Last Chance to Attend the online Tech & Tools Conference for Indie Authors for FREE

Two times a year the Self-Publishing Advice Conference, #SelfPubCon, runs in association with Alliance of Independent Authors and this time out the style is tools and tech. As we go into the last 24 hours of conference access, some of the ALLi team talk about highlights.

What is The Conference About?

Two times a year, in March and October this online author conference offers 24 sessions over 24 hours, an extravaganza of outstanding self-publishing webinars and presentations.
The event brings in the foremost self-publishing speakers, followers and sponsors. Competitions and free gifts, as well as interviews, panel sessions, debates, round tables, and live-tweeting all include to the excitement on conference days The 24-hour running order implies the event is live for you, anywhere you may be in the world.
Sessions are open to all for 3 free days.
#SelfPubCon Oct 2020 includes the very best self-publishing tools and technology for indie authors, as selected by the Alliance of Independent Authors advisors and group. Tools that save authors to save money and time, to write and make much better books, to reach more readers, and to run a much better author-publishing service.

You can still see the October 2020 SelfPubCon for FREE!

You can learn more about Access Passes here.

These passes are excellent value, because you dont just get access to this conference … you get access to all the conferences given that 2018 and, in the case of the life time pass, all the conferences to come.

There are just 24-hours left to see the Self-Publishing Advice Conference for free– so do make time today to hop over and catch as a number of the sessions as you can.

After tomorrow, youll need an access pass– available for six-month or life time gain access to– in order to enjoy the conference.

( ALLi members have totally free six-month gain access to passes for the lifetime of their membership. Members: log in to and browse to ADVICE > > CONFERENCE and follow the directions).

Why Tools and Technology?

If you have not caught it yet, then the conference has two sessions running down the leading 100 tools and tech for indie authors. In the very first post, ALLis Director, Orna Ross and Tim Lewis run through the very first 50 tools.

There are some pieces of innovation, like Vellum, that have radically changed the face of publishing for indie authors throughout the world. Prior to the development of Vellum formatting software application, the AskALLi team either invested hours sweating over formatting themselves or handed over to pay another person to do it. Skin is an example of tech that has shaved hours of time, disappointment and sweat out of our lives. Whichs just one piece of software application.

Its tough to work without innovation today– however on the other hand, theres so much of it. And it changes so often, its difficult to know what to invest your time in knowing and studying because its here to stay and what you should just look at as it powers down into oblivion.

View the very first 50 tools here: writing, editorial, style, production, circulation

View the second 50 tools here: marketing, promotion, rights licensing, creative business company.

Weve organized the elections as tweets you can utilize on Twitter to provide a shoutout to your preferred tool.

Conference Competitions and Giveaways

Our sponsors have offered some magnificent rewards discount rates and deals this time.

Discounts for All


From BetaBooks: Three individuals can win a totally free 2-month standard subscription to BetaBooks. Enter here

From Chatables: win an Amazon Echo Dot Enter here

From PubVendo: win making use of Pubvendos brand-new strategy/training/coaching service. Get in here

From Emperitas: Win a consulting bundle to style and program an author study. Go into here

From LitRing: Win an All-Access Pass to “Your Author Engine” Courses. Get in here

Conference Highlights

With the conference total, the AskALLi team are sharing their highlights from the weekend.

Orna Ross, Director of ALLi

Ornas emphasize of the conference was:

I also wish to give a shoutout to our sponsors. Gold sponsor Ingram Spark, revealed a brand-new global tool and enhancements to their dashboard. Prestozon, a tool for handling Amazon ads, was joint silver sponsor with ProWritingAid and Fictionary (both pointed out listed below and in the deep discounts list). And we also adore BetaBooks (for managing your beta readers), Kobo (for their worldwide reach and exceptional publishing platform), Litring (for utilizing giveaways to grow readers), Payhip (for offering direct), Plottr (for preparing your book), PubVendo (for managing your social media) and Written Word Media for promoting your books.

pulling together the leading 100 tools selected by our members, team and advisors. It was eye-opening for me, there were a couple of truly option tools on the list, like Krisp, noise-cancelling innovation recommended by Sacha, which eliminates background audio if youre doing a podcast or taping an audiobook. I had not become aware of http://OneLook.comj which as John Doppler says is a set of “power tools for wordsmiths [and] the adaptability of its conceptual thesaurus puts Roget to shame.” Loving The Noun Project suggested by Sarah Begley, an exceptional collection of iconography for any kins of communication– email, newsletter, book– and a visual diversity and inclusion objective. Theyre “constructing an international visual language that unites us”, they state. Wonderful!

You can learn more about all of them, and their great discount rates and giveaways, here.

Kayleigh Brindley

Kayleighs emphasize of the conference was:

The session thats truly stood apart to me up until now is Social Media Follower Growth Tools and Techniques by Joshua Schwartz. I enjoyed Joshuas up-beat, enjoyable delivery! Its a wonderful, in-depth session about constructing your social following beginning with who you need to target (and why) all the way through to a step-by-step guide to creating social material utilizing totally free tools. I even got some brand-new pointers myself, including the handy Chrome extension to make Facebook page invites much simpler and some great suggestions for producing free social graphics on Canva.

Sacha Black, ALLi Blog Editor

Debbies highlight of the conference was.

” My favourite session was the one with Fictionary and ProWritingAid– I had no idea that story modifying software application had got to such a level of elegance and Ill absolutely be utilizing them the next time I modify fiction.”


A fast final pointer that there are simply 24-hours left to watch the Self-Publishing Advice Conference totally free– so make sure you catch as many of the sessions as you can. Oh, and if you havent currently, you will need to sign up to get your FREE three-day pass, and you can sign up here.

Sachas highlight of the conference was:.

Tims highlight of the conference was.

If you have not caught it yet, then the conference has 2 sessions running down the top 100 tools and tech for indie authors. In the very first post, ALLis Director, Orna Ross and Tim Lewis run through the first 50 tools. Prestozon, a tool for handling Amazon ads, was joint silver sponsor with ProWritingAid and Fictionary (both discussed below and in the deep discounts list). Its a fantastic, extensive session about developing your social following starting with who you should target (and why) all the method through to a detailed guide to developing social material using free tools. My conference highlight was “Two Tools to Aid Self-Editing: Pro Writing Aid and Fictionary” Im a huge fan of both ProWritingAid and


Tim Lewis, ALLi Author Member and Twitter chat host.


My conference emphasize was “Two Tools to Aid Self-Editing: Pro Writing Aid and Fictionary” Im a big fan of both ProWritingAid and Every time I open their programs or listen to them talk I discover something brand-new about writing and how I can utilize their software to make my stories much better. Theyve likewise offered a great discount to SelfPubCon participants: Just utilize

Debbie Young.

” Clayton Noblits session on Marketing Plans was life-changing for me as it not only “puts you back in the driving seat”, as he put it, but also reignited my enthusiasm for marketing with an exceptionally easy formula that I started to apply the minute his talk completed!”

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