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There are lots of aspects to composing an excellent story, however among the most important is having great characters your readers can cheer for, relate to, or perhaps enjoy to hate. At Writers Relief, we know the actions, motivations, and choices of your characters will assist move the plot forward and keep your audience mentally invested. If your characters seem flat, stereotypical, or incredible, the story wont resonate and readers wont stick around to see what happens next. Heres how to compose credible characters for your story and mesmerize your readers.

Tips For Writing Believable Characters

Offer each a special voice: Think about it– does everyone around you speak the very same way? Of course not! Beyond accents, various people will use various words, expressions, and cadences of speech. Some people cant stop talking; others barely utter a couple of words. Personality shines through in speech and dialogue, so use that to your benefit when developing characters. The flamboyant pirate and the royal-blooded countess in your steamy love ought to not sound the exact same. (Unless hes the duke in disguise whos secretly in love with her! But we digress.).

Once you make your characters living, breathing people, youll be ready to set them loose worldwide of your story. And thats when writing gets actually fascinating!

Be sure your characters have the chance to change. When your characters arent fixed, theyll seem more sensible.

Add some flaws: Real people arent ideal– so your characters shouldnt be either. Even superheroes have weaknesses and defects! Imperfections make it much easier for your readers to relate to your storys characters. Maybe your character puts catsup on his eggs, or she constantly forgets her wallet. Foibles and peculiarities will make your characters more relatable and maybe even a little endearing.


You can discover inspiration for your characters physical characteristics by observing individuals around you. Grab a cup of coffee, rest on a park bench, and notice how people are dressed and styled: Are they using designer denims, blue hair, or suspenders and a belt? Is someone hopping– and if so, what could be the reason? Expect body movement that you can integrate into your characters. If you see somebody looking at the ground while waiting in a line for coffee, possibly your meek character does the exact same thing while waiting to speak with the good-looking dragon king.

Get physical: Its essential to offer physical descriptions of your characters. When each character has special physical qualities, they wont blend together easily or appear like stock characters.

Have a backstory: The backstory of each character will not always be composed into your story, however it will assist improve your writing. Knowing each characters history, hopes, and desires will enable you to treat them like three-dimensional individuals as you write– instead of cookie-cutter stereotypes. A character who won very first place in every spelling bee as a child might be really particular about grammar when writing a letter, even if its a ransom note. You can make them more reasonable and believable when you know what inspires a character.

Question: What is it about your preferred characters that makes them credible?

When each character has unique physical characteristics, they will not blend together quickly or seem like stock characters. Have a backstory: The backstory of each character wont necessarily be written into your story, however it will help enhance your writing. Imperfections make it simpler for your readers to determine with your storys characters.

There are many components to writing a great story, however one of the most essential is having terrific characters your readers can cheer for, identify with, or even enjoy to dislike. Heres how to write credible characters for your story and mesmerize your readers.

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