popular highlights in the e-books “Notes” area, permitting a reader, or an author, to view the quotes at one time.

On the popular Kindle Paperwhite, open the e-book you d like to search. Find the toolbar by tapping the top of the screen, browse to the “Go To” section, click the “Notes” area, then on “Popular” to see the crowdsourced highlights.

Finding a terrific quote is only the very first step. To truly make an impact on social media, you should develop a dazzling graphic using your quotable line.

To discover a collection of these reader-favorite quotes, go to your Goodreads profile and scroll down to the section marked “quotes.” To see a private books most quotable lines, click on the titles book page and scroll down to where they are listed in the right-side column.

Utilizing quotes from your writing will assist construct interest in your work. By making the quote visually interesting, you encourage your followers to share it with their fans– therefore reaching a completely brand-new audience!

How To Make Your Quote Pop On Social Media.

All those passionate readers likewise have the option of posting book quotes from their favorite checks out. If your book has actually been published for any length of time, Goodreads lovers may have done the tough work of choosing the very best quotable lines for you! These popular quotes will appear on an authors profile page in addition to the dedicated book pages.

Yes, you could go over every page of your book to discover the very best quotes, but authors are not always the very best judges of their own work. Pinpointing mentally effective lines needs a more objective eye– preferably a readers eye.

Ta-dah! Instantaneous, fan-tested quotable lines you can utilize in your social networks posts to engage your fans.

If you have a Kindle app on your iPhone, you can make the most of the Kindle Quotes function to share quote graphics directly from your phone. The function uses a range of text-only or graphics alternatives, with the capability to publish straight to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks apps.

On the Kindle App, browse to the drop-down “View” menu and click on “Popular Highlights.”.

An associated number reveals how many individuals discovered the quotes rewarding. The greater that number, the more popular the quote!

On Goodreads.

The Kobo app uses comparable functions for both iOS and Android phones.

Question: How do you find quotes, or otherwise repurpose your own book material, to get the word out on social networks?

A quick search for “Book Quote Templates” offers a large range of style options to make your book quote graphic pop.


An associated number shows how numerous individuals discovered the quotes rewarding. The greater that number, the more popular the quote!

All those passionate readers also have the choice of posting book quotes from their preferred reads. These popular quotes will appear on an authors profile page as well as the dedicated book pages.

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