Self-publishing News: Amazon Buy Button is Changing

In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway looks at changes to Amazons buy button and what Gertrude the pig suggests for authors.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

Amazons buy button is the holy grail for lots of sellers. When a customer wishes to purchase an item, its the important things they strike. In theory they might understand that other sellers are available. And some might do a search to purchase or compare deals from their favourite shop. But the majority of simply click buy. New changes to the method the buy button works in 2021 might have extensive impacts for us as authors. At the moment, if someone wants a brand-new copy of our paperback book, and we publish with KDP Print, they click the buy button and a book is printed on demand. We get the royalty from that at a rate we know from our control panel.

From next year, individuals selling “brand-new condition” products will be able to bid for that buy button. The Society of Authors in the UK and Authors Guild in America are worried. Im unsure theres excessive of a hazard to our sales. A lot of people who buy our books read them. But if a sufficient percentage of individuals who do not read them bid to resell them, I can see that would be a concern. An additional modification will originate from Brexit. Access to Amazons European fulfilment network will be limited for UK sellers. And vice versa.

Worrying Changes for the Amazon Buy Button.

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Does New Technology Offer New Opportunities?

You know by now that I get thrilled about brand-new technology and the opportunities it uses us. And even if I do not get thrilled, I believe its essential to keep abreast of developments in innovation. Because you might be able to see a possibility I cant.

Today the news has actually been dominated by one such story. I keep in mind as a postgraduate student when the news revealed Dolly the Sheep to the world. Dolly was the first laboratory cloned big vertebrate mammal. Everybody seeing understood that Dolly signified a shift that would change the world permanently. The never intentionally modest Elon Musk today presented us to Gertrude the pig. He hopes her effect on the world will be the very same.

Its a technology that Musk hopes will quickly create a direct interface in between our brains and innovation. Up until that time, of course, the main function of neural laces as the innovation is understood will be to offer us with nightmare situations aplenty so our fiction can continue to bring Michael Crichtons baton.

Thats not the only tech thats been in the news. As the writer you do not have to write out every possibility and hope readers didnt desire something else. The reader tells you where they desire to go.

Artificial Intelligence.


Virtual Reality.

With that in mind, many individuals will be very grateful to Nate over at the Digital Reader for his action by action guide to deactivating this function.

In 2015 I reported on research which examined readers deepest issues about Amazon and information. Professor Lora Dietz found that people were fretted about how Amazon was utilizing individualss info. As we d anticipate. Back then before Covid, Cambridge Analytica was still among the highest profile crises on individualss minds. However they werent stressed over Amazon tracking what you purchased. Or even what you searched. Readers were fretted about Kindles in-book tracking, the data event that could tell if you d avoided over Victor Hugos descriptions of the sewers. Or the number of times you d re-read the juicy bits.

Kindle and Data Tracking.

But its been a less great time for virtual truth. And its another difference that Covid has actually intensified. AIs use in streaming videogames has accompanied a time when people were turning to them as a source of home entertainment. VR on the other hand, was hoping that virtual reality arcades would assist drive people to adopt the headset-based technology. And it could not be a worse time for games. I am still thrilled by VR. However unlike AI, it does appear like the innovations storytelling breakthrough isnt coming yet.

Are Readers Changing Audiobook Habits?

Intriguing information from Storytel in Russia recommends that individualss audiobook usage may be altering. Previously, self-help dominated sales. That position now stands with science fiction and fantasy. Any sign of the expansion of audiobook genres is welcome news.


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New changes to the method the buy button works in 2021 may have extensive effects for us as authors. From next year, people offering “new condition” items will be able to bid for that buy button. I remember as a postgraduate trainee when the news unveiled Dolly the Sheep to the world. Thats not the only tech thats been in the news. Any indication of the expansion of audiobook genres is welcome news.

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