Meanings of “Of Course”

By Maeve Maddox

A reader asks about the positioning of the expression, “naturally”:

Short answer: They are all right.
In some contexts, the positioning of an adverb or adverbial expression can affect meaning, position in these sentences does not affect meaning.In each of the examples, the significance of “of course” is “as might be expected.” I expect that context and intonation could recommend some other significances, but as written, the sentences convey the same thought.
Naturally is used in all sorts of contexts. I d be willing to wager that of course runs a close second to OKAY in its frequency and ubiquity in American speech.The useful website frazit sometimes raises as couple of as three examples of a word or phrase Im looking for, however obviously garners 147,785 examples of present use.
One significance of course is “according to procedure.”
When the burglar was apprehended, he was arraigned as a matter of course.
Naturally is commonly utilized to present an action or believed that is “customary; natural, to be anticipated,”: Of course we state the promise prior to taking our seats.
It can indicate, “typical, apparent, popular”: The altar was positioned at the east end of the church because, of course, the sun increases in the east.
Its frequently utilized as an emphatic way of reply.
May I have another piece of chicken? Of course!Will you offer me your grandchild? Obviously not!
Of course is used as an expletive uttered at a moment of discovery.
” Of course! The doctor is the killer!
These are the basic dictionary meanings of course. However, as I searched countless examples, Ive concluded that there are a number of nonstandard definitions that can be connected to this common throw-away expression.
considering the circumstancesOf course, I am really delighted to be used in an age when a lot of people are not.
Im speaking tongue-in-cheekYou, obviously, are an obedient resident who would never imagine such a thing.
in my opinionIt is, of course, best served with salad and some hot, fresh, hatchapouri bread. Naturally individuals are going to take the cash and invest it on unnecessary things.
Im hedging my betsOf course, whether it can contend toe-to-toe in the long run remains to be seen.
includingSaturdays performance will likewise include crafts, face painting and obviously treats. We had prepared to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios and, naturally, the beach.
Im being sarcasticThat, obviously, was an extremely hassle-free interpretation for whoever was the ruler.Of course, dont discuss the truth that the US CIA is drone bombing this nation. Of course, because you and the five that agreed with you say so it must be true.Of course, his kids would never ever be caught dead inside a public school classroomOf course, the White House rejected it had any advance understanding of the problem.
Apart from any of its significances, obviously operates as a verbal tic, included as a way of repulsing censure or inviting contract.
Naturally, you do not have to agree.

Please talk about which of the following is appropriate:
” Of course, the photography was superb.”” The photography was, of course, excellent.”” The photography was outstanding, naturally.”

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” The photography was exceptional, of course.”

May I have another piece of chicken? Of course!Will you sell me your grandchild? Of course not!

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