Is Upwork Legit? It Worked For This Six-Figure Freelance Writer

I began off at a quite big downside when I chose to offer freelance writing a try in 2016. I had never finished from college, had no network or connections and I didnt have a single writing sample to send out prospective customers..
Fortunately, a good friend happened to tell me about the global freelancing platform Upwork and my world was altered forever.
I understand thats a little remarkable but the minute I found out about Upwork, I saw a course to being an author that I had actually never ever seen prior to. I figured if I just kept pitching possible clients, ultimately, someone would need to employ me.
This technique rapidly paid off and I landed one composing job after another, banking approximately $500 throughout my first complete month as a freelancer. 4 years later on, Ive earned over $100,000 using Upwork alone.
Why do some freelance writers hate Upwork a lot?
It was a pretty big surprise to find out that many people are not a fan of Upwork once I started networking with other freelancers. Numerous freelancers will advise you prevent it at all costs.
The interesting thing is that much of individuals who hate Upwork the most have actually never ever tried it..
Of those who have, here are some of the most significant problems Ive heard:.

Is Upwork legit? Heres why I still utilize Upwork to this day.
Provided all the supposed downsides to being a freelance author on Upwork, why do I recommend you utilize it?.
Here are the 5 greatest reasons:.
1. Its an easy marketing strategy.
I as soon as heard someone say that anyone who searches for writing work on Upwork slouches. At first, I felt offended, then I understood they were definitely ideal..
Yes, I pick to make things simpler and more hassle-free for myself whenever possible. Call that lazy if you desire, however this strategy is what enables me to make six-figures as a freelance author working roughly 25 hours per week.
To this day, I have actually not discovered an easier method to drum up brand-new freelance composing work than by utilizing Upwork. I can log into Upwork and instantly discover 5-10 composing jobs to make an application for. On average, I invest about 30 minutes a day (or less) trying to find work..
2. Terrific customers utilize it.
Great customers are on Upwork looking to hire authors which is a fact. Much of my best clients came from Upwork tasks, or as a result of recommendations from clients I satisfied on Upwork..
Ive landed writing jobs with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, PandaDoc and Business Talent Group thanks to Upwork. Those kinds of customers arent interested in hiring someone whos ready to write a $10 blog site post because they know that person isnt a professional.
3. Payment is guaranteed.
Many people enjoy to complain about the Upwork charges, however can we take a second to talk about the fact that payment is guaranteed on Upwork? This is true whether you do a fixed rate or hourly contract.
Upwork uses payment protection on per hour work, and you can see if the milestone is funded before you begin a fixed-rate contract. Plus, I get payment on the majority of my Upwork tasks within a week of completing the work.
As somebody who routinely deals with customers that have invoicing regards to either net 45 or net 60, getting paid that rapidly is a huge advantage in my book.
4. Your success builds in time.
I believe most people offer up on Upwork prematurely because they are expecting overnight outcomes. Upwork will work best for you if you utilize it as a long-term method.
Ive been on Upwork for over four years now so I frequently get invited to get brand-new tasks and dont have to invest much time looking for work. This doesnt occur overnight, however if you put in the time, youll begin seeing success a lot sooner than you might believe..
5. Upwork levels the playing field.
And finally, the most significant factor I like Upwork is that it levels the playing field for all freelancers. When so lots of people are being forced to start over in their expert lives thanks to COVID-19, and this is particularly essential right now.
With Upwork, you dont need a journalism degree or lots of experience to begin discovering customers. You can start exactly where youre at today and raise your rates gradually in time.
The bottom line on Upwork.
Im not here to encourage you to switch to Upwork if you discover loads of freelance composing work using LinkedIn or cold emailing. I composed this post for the individual who discovers themselves where I was four years ago– desperate to attempt something brand-new, but uncertain of where to begin.
You can do it using Upwork if you want to make cash as a freelance author. Much like any other marketing technique, it “works” based on the level of effort and energy you put into it..
What are your preferred platforms to use to discover self-employed composing work? Let us understand in the remarks.
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Upwork never ever worked for me: Of those who have tried it, the most common argument I hear is that Upwork never worked for them. Usually, this suggests they joined, sent out a few propositions and didnt get the outcomes they expected so they moved on to something else..

Upwork charges high costs: When you start dealing with a new client, Upwork charges a 20% fee on the first $500 you make. After that, youll be charged a 10% fee till youve made $10,000 from that customer. The charge drops to 5% when you reach $10,000 in incomes.

To this day, I have actually not discovered a much easier method to drum up brand-new freelance composing work than by utilizing Upwork. I can log into Upwork and right away find 5-10 writing tasks to apply for.

About the Author: Jamie Johnson.
Jamie Johnson is a six-figure freelance writer who teaches others how to start their own freelance writing professions. She presently writes for clients like Business Insider, Bankrate, Credit Karma and Quicken Loans.

Upwork charges high fees: When you begin working with a brand-new client, Upwork charges a 20% charge on the first $500 you earn. After that, youll be charged a 10% charge until youve made $10,000 from that client. Once you reach $10,000 in profits, the charge drops to 5%.

Its a race to the bottom: I cant even count the number of times somebody has informed me Upwork is a race to the bottom. The theory being that youll be required to charge less for your services to compete with low-bidding freelancers.

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